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At home, Billy comes downstairs and greets Lily, who is back at work early after getting a few hours of sleep on the couch. She’s overcome her fears from earlier and Billy loves to see her excitement. Lily hesitates, and Billy urges her to say what she’s thinking. Lily really wishes he’d reconsider coming to work at Chancellor with her… she sees how much they could accomplish together. Billy can’t be convinced, but he’ll be her biggest supporter and personal consultant, day or night. The plan he’s put into motion with Victor and Adam is the only thing he’s focusing on right now.
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At Newman Media, Adam receives a text message, “Watch this. Billy Abbott yesterday.” He watches and grins. Victor comes in and asks what he’s looking at. Adam just got unsolicited candid footage of Billy drinking. Victor also saw him drinking alone and declares he’s always been a loser. Even when he found some success, he couldn’t hang onto it. It’s no surprise to him, nor to Victoria apparently, considering what she’s about to do. Adam learns that Victoria plans to send the kids to boarding school. Victor predicts that now that Billy’s drinking, soon he’ll progress to gambling and embarrassing behavior. Adam thinks he needs to be taught a lesson. Victor asks who sent the video of Billy. Adam shrugs; it was anonymous. Victor thinks that’s odd and warns him to be careful. The last thing they need is to be dealing with another blackmailer. Victor leaves for a meeting and Adam contacts the sender who explains they don’t want anything other than to help.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria overhears Ashland asking someone to handle something with the utmost discretion and not to go though the office. She walks in and asks what he was talking about. “I’m your wife, your partner. Whatever it is, surely you can tell me.” Locke replies, that he can’t, but assures her, “You have nothing to fear.” Victoria says she trusts him. He’s grateful for that but is still sensing… curiosity. She’ll have to stay in suspense a while longer. Victoria asks for a clue. Ashland chuckles that he actually was making arrangements for a present. Victoria pushes for more information, but he won’t cave. She notices his great mood. He owes it all to her and his treatment. Victoria has a meeting, and at some point has to approach Billy about the children going to boarding school. He’ll feel blindsided and won’t like that he’s the reason she wants to send them there.
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At Society, Chloe grins when Chelsea walks in and asks, “So tell me, what did I miss?” They embrace and Chloe learns her gal pal is home for good… or for now. They go over how much they’ve missed each other, and Chloe wonders if Adam knows she’s back in town. Chelsea relays that he kept cutting off her calls. Chloe confides that he’s in another big war with Billy. She starts putting on the pressure for Chelsea to come and work with her, but Chelsea warns she’d have to meet this Sally Spectra first. Chloe says she’s really good; together they would be unstoppable. Chelsea’s focus is Connor first.

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At Crimson Lights, the blonde mystery woman takes a seat to listen in on Billy’s conversation with Victoria. He alludes to needing something stronger than coffee and gambling. “Because that’s what you expect me to do, right? Wouldn’t want to disappoint.” Victoria hopes he’s joking but that brings her to the reason she wanted to meet. She thinks it would be best if the children went to boarding school. Billy snaps, “You think? Or you’ve already decided?” Victoria admits she’s done the interviews and both children have been accepted. “You’re obviously going through a lot.” She’s thinking about what’s best for the kids. Billy grunts, “Mmhmm right.” Victoria asks him to just consider it. She’s shocked when he says he thinks it’s a good idea. “It’s probably a good thing they’re someplace else for a while.” Victoria’s grateful for how he’s handling this. Billy warns it doesn’t mean things are okay between them. He was dead right about her husband’s past and knows she was involved in setting the trap for him. “I thought you were better.” He walks out.
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At the ranch, Nikki is surprised to see Chelsea, who explains that Anita didn’t need her anymore and she’s eager to see Connor. Nikki wants to know how she’s feeling emotionally. Chelsea has completed her therapy and all of her restrictions have been lifted. Nikki asks, “And your doctor is on board with you coming back?” Chelsea confirms he thinks she’s ready. Nikki asks what her plans and expectations are now that she’s back. Chelsea reiterates that her goal is to reunite with her son. Nikki wonders if Adam knows about her plans. Chelsea sniffs that it’s not Nikki’s business what she and Adam talk about, though she confirms they have a lot to discuss. She turns to leave as Victor and Adam appear. Nikki takes Victor out of the room and Adam tells Chelsea that Connor will flip when he sees her; he’s missed her. Chelsea beams; she feels the same. Adam wishes she’d told him she was coming… there’s a lot going on. Chelsea asks about the war brewing with Billy. Adam says it’s just business, but all that matters right now is what’s going on with her. He was paying attention to their phone conversations and says he thinks she looks happy and he’s glad she’s back.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland greets Nate and updates him on the latest test results. Nate is thrilled to hear that his patient’s cancer is no longer spreading. “This is fantastic!” He invites him to grab a bite to eat; a double date if Victoria can come. Ashland would love to but isn’t sure if his wife will be able to join them.

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Lily runs into Chloe at Crimson Lights and they ask about each other’s kids. Lily congratulates Chloe on the buzz Sally created for their fashion division, and Chloe congratulates her on becoming CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily says it’s not a big deal. Chloe understands it’s complicated for her. “Knowing Billy like I do, I’ll bet he’s freaking out and swearing vengeance on his enemies.” Lily wonders why she’s so interested in Billy’s state of mind. Chloe assures her it’s coming from a place of concern. Lily counters, “It has nothing to do with you.” Chloe insists it does; she thought she would be the one who would never get over what happened with Adam, but Billy has never found a way to let go of the past. Chloe wonders if he’ll ever be able to do that… but maybe things are different now… because of Lily. Lily thinks they’ll get through this next chapter just fine. Chloe warns her not to be blinded; he has a way of convincing the people who care about him that he has everything under control, until they realize he doesn’t and it spills over. Lily thinks those days are behind him. Chloe hopes she’s right. She leaves Lily standing there deep in thought.
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Victoria joins Ashland, Nate and Elena at Society. They recall how beautiful the wedding in Tuscany was and Ashland reflects on how happy he was to make it to that point after his diagnosis. Now he’s closing in on Christmas with the love of his life. He and Victoria kiss. Christmas plans are discussed, and Victoria complains that Ashland is planning a surprise he won’t divulge. Nate and Elena will be working. At that, Nate gets called away and they leave. Victoria tells Ashland that her talk with Billy went… weird. Talking about the kids was shockingly simple, but when she thinks back on the conversation it was profoundly disconcerting. Ashland tries to understand why she’s disappointed that Billy agreed with her. Victoria felt her ex was spoiling for a fight. Ashland assures they can handle Billy. Victoria just wishes she knew what they were handling; something is going on with Billy.

At Crimson Lights on the patio, Elena thanks Nate for waiting while she grabbed her hospital ID. He points out if they lived together, he could have reminded her before they walked out the door. Elena gawps, “Are you asking me to move in with you?!”

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At home, Billy calls the boarding school to ensure the children will be shielded from the media reporting what is going on back home.

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