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At the hotel, Phyllis greets Jack awkwardly. Billy walks up and thanks Jack for meeting him. He wants him to join him in buying Chance Comm from his mother. Jack gawps.

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Adam spots Sally having breakfast at Society and asks to join her. She’d love the company. He tells her he was thinking about her run-in with Billy and had a change of heart. “It sounds like he was in quite a state. Maybe you could find out more about what’s going on with him.” Sally questions, “Are you asking me to spy for you?” as Lily appears and listens. Adam asks Sally to share news of any strange or concerning behavior to him… but it’s not an assignment. Sally’s surprised that just when things are dying down between them, he wants more intel. Adam insists it’s not corporate espionage since Billy’s not involved with a corporation anymore. Sally wants to know his motive. Lily makes a skeptical face as she hears Adam suggest to Sally that he’s asking out of genuine concern — it was not his intention to push Billy over the edge; he’s not that vicious. That would be crossing a line he doesn’t want to cross.
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Sally listens as Adam explains that Billy has far more reason to hate him than the other way around. He likes to think he’s a more evolved human being and feels he went too far. It was business but it’s hard to deny it got personal. Sally recalls he warned her things might get ugly between them, but now he’s expressing regret. Adam confides that he thought that if he could just shut him down without any chance for retaliation it might end the war between them. “At least for now. I don’t think Billy can take another loss like that.” Lily makes a face and walks back out.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon he’s wrapping up a case and then going to see Chance. Sharon may pop home to grab a book — perhaps that murder mystery he told her about. Rey reminds her he already told her the ending and asks what’s going on. Sharon admits she was thinking of buying him the rest of the series by that author for Christmas. He doesn’t need gifts; he only needs her. Sharon still intends to get him a present. They debate whether he’s hard to shop for, and Rey suggests a getaway to the beach. Sharon reminds him his partner just came back. They recall last year, and Sharon muses that they won’t be getting married again, but she’s going to try to come up with a gift.
Rey questions Sharon Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance canoodle as he admires the new throw pillows. He feels sad and guilty realizing all the little things he missed. Abby assures him there are plenty more precious moments ahead. They listen to Dominic in the monitor and Chance says he just wants to spend the day with Abby. Nina video calls to see how Chance is doing — she can’t believe this is real. She fusses and he insists he’s fine. Nina hopes to get back to Genoa City soon. Chance promises he’s not going anywhere.
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At Grand Phoenix, Billy explains to Jack that Jill has put Chance Comm up for sale to the highest bidder. Jack questions what he’d get out of it buying it. Billy says he’d get a big win over Victor; something he’s been looking to do for a very long time. He doesn’t want Adam and Victor to wind up with the company. Jack muses, “And there it is.” Billy pleads with Jack not to let him down. Jack feels that buying Chance Comm is a bad idea. Billy argues that business was fantastic until Adam and Victor set their trap. Jack retorts, “A trap you walked right into.”

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Jack refuses to enable Billy’s latest addiction. Billy snaps, “Addiction to what?” Jack replies, “To power, to vengeance, to the latest ultimate gamble.” Billy accuses him of twisting everything into a narrative he has about him. Jack tells him, “It’s over. Let it go.” He wants him to have happiness and success, but not this way. Billy snarks that he can’t count on his brother for anything. Jack advises him to listen to how desperate he sounds. Rey wanders in as Jack assures Billy he can always come back to Jabot and urges him to give up this quest to always hurt Adam. Billy vows that’s not what this is, but Jack won’t change his mind. Jack walks over to Phyllis, who can guess what that was about. Jack confirms that Billy has his priorities confused… again.
Billy, Jack deny Y&R

