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Adam and Chelsea pace at the ranch house and she anxiously wonders where Connor is. He explains that their son has been settling in. Being at the ranch gives him some stability. She’s more concerned about how stable being around Sharon is for him. Edgy, she reassures him she’s not worried about the other woman thanks to all her therapy. He tells her he has other things on his mind than Sharon. Personally, he’d like to live somewhere else but this is the best place for Connor. He’s been watching their son like a hawk and insists that he’s been dealing with all the changes in his life like a champ. The only thing that’s really been getting to him is her absence. Chelsea wonders if he’s missed her too. He’s not sure how to answer that. Adam thought he made it clear that they both need to move forward on their own paths. Although he may be more at peace, that doesn’t mean forgiving and forgetting what she did.

Chelsea and Adam discuss Connor at ranch Y&R

Connor enters, ecstatic to see his mother. She hugs him. Victor meanders in as Chelsea admires how healthy her son is looking. He asks her down to the stables. Once they have exited, Victor asks if this sudden return was supposed to be shocking. He needs to know what her return means to Adam. He explains that he and Chelsea have done too much damage to each other to get back together. Victor is relieved to hear that and reminds him that his relationship with her, not to mention with Sharon, is toxic. Adam doesn’t really want love advice from him.

Adam receives another anonymous video of drunken Billy, this time featuring him with Victoria in the coffee house. After they watch it, Victor says Billy Boy’s downfall is predictable, but he has no idea if the source can be trusted. Adam offers to find out who sent it.

Victor and Adam discuss Chelsea at ranch Y&R

Chelsea and Connor return and he asks his mother to stay the night. Adam suggests he stay with her in town tonight. Nothing would make her happier.

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Devon sits at the penthouse thinking about Chance confiding to him that he’s not okay and admitting that he’s not perfect. Although Devon tried to reassure him, Chance didn’t seem convinced that he deserved the family he has with Abby. Amanda comes down the stairs and sees him being pensive. He tries to tell her things are fine but she realizes something is up.

Devon worries to Amanda about Chance at penthouse Y&R

Devon is apprehensive about Chance and gives her the details of their conversation from last night. He doesn’t know how he could be in a good head space after what he’s gone through. He’s feeling concerned about how this could affect Dominic. Although he’s sure his friend is a responsible guy, he’s still worried. The best way to be there for Chance and to make sure Dominic is okay is to spend as much time with them as possible.

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At the Chancellor estate, Chance assures Abby that he is easing back into work so he can make time for her and Dominic. She asks where he went last night. Before he can explain, Christine shows up with big news. As Abby smiles uncomfortably, Chris explains that thanks to Chance’s information, the people who set the bomb and their leader have been apprehended. They all turned on each other quickly under interrogation. That means this is over and they no longer need a security detail. Abby is thrilled they finally have their lives back.

Chance and Abby are shocked by Christine's news at Chancellor estate Y&R

After Christine leaves, Abby tells her husband how much it feels like they are starting a new chapter in their lives. He’d love to stay and chat but has to see Paul. Before he can, Devon shows up. Chance thanks him for listening last night. They tell him the good news about the security detail and the case being closed.

After Chance takes off, they look at the baby and she explains he managed to sit up today. Sitting down, she asks how her husband seemed when they talked last night. Devon says it’s no secret that her husband is having trouble processing everything that’s happened. She’s sure everyone who loves Chance understands. She keeps telling herself to be patient as he gets back to his old self. It’s looking like that might take longer than she’d thought.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon quizzes Rey about his plans for the day. He explains that Chance is meeting with Paul to find out if they will be partners again. Rey wants his partner back but Sharon can see how hard his situation would make Chance going on duty a problem. The cop starts handing out compliments to her about how loving she is, even if she teases him. Sharon encourages him to head down to the station to wish his friend good luck. Once he kisses her and walks off, she looks worried.

Rey and Sharon talk work at Crimson Lights Y&R

Later, Rey and Chance stroll in and fill Sharon in on their meeting. Chance spots Christine and crosses the room to thank her for the good news today. She still hates that his family had to deal with losing him. Telling them that he was dead was the hardest thing she’s ever done. He thanks her again and exits.

Christine joins Rey and Sharon, who tells them how happy she is that Chance and Abby have had a happy ending. After Sharon gets back to work, Christine tells Rey that Paul thinks it might be too soon for Chance to come back on the force. Rey suspects the mission may have taken more out of his old partner than any of them realized.

When Chance gets home, he finds Devon talking to Dominic, telling him he will be seeing him all the time.

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Billy and Lily bump into Ashland and Victoria at Society. Lily tries to lead drunk acting Billy away but he insists on staying and telling them how fine he is now that he doesn’t have to look after the kids since they’ll be at boarding school. He tries to tempt Ashland to a drink but Locke suspects he’s already had enough.

Leaning on the bar, Billy muses on how much they have in common. Victoria likes risk-taking men and Billy challenges Ashland to a game of poker. Lily rolls her eyes. Billy continues to prod Locke while Victoria rubs her head. “Go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting or something,” she prompts her ex. She and Ashland file out.

Billy and Lily mock Ashland and Victoria in Society Y&R

Getting a table, Billy tells Lily he thinks that went well. Maybe too well for her. It felt a little too real. He reminds her it was all an act but she’s worried he might lose control and focus. She wants him to tell Jack what’s happening before this goes any further. He can see her logic but worries his righteous brother wouldn’t go along with it and would blow their plan up. They ponder this and he agrees to consider it, but he wonders if she wants to bring Jack in to hold him accountable in case he falls apart.

Lily promises that she trusts him. He notices a blonde woman come in and says she’s been following him for days. She explains it’s Sally in disguise, spying on him for Adam. “She has no idea she’s playing into our hand,” he says, suggesting they give her a show. He pulls out a deck of cards and they begin bickering loudly as Sally photographs them with her phone. Lily storms out and he trails after her.

Lily and Billy plot at Society Y&R

Ashland and Victoria go to her office. After seeing Billy, she’s even more confident sending the kids to boarding school is the right idea. He refuses to worry about Billy. Victoria thinks that things will get worse if Lily leaves him. That will leave him in a dangerous place.

Ashland and Victoria talk Billy at Newman Y&R

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