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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Chance that Dominic wants them to take him out. She’s excited to have him try the new dishes at Society, but Chance is reluctant. He’s worried about protecting them, but Abby talks him into it. When she takes the baby upstairs to get him ready, Chance sighs and looks out of sorts.

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At the penthouse, Devon tells Noah he’s excited to see what he’s come up with for Tessa’s album cover. Noah’s not used to the oversight, but Devon doesn’t want him to get too far on it if it’s not what he’s looking for. Noah doesn’t want that either. They discuss a date for it to be done and Devon asks why he left London. Noah confesses he left for personal reasons. Devon takes a look at his work and is impressed — he’s captured Tessa’s soul in every photo. Devon admits he was hesitant about Noah working on this due to the history, and marvels that Mariah and Tessa are still going strong. He thinks it’s nice that Tessa was comfortable showing this side of herself to Noah. Noah shrugs that it’s not him, it’s just the camera.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon laughs at Nick asking if she kept any of Noah’s childhood costumes for Christian. She wonders why he really came. Nick does need a costume for his son and Sharon would be happy to make one for him — she loves that kid. Nick sings her praises and she wonders if he needs someone to lean on after his break-up. Nick denies feeling lost and relays things have actually gone well. He plans to return some of her stuff today. Sharon wonders if it’s a punishment. Nick’s just trying to save her a trip. Sharon warns it could trigger unexpected feelings.
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At the hotel, Amanda shows Phyllis the Victorian where she and Imani will set up their firm. Phyllis offers help with anything and learns Imani passed the bar on the first try. She’s really happy for Amanda, but Amanda senses her pal is down in the dumps. Phyllis confesses that Jack went to New York to meet with Kyle and didn’t even tell her, and they had a really awkward conversation in her hotel room. She can’t forget that he said he had feelings for her. Amanda wonders what she’ll do. Phyllis guesses she’ll just go with it — their friendship is so strong, she doesn’t want to screw it up. “I just have to wait for it to adjust.”
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Amanda question if she means cooling down… or heating up? Phyllis repeats that their friendship is too important to mess up, and relays that Jack told her he doesn’t want to get his heart broken by her again. She thinks it will all work itself out. Amanda asks if deep down she wants to reignite things with Jack. Phyllis replies that every instinct is telling her to leave this alone. Amanda questions why she was so upset that Jack went to New York then? She wonders if it feels like a rejection. Phyllis leans in and tells Amanda it would kill her if she hurt Jack again. Just then, Nick shows up, so Amanda rushes off. Nick tells Phyllis he’s returning some of her stuff.
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At Society, Abby and Chance are discussing having Chef Pamela make him something when Mariah walks in. “Chance?! Is that really you?” Tessa, behind her, watches the exchange. Chance asks how she’s doing, and Mariah stammers that she knew he was home; she just didn’t expect to see him out so soon. Chance is glad they ran into her, he wanted to thank her for what she did for them. He lets her know he feels bad about what she went through and that he wasn’t there to protect her from Stitch. Mariah is getting through with the support of Tessa. Chance asks them to join their table, but Tessa jumps in to explain they’re there to work on her album. Abby offers to throw a party, but Tessa will leave that to Devon. Abby and Chance walk off and Mariah asks Tessa, “Did he seem a little off to you?” Tessa figures it will take him time, as it did with her. Mariah ruminates that what she went through was terrible, but what Chance went though was horrible.
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At a nearby table, Chance samples Chef Pamela’s dishes and they talk about Lola leaving to take an opportunity. Abby wouldn’t stand in her way and credits Chance with making her less selfish and a better person. Chance downplays this and Abby assures him what happened in Spain wasn’t his fault. The baby cries and across the room, Mariah looks up.

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Before leaving, Mariah and Tessa walks over to Abby and Chance’s table. Mariah tells him how good it is to see him home with Dominic. Chance assures her she can visit the baby any time. Mariah and Tessa leave and Abby grimaces. Chance asks if he said something wrong. Abby explains how attached Mariah became to the baby during her captivity. Chance can relate and Abby asks if he’s thinking about his team members. Chance sighs, “Every minute of every day.” Abby wishes she could make him feel better.

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Amanda arrives at the penthouse as Noah’s about to leave, so Devon makes introductions. She recalls he did the art for Victor’s tribute and wonders if he’d consider her law firm as a new project. Noah will keep it in mind. Once alone, Devon asks Amanda what she’s smiling out. She likes seeing him in action, in work mode. Devon grins; they’ve known each other for a while, but Amanda thinks it takes a certain skill set to handle an artist. Devon notes her happy mood today. Amanda says life is good; she wants to take him out to lunch to celebrate.

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At the hotel, Phyllis teases Nick for bringing back her old ball cap and mug. Nick supposes he could have just tossed it. Phyllis is stunned when she pulls out a gaming device that she gave him for Valentine’s Day and tells him, “It was the greatest gift ever… Besides that sign you got me from Pepe’s Roadhouse.” Nick recalls, “Where we had our first wedding.” Phyllis is glad that’s not in a box. Nick says it wouldn’t have fit. He’s sorry he brought things and made this… Phyllis glad and notes the sentimentality. They agree that they’ll never believe any time they spent together was a waste. She asks about the tension with his family. He’s been avoiding them, and she notes that’s basically what she’s been telling him to do.

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Phyllis questions him not staying long at Chance’s party. Nick tells her about Ashland trying to play peacemaker between him and Victoria, which didn’t go great — she accused him of pushing everyone away, including Phyllis. Phyllis is sorry he had to deal with that. Nick feels that eventually he’ll have to work things out with his dad, but for now he’ll focus on his kids. Phyllis really misses Summer. Nick knows. He gets a text from his mother to come to the ranch so has to go. Phyllis thanks him for bringing her stuff by. They look at each other for a moment and then he says, “No problem,” and leaves. Phyllis gets a text from Jack apologizing for disappearing on her; he’ll make it up to her when he gets back.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s encouraged to see Noah all fired up about work. He assures her she doesn’t need to worry about him; he’s doing fine. The album really has his creative juices flowing, thanks to Tessa. “She makes it so easy.” Just then, Mariah and Tessa walk in. They tell Noah they chose the photo they liked best, though it wasn’t easy. Noah says he and Devon agreed on one too, but she has final say. Tessa shows him which photo they chose and it’s the same one he and Devon did. Sharon gets to see and tells Noah it’s stunning. It’s unanimous! Mariah leaves for work, but turns back and stops. Tessa asks if everything is okay. Mariah just thinks it’s nice to see her happy. Tessa is happy… and loved. Noah watches as they kiss.
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At Society, Amanda and Devon run into Abby, Chance and the baby. Devon checks in with Dominic and Amanda remarks how he had the magic touch when the baby was at their place. Chance thinks they should get their son home. Amanda watches Devon as he watches them go and asks, “Are you alright.” Devon responds, “Yeah, of course.” Talk turns to paint colors for Amanda’s office and Devon zones out. Amanda figures he’s thinking about Dominic. Devon was actually thinking about Chance. “How did he seem to you?” He can’t help but worry about Dominic, because it reminds him of when Abby was grieving. He doesn’t want him picking up on the stress.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby takes Dominic up for a nap, and Chance exhales. He leans on the mantle and gets a call from Nina, who is still in Australia. He assures her she doesn’t need to rush back as Abby comes back down the stairs. “I promise you I’m fine.”

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