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Ashland greets Victoria at Newman-Locke with flowers and news that there’s been no further spread of his cancer. She’s ecstatic and throws herself into his arms. He says it’s not the diagnosis of remission yet, but it’s positive and as good as they can hope for this early in the treatment. Victoria wants to celebrate but Lily appears needing to discuss something with her.
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Ashland leaves Lily and Victoria to talk. They express respect for one another. Lily appreciates Victoria trying to buy Chance Comm so Adam doesn’t get it. Victoria asks how Billy’s doing. Lily wasn’t sure if she should discuss this with her, but says that despite trying to hide it, Billy is devastated by all that’s gone on. Victoria realizes she’s worried he’ll fall back into his self-destructive behaviors.

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Adam walks into Society and sees Billy imbibing at the bar. “A little early for that, don’t you think?” Billy drunkenly mocks, “Your daddy’s calling for you.” Adam supposes no one can blame Billy for losing it a little bit. Billy chides that he has a full-time job making sure they don’t get Chance Comm. Adam wishes he’d left well enough alone instead of messing with Victoria’s future. “You’ve blown your last chance to prove you could be a leader.” Billy snarks that it’s still better than being Adam. After Adam walks out, Billy orders another apple juice.
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Tessa greets Sharon at Crimson Lights and they make small talk about the holidays before Sharon asks for gift ideas for Mariah. Tessa’s sure she’ll come up with just the right thing. Talk turns to Noah being home for the holidays and Sharon admit she hopes this will be a permanent move. Noah arrives and asks, “What did I just walk in on?” Sharon explains she was just trying to get gift ideas. Noah and Tessa go to a table to get to work. He wants to take some pictures of her for the album cover. Sharon thinks Tessa’s come a long way from the young woman busking on the patio. She still feels passionate about what she wants to say. Noah is inspired and knows just what he wants to do.
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Noah takes Tessa to the patio to shoot her playing guitar there where she started and asks Sharon to close it to customers. Noah likes working this way, with no one micro-managing him, but mentions that Adam offered him more work. Sharon reappears. She thinks it’s a great idea and urges Noah not to write him off and to give him credit for the positive changes he’s made. Sharon is convinced he’s determined to live his life differently now. Noah appreciates what he did for Faith, but isn’t sure he’s a completely changed person. Sharon asks her to base his decision on who Adam is right now rather than who he was in the past.

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At the hotel, Mariah ends a business call as Victor appears and tells her she was missed at the party last night. She makes excuses, but says it’s amazing that Chance is alive and well. She’s happy that Bowie has both his parents. Victor asks, “Bowie?” Mariah explains it’s a nickname she gave the baby when she was carrying him. Victor knows Abby and Chance are eternally grateful to her and he’s sure Chance would love to tell her that in person. He knows she also went through an ordeal and if she never needs anything at all… Mariah is just trying to move on.
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At Newman Media, Adam fields calls about something he needs by this afternoon. Victor arrives and asks him what he wanted to see him about so urgently. Adam is eager to work to get Chance Comm, but Victor says he’s decided to let Victoria bid for it without their interference. Adam asks, “What changed your mind?!” He complains that she’ll use it to come after them just as Billy did. Is he just supposed to stay the underdog? Victor advises him to remember that people always root for the underdog. Adam wonders if he has another agenda. “Are you hoping for a media war with your children? Is this another one of your little tests?” Victor smiles and walks out.
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At Newman-Locke, Lily tells Victoria she’s never seen Billy like this before and she needs to know what warning signs to look for — he already feels like a huge failure and it Adam gets Chance Comm it will be even worse. Victoria reminds her he brought a lot of this on himself. Lily argues that all of the information was true. “Do you really feel like the punishment fits the crime. Do you think he should lose everything?” Lily feels that Victoria only wants to help Billy when it benefits her —doesn’t the father of her children deserve better? Victoria questions if she really wanted her advice… or just to rake her over the coals.
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Victoria refuses to justify her actions as CEO of Newman-Locke, but advises Lily what to look for as signs of Billy having a relaspse. He’ll disappear, there will be inconsistencies in his stories or he’ll lie to her face, he’ll start drinking at odd hours of the day and night, but most of all there will be times he’s on a manic high. Everyone is wrong but he is right and no one can convince him otherwise. Any combination of these signs means he’s headed for a fall. Lily agrees to let her know if she notices this happening and asks her to keep their conversation confidential.

