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At their apartment, Billy hangs mistletoe as Lily bustles in from shopping. They share a kiss. Lily relays she spoke to the twins, who are spending time at the beach with their dad and Sam. Billy shares that the kids are on a Christmas-y playdate and talks about how nice it was to focus on them for a bit before they go to boarding school. Lily muses that since they’re alone, there’s something she wants to do with him.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick jokes to Sharon about how early Christian will wake him up on Christmas morning. After they play, they’ll go to the ranch and then to Sharon and Rey’s for dinner. Sharon muses that it all goes by so fast. She can’t remember the last time they were all together on the holidays. Talk turns to Mariah and Sharon tells Nick she thinks she and Tessa are finally in a good place again. Sharon senses something is bothering Nick and muses that she thinks she knows exactly what it is… Summer is far away. Nick knows she’s really happy there, still he is having some bittersweet feelings about last Christmas when he and Phyllis were together. Sharon encourages him to open up, so Nick confides that he’s been going through a lot, and it’s got it asking a lot of questions about his place and purpose.
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At the ranch, Nikki sighs over how much she loves this time of year and asks Victor not to bring up business with their loved ones. Noah drops in to say hello before he heads home, but Victor wants him to stay – he can use him as his right-hand man. Noah learns his grandfather wants help wrapping the hockey gear he bought for Connor, and says, “I’m in.”

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland joins Victoria and tells her it’s time to clock out and celebrate. She’s too busy. Ashland teases her about being a Scrooge. He missed many holidays due to work and has a different outlook now. She does too, thanks to him. Victoria just has some loose ends to tie up, so he sits down to help her. They kiss and he warns if she keeps that up, they’ll never get finished.
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At Newman Media, Sally appears at Adam’s office door and he tells her, “Come on in. I know you want to.” She chastises him for not being with his family on Christmas Eve; he’s not the one who’s all alone for the holiday. Adam wonders if she’s trying to wangle an invitation to deck the hall. He’s sorry to disappoint, but he has a full evening planned with Connor and Chelsea, and will spend Christmas Day with his family. Sally assures him she’s fine being a lone wolf. Adam doesn’t do pity, but has time, and asks her to join him for a holiday drink.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Connor she got his dad two gifts this year… a jacket and a painting. Connor asks why she picked it – it doesn’t seem like the best match for him. Chelsea assures the boy Adam will understand, if she decides to give it to him. Once alone, she looks at the painting of the home Adam bought for them and muses, “It used to match us both perfectly.”
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Victor and Noah scramble as Chelsea and Connor come into the ranch. Connor hugs his grandfather and wonders if they’re trying to hide something. He spots the hockey gear and wants to try it out now. Chelsea worries about him doing a contact sport, but Noah offers to show him the basics on the pond. She agrees.

At Crimson Lights, Nick appreciates Sharon listening, but doubts she can make him feel better. Sharon muses that he may not be sure of who he is, but she is. She lists off his positive attributes. He jokes that she makes him sound like a real catch. Sharon laughs, “You are.” She urges him to follow his heart as to where he fits in with family. “After all these years, we know each other better than anyone else.” She’s sure he’ll work through this.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland and Victoria have finished their work and enthuse about this being their first Christmas Eve together. Ashland is so grateful to share the holidays with her… to share his life with her. Victoria feels the same way.
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At Society, Sally tells Adam that lone wolves sleep in on Christmas morning. After her beauty sleep, she will unwrap her gifts from her Grams and her sister, call them, and then probably watch It’s a Wonderful Life. They are laughing about Christmas movies when Chelsea appears. “Am I interrupting?” Adam asks where Connor is at, and she tells him he’s at the ranch getting a hockey lesson. Adam invites her to join them, and she accepts. Sally downs her drink. Chelsea and Sally brainstorm about the fashion platform and disagree. Chelsea calls the wedding dress Sally designed old news so Adam intervenes. Talk turns to Christmas and Chelsea wants to focus on what’s important to Connor – that’s the three of them being together. She asks about Sally’s plans. Sally is married to her job at this point, which is turning out better than she ever dreamed.

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Once Chelsea’s gone, Adam worries about the dynamic and warns Sally her ex will want to be the boss. Sally argues that was the original idea but it’s thanks to her idea and talent that the platform has become a household name. “Chelsea is smart… she’ll come around.” Adam wishes her luck with that. Sally thanks him for hanging out and they wish each other a Merry Christmas. Adam pecks her cheek and leaves.

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At the apartment, Lily tells Billy she wants to exchange gifts. He gives her tickets to Intimate Apparel, the Broadway show she’s been wanting to see. Billy gets VIP passes to Springsteen in New York City. He’s stunned. Lily laughs and says she had Devon pull some strings. They kiss and start making love on the sofa. After sex, Billy and Lily muse about all they’ve been through in the last year, canoodle and express their love. They toast to what lies ahead.
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Nick watches from a booth as Ashland and Victoria come into the coffee shop. He flashes to Ashland telling him that his sister is happy and recalls hurling insults at Locke. Nick gets up, greets them politely and has something to say to Ashland. Victoria doesn’t think they need to rehash that on Christmas Eve. Nick has something to get off his chest if Ashland is willing to listen.

Chelsea returns to the ranch where Connor holds his hand over his mouth as though something happened to his teeth, as Noah says how sorry he is. Connor takes his hand away and reveals they were pranking her. Chelsea jokes that Christmas is cancelled as Victor appears and Connor says his goodbyes. Once alone, Noah marvels that the kid is so much fun – he doesn’t remind him at all of Adam. Victor reflects on Adam’s childhood as Noah says he understands. Victor’s glad he’s beginning to see what Adam is all about.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick won’t apologize for being protective of his sister, but he’s realized if he’s going to move forward he has to let go of some things. He doesn’t want his resentment of Ashland to hurt his relationship with his sister, so he’d like to put this chapter behind them. Ashland agrees to a fresh start, and they shake hands. Sharon looks on smiling.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea looks at the painting for Adam and smiles.

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At the ranch, Victor and Nikki are alone at last. Nikki wants to enjoy the quiet… and him. He kisses her hand and tells her she’s the most cherished gift he’s ever received. They slow dance beside the Christmas tree. “Merry Christmas, my darling.” “Merry Christmas, my love.”

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