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As everyone welcomes Abby and Chance, who says all of this isn’t necessary, to the welcome home party, Jill, Jack and Ashley arrive. They’re thrilled to have him home. Victor makes a speech about Chance being a true hero, explains to everyone about what happened in Spain and elaborates on the extra-security they may notice around. There’s more applause and Abby tells her husband he’ll always be her hero. Ashley gives a shout-out to Abby for not giving up on Chance.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is surprised he’s not at Chance’s party — Mariah told her about it. Nick says he doesn’t want to ruin it by showing up. He and Vick haven’t patched things up completely and he and Victor are barely speaking. Sharon encourages him to just be civil, but Nick reveals that he and Ashland got into it earlier today. He describes the encounter, which ended with Victoria walking in. Sharon wonders if he’s worried about running into Phyllis. Nick says they’ve been fine, but he doesn’t want the night to blow up and get an ice bucket dumped on his head. Sharon still thinks he should go — the party is about Abby and Chance. “Go and show Abby that you’re the great big brother he knows and loves.”
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Back at the party, Jack can’t believe Abby and Chance have the fortitude to make it to the party after all that’s happened. Jack joins Phyllis and ruminates, “May we all find someone who looks at us the way Abby and Chance look at each other.” He’s in awe of their love. Phyllis is glad he’s there. Victor approaches and Phyllis braces. He says he wanted to thank Jack. Phyllis excuses herself as Victor explains he owes Jack a debt of gratitude for accompanying Ashley to Spain. Jack admits Chance was pretty quiet on the way home — readjusting may take some time. Victor muses, “Yeah.”

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Nearby, Nikki corners Chance to tell him how good it is to have him back. He thanks her for putting this together. She imagines the attention is a lot after what he’s been through; nobody expects him to put on a show tonight. Chance is humbled that so many people showed up. Victor joins them and shakes Chance’s hand. He thanks his father-in-law for everything he’s done. This is what Newmans do, the Mustache explains. Abby’s faith brought him back to Genoa City, where Victor hopes he’ll stay for a long, long time. Chance promises to try to make it up to Abby for being away.
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At the bar, Ashland and Victoria tell Abby how happy they are about Chance. Abby’s sorry she missed their wedding, she heard it was beautiful. She calls Chance over to meet Ashland, who remarks on Chancellor’s bravery — and that’s just having the daring gall to marry into the Newman family! After sharing a laugh, the conversation turns serious as Victoria offers any help Chance needs transitioning back to civilian life and says he really is an inspiration. Chance nods but looks uncomfortable.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick asks Sharon if she thinks he’s doing anything to push people away. Sharon thinks that’s crazy and guesses Phyllis told him that. Nick says it actually came from Victoria. Sharon assures him she’s wrong; they’re still friends and he’s a good man. She teases that he just expects people to be as good as he is. Sharon doesn’t think anyone’s to blame for his relationship tangles, sometimes things just don’t work out. Mariah peeks in, and worries about interrupting, but Nick was just leaving. Sharon asks if Mariah’s okay — she thought she’d be at Chance’s party. Mariah claims it slipped her mind, and then admits she’s spent the past two hours trying to talk herself into going.
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At the party, Victor calls everyone together to make a toast to Chance and Phyllis teases about Jill being a great-grandmother. They toast to Chance, Dominic, and Abby, their love, happiness, and to defying the odds. Abby and Chance express their thanks, but he says he has to go run and do something real quick and takes off.
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Outside, Chance exhales, paces and grabs at his collar. Devon appears and asks if he’s okay. Chance just isn’t used to the adulation and thinks Devon’s the one who should be hailed. Devon demurs, and Chance guesses he’s not the only one uncomfortable with the hero label. He muses that he should have been here to protect his wife and son. Devon gets a tense expression on his face.

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At the bar, Victor approaches Jill and says he comes in peace and wanted to wish her the best on her retirement. She’s staying on in an advisory capacity. Talk turns to her appointing Lily and they toast to it before discussing Katherine. Victor advises her to keep Billy Boy away from the reins of the company; if she does that, Chancellor will do very well. Across the room, Victoria watches them, and approaches Jill when her father walks away. She tells her Newman-Locke is willing to pay whatever it takes to acquire Chance Comm, plus selling to them would help the company save face. Jill asks, “How so?” Victoria reminds her it was a Newman company so it would be a balancing of the scales. She also thinks it would be very beneficial to Billy not to lose to Adam again. Jill thinks it’s fascinating she’s keen to look out for Billy when she was part of the plan to bring him down!
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Nearby, Devon and Chance join Abby and Devon explains that Amanda is with her sister Imani signing a lease. Chance is taken aback to hear she has one. Abby hopes she stops by so she can thank her for being such a big part of Dominic’s life. In a corner, Victoria and Nikki debate whether Nick will show up. Ashley finds Phyllis and asks if she enjoyed her Thanksgiving feast with her brother. Phyllis confides she had a dream… and she was in it. Ashley wonders what role her brother had in her dream. Phyllis says he was in it, but they weren’t together. She advises Ash there are way worse fates for her brother than her.
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Ashland and Victoria huddle and he asks what she learned on her reconnaissance mission with Jill. Victoria learned that she loves the game, so they have to up theirs. Ashland is ready and says, “Let’s play.” In the seating area, Abby makes a face as Phyllis chats to Chance. He decides he wants to make a speech, so Phyllis calls for attention. He expresses his thanks and is grateful he got to come home to his son and Abby. Chance then talks about his team members who laid down their lives and asks everyone to raise a glass in their honor. He marvels at how glad he is to call Genoa City home and promises he isn’t going anywhere else without his family again. “You folks are stuck with me.” Abby tells him his speech was wonderful, but is questioning when he immediately wants to go home.
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Abby and Chance say their goodbyes and Victor watches them go with concern.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Sharon she couldn’t be happier that Chance is alive and Bowie has his dad, but the party is for family. She thinks it would be weird to go and isn’t sure Chance even knows how attached she got to his son. Sharon thinks it would be a positive experience once they get past the awkwardness. She also tried to convince Nick to go, but she’s not sure she succeeded — it would be nice if one person took her advice. Mariah says it doesn’t feel right; it’s best she sits this one out.

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Nick arrives at the hotel and Devon tells him Abby and Chance have gone home already. Nick thinks it must be nice for Devon, not having to rush home to a baby. Devon admits the penthouse is quiet and decides to go. Nikki greets Nicholas and invites him to get a drink. He spots Jack hovering around Phyllis and decides he has things to do. He kisses his mom and goes. Across the way, Jack tells Red it was a great party — she has a way of making things special. Phyllis asks him to stick around, but he has to pass. “We will talk.” At the bar, Ashley tells Nikki and Victor she’s a little worried about Chance. Victor was thinking along similar lines — he seems psychologically fragile. Ashley’s sure he’s in shock. They decide to keep an eye on him.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby asks Chance if he’s okay. “The party wasn’t too much?” Chance assures he’s only jet-lagged and jokes that Ashland Locke is quite the character. Abby’s happy Victoria found her match. She supposes Nick was uncomfortable attending since he and Phyllis broke up. Chance assures her nothing is more important to him than being her husband and Dom’s father. Abby loves him so much. They embrace.

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Later, Chance feeds the baby and tells him no one will love him more than him and his mom. “Nothing is ever going to be more important than you, Dominic.” As he cuddles the baby, the voices of those at the party run through his mind as they called him a hero, survivor and inspiration to all of them. He looks haunted.

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