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At the penthouse, Devon wraps gifts as Amanda hangs up from Imani. She’s excited to spend Christmas Eve with her family. Devon reminds her they have some special plans too, and she notes they’re off to the Chancellor mansion. Devon hopes Dominic will enjoy the Christmas lights and music. Amanda’s sure he’ll also respond to Devon, who says he’s just happy to spend any part of the holiday with him. Amanda thinks it’s clear he still misses the baby, and the short visits aren’t making up for the one-on-one time he wants. She wonders if he’ll ask Abby and Chance for more. Devon doesn’t know how Abby would feel about that and questions if there’s any harm in asking. He should probably let Chance bond with the boy and give it some time. Amanda notes he’s hurting himself, but admires his selflessness and will stop pushing.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby reads Christmas cards from Esther and Summer, Kyle and Harrison. Chance marvels at the love and support they have. Abby wants to go to midnight mass to give thanks; all of their dreams have come true. Abby recalls her gifting the Christmas ornament one year ago, and all they’ve overcome since then. She feels the worst is behind them. The doorbell rings – it’s Traci, who calls out, “Special delivery from the North Pole!”
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Mariah and Tessa both show up with packages at Crimson Lights at the same time and are dismayed to see the other. “No peeking!” Tessa confesses she got Dominic a rock ‘n’ roll onesie. Mariah admits she got him more than a few gifts. Tessa squees about baby stuff and little booties. Mariah wonders if she’s perhaps ready to have a conversation about having one of their own. Tessa muses, “Well…” and Mariah apologizes; they have lots of time.
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At Society, Phyllis wishes Jack a Merry Christmas. She thought she was ready, but she messed up and Daniel and Lucy’s gifts aren’t going to get there until New Year’s. Jack reassures her. Phyllis asks about the Abbotts holiday plans. Jack is on the way to the Chancellor Estate, but he knows Phyllis is hurting.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Traci greets Chance and announces the gifts are from all the Abbotts. Abby teases that they’re not doing gifts this year, but instead a donation in Dominic’s name. Traci’s expression falls and Abby and Chance let her know they’re only kidding… though they are making a donation. Traci explains Ashley will be getting in as soon as possible. The baby cries and Chance goes to him. Traci asks Abby how everything is going… really. Abby says Chance is working to connect with the baby and everything will soon be perfect. Traci advises it doesn’t have to be perfect. Abby wants to ensure that Chance doesn’t want to go away again. Life there needs to be as fulfilling for him as going on a mission. They head to the kitchen and Chance emerges from the stairway holding Dominic.
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At Society, Phyllis tears up as she admits to Jack that she misses her children, that’s all. Jack understands; he misses them too. He asks if she misses Nick too. Phyllis nods, “Yes… and no.” She assures him she’s sad about the break-up, but it hasn’t broken her. Phyllis does miss Nick, and Christian, especially on a day like today, but doesn’t want to wallow. The break-up needed to happen. Jack invites her to accompany him to the Chancellor Estate. Time with Dominic will make things much jollier.
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In the Chancellor living room, Chance tells Dominic how glad he is that he didn’t miss his first Christmas. He reads a Christmas card from Kim Dunaway urging him to be happy and move on without looking to the past. Chance hears an explosion in his head and exhales. He hopes Dominic will forgive him for being gone so long. He can’t get the time back, but he promises they’ll have so much more time together. “The rest of my team wasn’t that lucky. They won’t have another holiday with their kids.” Abby and Traci reappear and the doorbell rings – it’s Mariah and Tessa and all their gifts. Mariah makes a beeline for the bassinet to see Dominic and chatters to him. Next, Tessa takes a turn with the baby as Mariah watches and smiles.

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Next, Abby is surprised to open the door to Jack and… Phyllis. Phyllis blusters in and loudly admires the tree. She checks in with Chance and then admires the baby as Abby makes a cringey face. Traci asks Phyllis how she came to be with Jack today, and Phyllis assures her it was a just a run-in and they’re just friends. Traci wonders if they’re not together because Jack won’t go there… or she won’t? Phyllis won’t answer that because it will be fun to see Ashley and everyone else wondering if it’s a possibility. She clinks her glass against Traci’s and drinks.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah gushes to Tessa that Bowie is flourishing. Tessa suddenly asks, “Is your heart set on having a biological baby or would you consider adoption.” Mariah gawps. She doesn’t have all the answers yet and is amazed they’re having this conversation. Tessa has more questions – like if they went the biological route, which one of them would carry and how would they found a donor. Mariah’s stunned; she knows how hesitant Tessa has been. Tessa explains watching her today changed her mind – she’s made peace with Bowie and his mom and dad. “Maybe now we can put our own child first.” It’s what Tessa wants; to start a family together.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby is the next to quiz Phyllis about Jack. She marvels at how upset she got over the hotel; now she has to be a role model for Dominic. Phyllis scoffs that you don’t have to be a saint to be a parent – her kids are great. “Just be your authentic self.” Abby’s authentic self is exhausted. Phyllis gets that. Nearby, Jack urges Chance to focus on Dominic and how loved he’s been since the day he got here. Chance is truly grateful. Jack missed a part of his child’s life but has been able to make up for it. “Let go of the guilt.”
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Later, Abby and Chance are ready to sit back and relax when the doorbell rings again – it’s Devon and Amanda. They laugh about how many gifts there are for Dominic. Devon makes his way to the bassinet and asks to give the boy his gift now. It’s a music box that Neil bought for the baby that he and Hilary lost – and it happens to play a song Dominic likes. They play the music and the baby loves it. Chance frowns as he watches Devon, Abby and Dominic together on the sofa.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa explains to Mariah that it’s scary to her to bring a child into the world after her childhood. It’s one of the reasons she’d like to consider adopting and giving a kid a stable home. Mariah marvels at them being in that position. No matter how they bring a child into their lives, love will be a given. They laugh that they’ll mess up and it will get crazy at times, but having a child of their own will be cool. They grin at each other, and then stand up and share a kiss and an embrace.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance see Devon and Amanda off and then take a call from Nina in Australia, where it’s already Christmas Day. She misses them on such a special day. Chance assures her she’s there and shows her the angle Katherine gave him all those years ago, which is watching over him just as she always does. After disconnecting, Chance teases Abby about her Christmas surprise and then steps away. Abby plays Dom’s music box for him and is sure there’s a guardian angel watching over them.

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At the hotel, Phyllis assures Jack that Traci wasn’t too pushy; she had a good time. Jack wants to keep the holiday going and urges her to come and have Christmas Eve dinner with the Abbotts. Phyllis balks, not only would his sisters not like it, she’s worried about keeping the friendship on track. “How do we do that?” Jack insists by joining him for dinner with all the trimmings.

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Back at the penthouse, Amanda gifts Devon with a framed print of Dominic’s footprints. He grins, places it on the bar and admires it.

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