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At Society, Chance and Abby are ready to celebrate the good news that the people who blew up the building were apprehended. Amanda and Devon arrive and Abby invites them to join their table. She entices Devon with new pictures of Dominic. They sit down and talk turns to the baby and the profound first moment when Chance saw his son over Devon’s livestream. Devon jokes had he known what was going on, he’d have combed Dominic’s hair. More banter ensues as Devon and Abby share tips, and Abby reveals that she’s been showing Chance the video diary. Devon is on it talking about the music he and the boy will share. He reassures Chance, who worries about what he missed, that there are a lot of milestones still to come. Talk turns to Devon being the baby whisperer and he shares a bunch of tips as to what the baby likes. He reveals he joined a parenting group for advice, and as they chat, Amanda notices Chance’s expression become tense or sad. After eating, Chance is keen to go, but thanks Devon for taking such good care of the baby while they were in Spain.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena has an answer to Nate’s question about moving in together, but first she has a confession to make… there are some things they may have to face if they live together. She grins that she doesn’t like the smell of food cooking in the morning; it makes her nauseous. Elena also likes getting up really early, and dislikes sharing closets. Nate jokes that might be tough, but she’s worth it. He’ll have to reciprocate, however, and confesses to having an enormous baseball card collection and to wearing a homemade avocado mask when no one’s around. Elena asks if he’ll make her a mask too… she’ll help him organize his closets. She declares that her answer is “yes,” and Nate pulls her in for a smooch.
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At the hotel, Phyllis gets off a call with Summer as Nick arrives bearing a gift. It’s for her. Phyllis tells him he didn’t have to get her anything, but Nick explains it’s something he got for her a while back when they were still together. It’s custom made so he can’t return it. Phyllis admits she got him something too and invites him to come and see it. They head into the elevator.

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In Phyllis’ suite, she admits he’ll know the gift is from her; it’s from someone who knows him really well. She opens her gift from Nick first and gasps; it’s a locket engraved ‘Love Always, Nick’ with a photos of him and Summer in it. She tells him it’s beautiful. Nick opens his gift next. It’s a cologne called Essence of Nicholas. “Nobody else will have that scent it’s yours.” Nick marvels that she’s the only person who would do something like this for him. Phyllis tears up, “I hope we never lose this. Our connection. I hope we never lose it. It’s hard to find someone who gets you.” Nick hopes they don’t lose it either. Phyllis loves this and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Nick echoes the sentiment.
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Victor enters Adam’s office at Newman Media. He’s looking to find out how things went with Chelsea at the penthouse. Adam admits it was strange being there with her, and says he made it clear that they weren’t getting back together. Victor learns that Chelsea took the job at Newman Fashion and is pleased Adam can keep an eye on her. He asks if his son found out who sent him the Billy videos. Adam’s confident he knows who it is, and their interests are aligned with theirs. He’d rather focus on Billy unraveling. Victor is on board with discrediting their adversary, but warns he wants to be kept in the loop.
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At their apartment, Billy tells Lily that Jack’s on his way over and he’d prefer that she stayed there. Jack arrives and informs Billy he won’t change his mind about funding a bid for Chance Comm. Billy explains this is something else; something he and Lily agree they should share with him. He alludes to a plan they’re undertaking, and Lily adds they have some concerns they think Jack should be aware of. Billy explains that they are planning to trick Adam and Victor into exposing themselves by giving them exactly what they want. Jack wonders if they’ll give him a fake story. Billy says it will be one they can’t resist – the tragic downfall of Billy Abbott. They’ll eat it up, and when the time is right, he’ll turn the tables and sue them. Jack gawps, “You can’t be serious!”
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Jack hopes he heard wrong and Billy confirms he’ll be hanging around his old haunts. Lily assures Jack that Billy has really thought this through. Jack hollers. Why does Billy want to stay mired in this obsession? He’s welcome back at Jabot at any time. Billy isn’t seeking his approval, Lily thought it would be cruel not to let him believe he had relapsed. Jack won’t lie to anyone and wants no part of this. Lily asks if they can trust him to keep quiet. Jack questions why he’d want to do that. Billy warns if Jack ruins the plan he won’t trust him with anything ever again. Jack sees the same look and hears the same tone that’s been at the root of Billy’s downfall time and again. He says he wants to be wrong and walks out.

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In the hotel lobby, Nick and Phyllis make plans to do a video call with Summer for Christmas. Jack wanders in and Nick invites him to join the call to watch Harrison open presents. He thanks Nick for the cool gift and leave. Jack’s glad things are better between them. Phyllis senses something is up with Jack and asks, “What’s going on?” Jack grumbles that Billy’s going down the same old road again. Adam wanders in and couldn’t help but overhearing. Jack confronts him. “We both know what you did to Billy, and why.”

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At Society, Nate and Elena bump into Devon and Amanda and announce they’ve decided to move in together. Amanda orders champagne and Devon says he couldn’t be happier for them but seems thoughtful as he looks at Elena. They toast and talk turns to Baby Dominic and then Chance. Devon admits he’s adjusting still, but he’s sure he’ll figure it out.

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At home, Billy admits to Lily that he’s having second thoughts. He doesn’t want to come across as a selfish jerk. It will affect both their families including Lily’s and her colleagues. Nothing is more important than her, so if this is too much, she just has to say the word and he’ll drop it. Lily doesn’t love the idea of causing her family and Jill unnecessary pain, but she can say she doesn’t believe the rumors. Or tell a couple people what’s going on. Billy promises to justify her faith in him. Lily knows he won’t be able to rest until he clears his name. After that, she’ll give him the full court press to sign on with her at Chancellor. Billy’s grateful for her love and support. They kiss. Lily gets dressed up and Billy says it’s time to take this to the next level.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance assures Abby he enjoyed Devon and Amanda’s company, he just felt a little left out when they shared memories of Dominic. Abby reminds him there a plenty more memories to make. Victor shows up and Abby goes to the crying baby. Vic asks Chance how it’s going and what his plans are now. Chance says his job is open at the GCPD. Victor muses that being a cop is dangerous and it would be unfair to put Abby through anything like that again.

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At the penthouse, Amanda hopes Chance will feel less guilty for leaving his family behind now that the investigation concluded. She knows that short visits with Dominic aren’t doing it for Devon and wonders if he’s considered asking them for more time with him. Devon has, but is worried how Chance would react. Amanda reminds him he won’t know unless he asks.

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In the hotel lobby, Adam defends himself to Jack and they bicker. Adam says they did what they had to do to put the business first. Jack calls it bull and says it was revenge for the expose Billy did on him. Adam doesn’t owe Jack an explanation for anything. He walks away. Phyllis asks Jack what’s going on with Billy and Adam. Jack replies, “Warfare. Constant, endless warfare.”

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