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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby comes downstairs to find Chance has lit candles and is pouring bubbly. He teases that he asked Dominic to keep her busy until he could set up. Jill is staying the night in Chicago, so they’re alone. Abby muses, “Whatever shall we do to pass the time?” and they kiss. As the time passes, they talk, drink, look at photos, canoodle, and slow dance in the living room. Soon, they’re kissing passionately and undressing. Abby leads him to the sofa and pulls him down on top of her to make love.

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At the penthouse, Devon comes down from the shower to find Amanda has some sexy jazz music on and is making a surprise dinner. Moses is with Nate, so it’s just the two of them tonight.

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After dinner, Devon tells Amanda it was an amazing idea to stay home. He thanks her for being supportive where Dominic was concerned. Amanda loved seeing that side of him…nurturing, not to mention sexy as hell. Devon is glad that Chance is home and everything can go back to normal. He takes a drink. Amanda urges him to tell her how he really feels. “You can trust me with this. How do you feel now that Dominic’s gone?”
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Devon admits he misses him so much it hurts. Amanda thinks that’s to be expected, they have such a deep bond. Devon swears he was beginning to know what he was thinking and feeling. He’s sure Chance will learn all that stuff too. Amanda knows that doesn’t make it any less of a loss for him. Devon was prepared to be the only father he’d ever know — he started to let himself believe he’d call him dad one day. He’s not going to though, so he has to figure out how to let that go. Amanda hugs him from behind and assures him it’s going to be okay. He gives away pieces of his heart, which is what makes him such a good man. Devon feels selfish. Amanda tells him he’s not, and that the bond he has with Dominic won’t change regardless of what he calls him. They express their love and start kissing.

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Noah arrives at the hotel and spots Adam at the bar. Adam offers to buy him a drink. Noah’s reluctant but decides he earned the privilege and agrees. He asks if Adam’s there to meet someone. Adam’s not. Noah asks about him and Sally. They’re just colleagues, Adam explains, and wonders if Noah’s interested in her. He says he’s not. Talk turns to Chelsea coming home. Adam thinks it would be good for Connor. Noah asks, “Not for you.” Adam says the way they ended has scared him off romance — he’ll leave it to people who are much better at it than him. Noah looks downcast.
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Nick arrives at the Newman ranch hollering for Nikki, who texted him about an emergency. Victor has no idea. Nikki appears and announces she’s sick of the tension between the two of them. It won’t continue through the holidays if she has anything to say about it. “And I do.” Nick doesn’t appreciate the phony urgent message. Victor thinks they should talk things out. Nikki will do whatever it takes to keep this family together. She will leave them, but won’t be far in case there’s trouble. Victor calls Nick out for avoiding him since the wedding. Nick says he’s been busy. Victor goes over what’s happening with his siblings and muses that Adam was very effective in neutralizing Billy Boy Abbott. Nick informs Victor that starting out by pitting his siblings against him isn’t good.

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They debate as Nick insists Victor’s support of his children is conditional. As soon as Victoria or Adam makes a move he doesn’t agree with, they’ll be on the outside. Victor gathers that’s what Nick feels he did to him because he didn’t ask him to help get rid of Gaines. “Was that the test that I didn’t pass?” Nick grumbles that he was “this close” to disrupting Victoria’s wedding because he didn’t have all the information. Victor argues that Adam needed an opportunity to prove himself to the family; Nick didn’t need that, and besides, he was walking around like he didn’t want to be there. “I didn’t think you had any input!” Nick accuses that if Victor knows he disagrees with him, he doesn’t want him around. “Can you understand why that would bother me?” he asks his father.
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At the Chancellor Estate, after sex, Chance admits to Abby that his mind wandered a bit. He keeps coming back to the way that he left when he did. It was so unfair to her. Abby agrees, it was shocking, but his sense of duty was one of the things she fell in love with. Chance wonders if it might also have had to do with what was going on between them. Abby’s confused. Chance explains that he let her down; he couldn’t give her a baby. Abby assures him he’s not a failure and wishes he’d told her what he was feeling. Chance never thought he’d be gone so long. He understands if she’s angry at him. Abby is just happy he’s home and points out the idea to start a family was all him. She wouldn’t have had the courage to follow through without his support. When she looks at their beautiful baby boy she sees a gift he gave her. Abby knows he’s going through things, but he’s home, and is going to be the most amazing father. They start making love again.
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After having sex again, Abby asks Chance what she can do to make this transition easier for him. He assures her she’s already doing enough; he has to do some of this on his own. He won’t prioritize work over family ever again, and will have to find a balance when he returns to the GCPD. Abby doesn’t want him to change for her.

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At the hotel, Noah tells an incredulous Adam how he turned Crimson Lights into a spot for Tessa’s photo shoot. They talk about Sharon being supportive and Noah confides that she encouraged him to consider Adam’s job offer. Adam jokes, “I did not tell her to say that.” Noah smiles, “I believe you.” It got him thinking though, and he’s decided t take him up on his offer. Adam’s thrilled and they toast.

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At the ranch, Victor won’t apologize for solving the crisis at the wedding and admits he didn’t want to hear his advice. Nick knows he doesn’t want to hear opposing viewpoints. Victor has relied on himself since childhood and won’t apologize for what he does. “Is that your test I failed? So be it!” Nick glowers at him. Victor is sorry things got heated but he got the feeling Nick is sitting in judgment of him. Nick shrugs, “You’re not the first person to say that.” He admits that Phyllis told him he gave her ultimatums about being in who she is in their relationship. Victor tells Nick he’s the one who avoided him and it was hurtful.
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Nick realizes he has part of the blame. If people don’t meet his standards he tends to wash his hands of them. Victor muses that sounds like something he’d be accused of. Nick thinks maybe they’re not too different, but too similar. Victor has heard Adam and Victoria both say they don’t know where they stand with him — it’s just who he is and he’s not going to change, but he’d give their life for any of them. Nick knows, he just doesn’t always want to hear from them. Victor is sure Nick’s kids feel sure of themselves because of him. “In many ways you’ve been a better father than I have.” Nikki listens as they establish Nick’s the better father and Victor’s better than Albert Miller. He had no one to learn from and recalls the dreadful people at the orphanage. He attributes much of his parenting success to Nikki. Nick urges him not to sell himself short, but Victor insists she’s helped him a lot. He tells Nick how proud he is of him and they embrace. Nikki tears up peeking around the corner.
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At the penthouse, a sated Amanda is dozing on the sofa when Devon grabs his jacket and leaves.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby is asleep on the sofa and a note from Chance saying he needed air has been left for her on the table. Outside, Chance walks away from the house.

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At Society, Devon encounters Chance, who is already sitting at the bar. They joke about the women sleeping at home. They can’t turn their minds off. Devon asks Chance if he’s doing okay — because it kind of seems like he’s not. Chance thinks that’s very perceptive and confesses, “No. I’m not okay, and it’s getting harder to pretend I am.” Devon asks why he’s pretending. Chance shrugs that he’s talked to Abby about some of it, but not everything. Devon feels she’d want to help him, but Chance says in her eyes he’s the perfect husband and father. The truth is he let her down before the baby was even born. Devon assures him he hasn’t failed anyone. Chance will do everything he can to live up he expectations, “The question is: can I?”
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