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At Crimson Lights, Faith, in an elf suit, tells Nick, in a Santa suit, “Suck it up, Santa. You’ve got a long night ahead.” Nick has all his shopping done, but admits he still needs to wrap. Faith’s glad she got to be part of the party he organized for the kids at the orphanage. She can’t imagine what it must feel like to not know where you belong in the world. “That’s what grandpa went through, right?” Nick muses that he never got over it. Nick’s phone rings – it’s Summer. Suddenly, Faith disappears. Nick asks, “Summer? Hello?” as Christmas music plays in the phone. “We must have a bad connection.”

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He keeps trying to get Summer to speak, but Up On the Rooftop keeps playing. Suddenly, Nikki appears by Nick’s side and says, “Come with me, Nicholas.” It’s Christmas Eve, a night of love and discovery. Nick asks if she’s seen Faith – she was there a minute ago. “This is really weird.” Nikki assures him all is well and talks about his kind gestures. “And now, there is a gift waiting for you.” She takes his hand…
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Nick and Nikki appear in the living room of the ranch, where Adam and Victoria are standing. Nick wonders if it’s an ambush, like the one where his mother made him and Victor talk. Victor appears and Adam reminds him it’s Christmas as Victoria says they pooled their resources to give him a gift. They want to heal the rifts between them. Nick has tried, but he feels the animosity he expressed toward Ashland will always be between them. Victoria wonders if he didn’t think about the impact playing detective would have on their relationship. Nick thought she’d appreciate hearing the truth. She guesses he wants their gratitude, and for them to acknowledge that he’s the moral one; not like the rest of them. Nick sighs. She points out Victor’s done almost everything he wanted, and he’s still not satisfied.

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Nick lets Victor know it meant the world to him when he told him he was a great father. He was reminded of how far his father came when he was at the orphanage tonight. Victor never understood why he didn’t want to follow in his footsteps, but he respects his decision now. Nick left the family business but didn’t find peace. He can’t stand his father pitting the siblings against one another. Adam points out that no one would have believed, years ago, they’d be teaming up to better the community, yet they’re doing it. Victor muses about the Newman brothers coming together. Adam explains that point is that if Nick can give him a chance to prove he’s changed, anything is possible. Victor calls for the gift. Victoria hands it to Nick, and Nikki says it’s from all of them.
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Nick smiles – it’s a book Victor used to read it to them when they were kids. He opens it and reads a passage. Faith appears and recalls how Nick would read it to them on Christmas Eve. “I always loved it.” Nick chokes up and tells Victor, “That’s the way I always felt when you read it to me and Vick.” Victor takes the book and reads some more. Nick asks Nikki why this book was from all of them – Adam was in Kansas and this doesn’t have the same meaning to him. Adam feels if he can get past that, Nick should be able to get past whatever troubles they have in their family. Nick’s trying. Nikki observes that something is holding him back; he’s still searching for his purpose and how he fits in. Nick’s phone rings – it’s Summer again. He answers and the Christmas music plays again. He asks if something is wrong. Sharon appears and says it’s not Summer, it’s Noah!

Suddenly, they’re in Society and Sharon urges Nick to deal with his son, who is sitting alone at the bar drinking. Nick asks Noah why he’s so sad at Christmas. Noah explains the woman he fell so hard for just got married. She let him know that she’s was only ever with him for the wild ride. Noah is happy for her, but it’s a commentary on what they had; what they didn’t have. He’s in a weird, uncertain place and doesn’t know how he could have gotten it so wrong. Nick can relate to finding out a relationship isn’t what you’d hoped. “There is no such thing as a perfect relationship,” he counsels. He tells Noah if he wants one that lasts, he has to talk and dig deep. Noah tells Nick he’s his hero and is so good with people. He wonders why his dad keeps screwing up his own life. Phyllis appears and says, “Because of me.”
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Nick tells Phyllis he really thought they were going to make it this time. She feels like there’s more to his funk than that – he’s confused about his place in this world. Phyllis feels partly to blame for bringing up his family. Nick would have thought at this point he’d have more answers. He doesn’t know who he is, what he wants, or how to have his life have some meaning. Phyllis still thinks she stirred some things up for him… Though something must already have been going on.

Phyllis disappears when Cassie shows up in Society. She thinks Nick’s doing great – he’s the greatest dad in the world. She wants him to believe it. Nick says, “I miss you so much.” Cassie assures that she’s alive in his heart. She muses that life is about change and he doesn’t want to grow stagnant. Nick worries he’s doing too much soul-searching, but Cassie argues the unexamined life isn’t worth living. Nick smiles. She’s an old soul and always knew how to make everything better. Cassie recalls how comforting he was to her. She knows he’s searching and trying to fill an empty space inside… but he’s looking in the wrong direction. Cassie hints, “It’s all around you tonight.”
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Nick wonders to Cassie, if he’s such a great father, why couldn’t he do more to protect her. Sharon appears and reminds him you can’t stop your kids from making poor choices. Nick should have known where she was and who she was with. Sharon asks why he feels the need to revisit something that wasn’t his fault and that he can’t change. Nick replies, “Because Faith was going down the same path.” Sharon assures him Faith is fine now. Nick knows. “Thanks to Adam” They recap how he did a selfless thing that night. Sharon tells Nick, “Your brother really has changed.” She credits Nick with giving Adam another chance, because of the kind of person he is at the core of his being. Cassie knew he was a loving and devoted father, and she knows that too. It was because he loved Cassie so much that he held that loss so immensely; it changed the trajectory of his whole life.
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Faith reappears and tells Nick to stop being so hard on himself. “Figure out where you want to go and start swimming.” She urges him to take decisive action and to take charge of his own future. Nick chuckles at both her and Noah giving mature advice tonight. Faith hopes she doesn’t become a sentimental dork like he is. She tells her father he’s made an impact on so many people’s lives… even if he has a hard time seeing it. Faith lists off the things he’s done in his life that were selfless and details how he’s been there for others. “You are the reason I’m alive,” she cries. “And now you need to show up for yourself.” She tells him to listen to his heart and places her hand over his chest.
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Suddenly, Nick snaps out of his reverie, still wearing a Santa suit on Crimson Lights’ patio. Faith appears and asks if he was dreaming about her. He actually did… all of the family was there. He can’t remember much, but they were all saying the same thing. Sharon calls Faith away. Nick’s phone rings – it’s Summer. He answers it, and this time, she is on the other end and says it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without him. Nick grins. “Merry Christmas.”
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They continue their conversation as Summer explains that in Italy, tonight is all about midnight mass. She relays that Harrison just fell asleep. Nick tells her he’s wearing his Santa suit tomorrow when they do a video chat. Talk turns to him coming to visit for New Year’s and Summer urges him to please come. Nick will book a flight. They express their love and sign off. Sharon, Faith and Noah appear behind him – they heard the conversation and are happy for him. They enthuse about spending Christmas together the next day. Nick quotes from the Christmas book and the rest of them join in.

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