Adam has advice for Chance at Crimson Lights Y&R
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As Abby strolls into Society with the baby, Chelsea calls her over and congratulates her on becoming a mom. They remember when Connor was as little a Dom is now. Chelsea says she must be so happy now that her family is reunited. As they sit at a table, Chelsea worries about being back and wonders if people will be able to forgive her “lapses in judgment.” Abby is sure people will be forgiving and suggests Chelsea send anyone who gives her a hard time to her.

Chelsea and Abby catch up at Society Y&R

Chelsea says she’s been adjusting and has been surprised by how considerate Adam has been. Abby wonders if that means there’s any possibility for them as a couple. She tells her all about the importance of family, especially after dealing with something traumatic. She’s really enjoyed catching up with her but has to go and talk to the chef.

Chelsea makes demands at Society Y&R

Later, Chelsea is joined by Chloe. They leap into discussing how the new platform is being set up and Chelsea’s new design ideas. Chloe starts to worry when her friend seems to have something on her mind. Chelsea explains that she had a run-in with Adam and Sally. She can see why Chloe hired her but senses that Sally is extremely competitive. If they are going to work together, it is going to have to be in her contract that she is Sally’s boss.

Chloe and Chelsea talk Sally at Society Y&R

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Chance bumps into Adam at Crimson Lights. Chance is standoffish as Adam tries to be friendly, welcoming him back home. Adam is sorry he didn’t attend his homecoming party, adding that frankly, he wasn’t sure he was somebody Chance wanted to see. Chance admits he was disoriented at the party anyway. They chat about Adam’s new business venture and how he stepped up as a parent while Chelsea was gone. Chance is glad that he’s changed, at least a little. Adam reminds him that the last time they crossed paths, Chance told him they couldn’t be friends anymore. He’s been trying hard to redeem himself and earn people’s trust again. Chance is at the top of that list.

Chance bumps into Adam at Crimson Lights Y&R

When Adam asks him to have a coffee, Chance turns him down at first and then backtracks. “It’s the holidays. Why not?” he says. As they sit at the bar, Chance admits he’s been feeling disoriented since coming home. It’s taking time to adjust. He’s taking it slow but plans to go back to the police department eventually. Adam brings up how difficult Chance’s mission must have been, but that’s not something Abby’s hubby wants to discuss. He only wants to focus on his son. When Chance beats himself up for not being there for Dominick, Adam points out that feeling guilty doesn’t help. He urges him to focus on the day-to-day. That’s how you forge a bond. “I’m serious. Learn from my mistakes,” Adam encourages.

Adam gives Chance advice at Crimson Lights Y&R

Elena finds Sharon and, after a little chit-chat about the holidays, informs her she has to give notice on the apartment upstairs. She and Nate have decided to move in together. Sharon gasps in delight. Elena explains it came mostly out of the blue, but it made sense, so she said yes. However, she’s a bit concerned about the overlap between private life and work. Sharon tells her to stop making problems where there aren’t any. Elena is just concerned about keeping work and home separate.

Elena and Sharon talk Nate at Crimson Lights Y&R

Sharon knows it’s hard but encourages her to treat home as a respite and find time where they won’t discuss work. She also suggests Elena make space for herself so the place feels shared. They are creating a home together after all. Elena can’t wait to get rid of Nate’s lamps. She was worried but talking to Sharon has made her look forward to the new home she is creating.

Sharon gives Elena advice at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Nate stops by Devon’s penthouse and they chat about his donations to the charity shop. Devon teases him about his taste in lamps. The doctor admits that he really dropped by to see how Devon’s doing. He seemed a bit down the last time he saw him. Devon claims he was just a bit distracted by thoughts of Dominic. He changes the topic back to Nate and Elena moving in together and insists it doesn’t bother him at all. Nate keeps probing him about Dominic. Devon claims he’s just adjusting to being without him, but the child should be with his mom and dad. The doctor knows that’s the correct answer but wonders how he really feels.

Nate checks on Devon at penthouse Y&R

“I’m struggling a little bit,” Devon admits, explaining that he even misses the sleep deprivation. Now that Chance is home, he thinks he needs time to bond with his son. Nate encourages him to make his place in the child’s life more official, but Devon doesn’t think pushing himself into their lives legally is the best thing at the moment. The doctor says he’s been supportive throughout everything that’s happened since the birth and that means he deserves a more concrete place in the child’s life. Devon appreciates his perspective and agrees to think about it.

Devon and Nate discuss Dominic at penthouse Y&R

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Sally bumps into Tessa in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and tells her how great her performance at the wedding was. She’s trying to be friendlier to all the people she admires. She babbles about how Tessa got in trouble for stealing words from Mariah’s diary for one of her songs and then compares her songs to her designs. Tessa explains how she channels her feelings into her songs. Sally adds that she also channels her feelings into her designs. She always thought it would be cool to design the wardrobe for a singer and offers to come up with something that suits her personality. Noah shows up and announces that he and Tessa have some work to do.

Sally fawns over Tessa at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Once Sally takes off, Noah warns Tessa that the redhead is trouble. She knows but feels bad for her because she’s been ostracized by everyone and is lonely. Noah thinks that’s what Sally deserves and warns Tessa against getting involved. She’s isolated for good reasons. “Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge,” Tessa suggests. Changing topics, Noah shows her his new version of the album cover. She loves it because she will always associate it with Mariah. She was thinking of her when he took the shot. Tessa admits that she and Mariah are thinking of having a baby of their own. “That’s great…if it’s what you both want to do,” he says. She thanks him for helping her get in the right headspace to agree to it. After she takes off, he lays back in his chair and stares.

Noah interrupts Sally and Tessa at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Tessa drops by Crimson Lights to pick up something for Mariah. Sharon asks her how she feels about living in the hotel. She suggests that she and Mariah think about moving in upstairs. Tessa immediately calls Mariah, who agrees to the offer. Sharon is thrilled and Tessa thanks her for being so supportive. She didn’t have anyone in her corner for a long time but now she’s part of a family and it means a lot to her. As Tessa tears up, Sharon gives her a hug.

Sharon offers Tessa an apartment at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Chance finds Abby at Society. She’s having issues with her seafood supplier, so he offers to take Dominic off her hands. She seems reluctant but agrees.

Devon stops by the Chancellor estate and discovers that Chance is having difficulty getting Dominic to take his bottle. Devon explains that babies just get fussy and he needs to calm down. He takes the crying baby and, as he gets him to relax, Abby returns and instantly looks concerned by what she’s seeing.

Devon and Chance with baby at Chancellor estate Y&R

Chelsea stops by the Newman office to see Adam. He knows that she’s been wanting to have a conversation about where things stand between them. He’s been thinking about the significance of the painting of the lake house she gave him. After she admits that she misses the time they had in the house, Noah interrupts. He offers to come back another time. Chelsea is happy to learn he’ll be working there and tells him Connor will be angling for another hockey lesson from him. Adam says his assistant will call him for a meeting. Once Noah leaves, Adam returns to what they were discussing. He tells her that they have to accept that they are moving on and what they had is over. She agrees and says she’s come around to being happy to be back in Genoa City. Chelsea hopes they can have lots of time together over the holidays. Sally listens to them from around the corner.

Adam and Chelsea discuss the painting at Newman office Y&R

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