Rey joins Billy, who complains he got caught in a trap he should have seen coming a mile away. Whatever Adam said about him blackmailing him, he misread the situation. Billy wants a Bloody Mary, but asks if Rey’s on duty and there to make his day even worse. He rants that he’s the one who should be pressing charges. Rey tells Billy he’s not pressing charges, but advises that bending the law to get what you want never works out the way you hope it will. Billy asks if he’s told the Newmans that. Rey doesn’t want to slap cuffs on Billy ever again. Billy says, “But Adam… different story, right?” Rey smirks.
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At the bar, Phyllis rambles to Jack about learning from mistakes and shifting priorities, though if she has a friend, they will always be her friend. Jack asks if everything is all right with her… she seems off. “Is there maybe somewhere we could talk with a little privacy here?”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s delighted to see Esther, who says her grandchildren are keeping her busy. She nearly bought out the toy store because she wasn’t sure what to buy them for Christmas. Sharon has the same problem with Rey and wonders if Kevin has ever heard him say anything at work that might point her in the right direction. Esther muses that the only thing he’s said lately is how happy he is that Chance is back. Sharon agrees it might be the best Christmas gift any of them gets this year. They sit, and Esther recalls Chance’s past. Sharon hopes he’ll be alright; he’s been through a pretty traumatic experience.
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At Newman Media, Sally asks Adam what sort of information about Billy would help him to squash this battle between them. Adam decides, “You know what? Just forget I asked.” He shouldn’t drag her into this. Adam feels they have no control over Billy self-destructing. “Let’s just hope he doesn’t drag too many people down with him.” Sally worked hard to get where she is and doesn’t want to take another hit. Adam advises her just to focus on work and not let Billy’s potential stunts distract her. “Let’s just pretend we never had this conversation.” Sally looks confused, and then walks out. As the door closes, Adam smirks.
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Lily arrives at home and tells Billy, “You will not believe the conversation I just overheard.” She fills him in on Adam telling some lie about being concerned for Billy’s welfare. Billy thanks her for spying on his spy. Lily wasn’t trying to. Billy reminds her that it’s not her fight. Adam is primed for a fall and he’s going to give it to him. Lily worries his plan could work too well and have long-lasting ramifications. Billy relays that Jack turned him down and he’s running out of time. If Adam’s recruiting Sally it means Adam and Victor aren’t stopping until he’s broken. He needs to do this to defend himself. Billy will do his best to keep Lily out of this, but would like her support. Lily knows they’re in the right, and even though she has some misgivings about what he wants to do, she believes in him. Billy kisses her. He can’t ask for anything more than that.
Lily updates Billy Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby opens the door to Rey and invites him in. Rey and Chance embrace. Chance has no words for the moment. “It’s good to see you.” Rey says the feeling’s mutual and lets him know he’s welcome back to the station whenever he’s ready. Abby interjects that it’s up to Chance, but he needs time to recover and she’d like to spend time with him before he rejoins the force. Chance wants that too.
Chance, Rey reunion Y&R

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Later, Chance watches the baby on his phone and asks Abby to tell him about the first day she brought him home. She recalls she was terrified and laughs about how hard it was to swaddle him. Abby then explains she can do better than tell him about the baby’s journey… she can show him. She breaks out the video journal and he presses play to see his emotional wife, who hates that she can’t talk to him and doesn’t know where he is, if he’s safe, and that she has to do this alone. Abby tries to shut it off but Chance insists on hearing it. After, he’s glad he saw it. He’s learning how much pain he caused her and promises to find a way to make it up to her. The baby cries and Chance goes upstairs.

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Jack and Phyllis enter her suite, where she continues to ramble on about hotel renovations. Jack thinks she seems anxious, jittery or nervous. Phyllis sighs, “It’s dumb.” Jack worries it’s his fault. From the minute he told her he still loved her, something shifted. Since she and Nick broke up there’s been confusion beneath the surface. “I am sorry.” Phyllis insists he doesn’t need to be sorry for anything; he’s been supportive and was rooting for them. That over the top gesture at Thanksgiving helped her; he single-handedly came to her rescue. She says, “I just think our friendship is stronger than ever, and if I have anything to do with it, it’s going to stay that way.”

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Jack agrees with her about their friendship. He doesn’t want to mess it up… who would have thought they would be here after the hell they put each other through over the years? Jack wants to set clear boundaries — despite the feelings he has for her, it doesn’t mean he thinks they should try again. “I am not about to try and rekindle things if it means glossing over the pain from our past. Even if that were possible I cannot afford to make that mistake again… ever. It took a lot for me to put my heart back together, I’m not going to put myself in the position where it gets broke again. I could not handle that.”
Jack, Phyllis pain past Y&R

At the coffee house, Rey reports to Sharon that Chance seems fine physically but it may be a while before he comes back to the force. Sharon thinks it can take a while to get back to normal and uses Mariah as an example. She thinks spending time with friends and family can sometimes do wonders.

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