Chloe confronts Sally at Society Y&R
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Connor is amazed when Adam and Chelsea take him to the penthouse and it’s exactly the same as the last time he was there. Adam explains he has two homes now. Connor hopes that means he gets two Christmas trees. This holiday is going to be great because his mother’s back. She tells him he’s the greatest gift. He bounces on the couch and recalls their old pizza and movie nights. Connor says it was the best when they were a real family. His parents uncomfortably smile.

Adam and Chelsea discuss Connor in penthouse Y&R

Chelsea sends Connor off to check on his old room. She tells Adam that he’s handled Connor’s expectations well. Being back in the penthouse brings back a lot of memories. She wonders what they could have done differently. Bluntly, he says there is no going back. She reminds him there were lots of great times. Before he can leave, she pointedly asks how it’s working out with Chloe…and Sally. He makes excuses and urges her to focus on what’s important – their son.

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Chloe startles disguised Sally at Society and asks what she’s doing. She assumes that she’s hiding from someone. Sally claims she’s just bundled up because of the Wisconsin winter. That doesn’t explain the blonde wig. Sally tries an excuse but fails so she just admits she’s been spying on Billy, but claims it’s only for their sake. Chloe tells her to do something creative if she wants to help their cause. Spectra has become worried about what Billy is up to. She knows he and Adam hate each other. As she goes on, Chloe stops her and accuses her of being Adam’s puppet. “Adam’s using you,” Chloe suggests. Sally insists this is not the case. Her friend reminds her of how manipulative Adam can be but Sally is sure he’s trying to be a better man. Once again, Chloe warns her not to get sucked into Adam’s orbit. Chelsea’s example should serve as a warning. “Are you done playing these games with Adam, or do you want to be part of our team?” Chloe challenges.

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Noah joins Tess and Mariah at Crimson Lights with an early gift. He reveals the image he made for Tessa’s album cover and is perturbed when Mariah starts criticizing his color choices. She thinks they make Tessa look scary. The siblings bicker. Tessa looks uncomfortable and tries to avoid saying anything. He admits that he just edited the picture like that to tease them.

Mariah and Tessa look at artwork in Crimson Lights Y&R

As they joke around, Faith and Moses arrive and get an introduction to Noah. He says Moses must be a saint if he’s hanging out with Faith given her habit of stealing treats. Tessa backs that up and tells a story about a stolen brownie. Faith comments that Tessa and Mariah are just like a super sweet and corny pair of parents from a sitcom. Mariah and Tessa share an uncomfortable look as Noah and Faith continue to tease them. Tessa turns the topic back to her and Moses adds that Devon plays her music at the penthouse all the time. She feels lucky to have Devon in her corner. Mariah abruptly takes off and Noah shows the teens his imagery.

Noah teases Faith and Moses at Crimson Lights Y&R

Noah and Tessa talk about how great it is to work together. He says it’s easy because he just works based on the feelings she arouses in him. Once the teens walk off, Noah apologizes if he chased Mariah off. Tessa says that Mariah just has a lot going on right now. He compliments her on how great her album is and how she and her music should be celebrated.

After Moses leaves to buy a gift for Faith, she thanks Noah for not getting over-protective she assures him that Moses is an easy and good part of her life. Her brother promises not to make problems. After an apologetic preamble, she asks if he still has feelings for Tessa. He tries to dismiss that and insists that Tessa and Mariah are obviously in love. Besides, they are long over. His sister can sense from the way that he looks at Tessa that he still wonders about the life they could have. Noah promises her that he and his ex are only friends. He’s glad they can still get along and suggests she worry about someone else.

Faith quizzes Noah about Tessa in Crimson Lights Y&R

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Mariah stops by the Chancellor estate. Louise informs her that Dominic is out with his parents. She walks away disappointed.

Mariah meets with Tessa at home. She admits that she couldn’t handle hearing about parenting, even in jest. She can’t stop thinking about what incredible parents they could be. Sitting down, she confesses that she went to see Dominic and was upset when he wasn’t there. Tessa reminds her that she will always be an integral part of his life. Mariah knows that but it’s difficult. All the maternal feelings that this has brought up make it hard to recognize herself. If Tessa told her she wanted to have a family, it would be the greatest gift she could give.

Mariah and Tessa discuss pregnancy at home Y&R

Mariah has realized that she is no longer the same person she was when they met. She can accept that Tessa may not be in the same place. When she tries to change the subject, Tessa feels she needs to respond. She reminds Mariah that they have a connection and she feels what she feels. Even if she may not be as certain about committing to a baby right now, she is willing to talk about it.

Tessa and Mariah discuss baby at home Y&R

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Sally and Chloe burst into Adam’s office at Newman the second he sits behind his desk. They are eager to get Chelsea up to speed on their project. Chloe reminds him of how she only agreed to head up the fashion division to give Chelsea somewhere safe to land. He knows, but he has doubts that it’s where Chelsea wants to be. He wants them to be prepared if she doesn’t agree to take the job. She’s already been dragging her feet. Chloe is adamant that her friend will be coming to the company and thinks she just needs to be convinced that it will be a positive work environment. With a little prompting, Sally claims she is looking forward to meeting her face to face.

Sally and Chloe corner Adam at Newman Y&R

As Chloe heads off, Adam asks to speak to Sally alone. He explains he’s been receiving anonymous videos and texts that paint Billy in a bad light. She’s sure that whoever has been sending them must be pretty special. Adam says it’s good to have an arsenal of stuff to use against Billy but he can’t trust an anonymous source since they might not be reliable. He asks if she has any thoughts on who the source might be.

Adam questions Sally at Newman Y&R

Chloe shows up at the penthouse and begs Chelsea to come and work at Newman Fashion. She’s done all the heavy lifting so they can work together again. Chelsea doesn’t feel like this is the best move for her. Chloe wonders why. Her friend has realized she might not belong in Genoa City anymore.

Chelsea explains she might leave in penthouse Y&R

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