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On the patio at Crimson Lights, Noah snaps photos of Tessa strumming her guitar and she muses that it feels like she’s tapping back into something she didn’t know what still there. Noah is telling her what an incredible artist she is when Mariah arrives and listens in, unseen. She smiles as Tessa recalls being a nervous wreck at her first recording session. Noah says he was so proud of her… and Mariah was too. Tessa marvels that Mariah has been there through this whole wild, crazy ride. Noah snaps another photo and asks her to tell him about that. Tessa shrugs; she can’t believe how lucky she is to have Mariah in her life; she believed in her when she didn’t believe in herself. Noah thinks everyone needs a Mariah in their life. Tessa recalls her girlfriend encouraging her to be her true self and talks about the music video she produced of her performing in public place. Tessa talks about being in love, and being loved unconditionally, but ruminates that it’s hard to see that person in pain too. Mariah tears up as she listens and then steps away.
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Ashland rejoins Victoria at Newman-Locke and she updates him on Lily’s fears about Billy. Locke figures it wasn’t easy for her to come to Victoria about this. She’s more convinced now than ever that sending the kids to boarding school is the right thing to do. Ashland asks if she’s spoken to Billy about that yet. She hasn’t, and it will be a difficult conversation, but she has to make him see it’s for the best.

Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Mariah that Tessa and Noah are on the patio. Mariah shares that she watched them for a bit but she didn’t want to interrupt the creative flow. Sharon asks her about her reasons for not attending Chance’s party last night — does she seem the feelings of attachment for the baby as something to be ashamed of? Mariah just found it overwhelming being in the Chancellor house. Sharon thinks Chance would understand her ordeal and Mariah marvels that Victor said the same thing. She didn’t go to the party because she’s obsessing over the baby. She just doesn’t want to be another complication for Abby and Chance, who must be having a really hard time adjusting. “Bowie has to be picking up on that.” Sharon feels they should all support one another. Mariah wants decisions to be made based on what’s best for Dominic.
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On the patio, Tessa tells Noah how easy he made this. “I feel like this was something special.” Noah murmurs, “Yeah, it was,” as she walks away.

At Chance Comm, Lily apologizes to Billy for being late. She knows he’s determined to go through with his plan and relays that he ran into Adam and led him to believe he’s the mess he’s expecting him to be. He’s sure he’s trying to figure out how best to exploit him. Lily also had a very interesting conversation today… with Victoria. She asked what the warning signs might be… in case he starts to backslide. Billy asks, “Lily are you worried about me? Do you think that I’m actually going to fall apart?”
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Lily tells Billy she went to go see Victoria as part of his plan. She needed to plant the seed in her head. Billy decides that was pretty clever. She admits hearing the warning signs gave her some doubt, but then reassures him. She realizes this was a personal attack on him and Adam needs to be held accountable, also Victoria was willing to let it happen to him. Lily won’t give up on him like his ex did, and explains her visit to Victoria will lead her to think he’s headed for some kind of relapse as per his plan. Billy muses that it will get back to Victor and Adam, so it’s actually kind of perfect. They kiss. Billy loves her and is grateful she’s in this with him.

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Victor arrives at Newman-Locke, where Victoria is thrilled to see him since they have news. Ashland shares his cancer update and Victor’s pleased. He has some news of his own to share and says, “I have decided that Newman Media will no longer compete for the acquisition of Chance Comm.” He wants it to return to Newman-Locke; to its home, as it were. Victoria asks if Adam’s on board with this. Victor says he has no choice but to go along with it, and he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to go ahead on his own. “So I don’t give a damn what he thinks.”

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At Newman Media, Adam says into the phone, “The financial package that I’m putting together is for a potentially lucrative deal. What I’m offering is a chance to get in on the ground floor and a substantial return on your investment.” The person on the other end declines, which frustrates him. He hangs up, grimaces, and then picks up the phone again.

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In their hotel suite, Mariah can see that Tessa feels really good about the photo shoot and what Noah’s going to do with the album cover. Tessa can’t wait to see what he comes up with. She asks about Mariah’s intense conversation with Sharon at the coffee house. Mariah admits she’s been feeling a bit in limbo and was wondering if she’d made the right call not going to Chance’s party. She had a great conversation with her mom and felt good after about deciding not to go. Tessa reminds her she could have come to her. Mariah worries that’s all she’s been talking about; her focus should be on her career and album. Tessa reminds her nothing’s more important than her. Mariah heard the nice things she was saying. Tessa tells her, “I love you so much.” They kiss.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah looks through the photos of Tessa on his camera and smiles.

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At Society, Billy is sitting at the bar when a blonde woman in huge black glasses, coat and hat walks in and aims her phone at him as though to take a picture from afar.
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