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Nick arrives at Newman-Locke and Ashland thanks him for coming. Nick’s interested to see what he and Vick have to say. Ashland says it’s just him… they haven’t spoken since Tuscany and it’s time to clear the air. Nick asks what, exactly, they’re clearing up. Ashland brings up his break-up and his tension with Victoria. Nick’s not willing to discuss either of those things with him. Ashland reminds him he’s family now. He asks Nick if he still regrets Victoria marrying him.

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At Crimson Lights, Victor tells Victoria that Abby found Chance in Spain and brought him back. Victoria gasps; she’s so happy for Abby. Victor relays that there’s a welcome home party tonight at the Grand Phoenix. Victoria thinks they should discuss the Chance Comm situation before she accepts the invitation.
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They sit on the patio and he questions if she made a move to buy Chance Comm to protect Billy Boy. She denies that’s her motivation. Victor learns she thinks, in retrospect, that getting rid of the division was a misstep, and she’d like to get it back. He’s interested to hear it was her idea, though Ashland’s on board. Victoria remarks that Adam wasn’t happy about Locke’s participation. Victor muses that he doesn’t like to be bested. They joke that it must be something in the genes. Victor doesn’t care about Chance Comm much now that Billy’s been humiliated. She and Adam can vie for the company and he won’t put his foot on the scale. He let’s her know he’s proud of her and will see her at the party.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance is going through his old medals when Abby walks in with Dominic. She asks if he’s okay and he assures her he’s where he wants to be — home. Chance feels bad about her bringing the baby into the world without him there. Abby’s just grateful he’s there now. She confides that her father is so thrilled he’s back he wants to throw him a party. Chance grimaces, “A party?” He’s not sure he’s ready to face a group like that. Abby admits she already accepted, but she can tell him they’re not up for it. Chance assures her she doesn’t have to cancel… he wants to feel life again, and people and love… but first he wants to feel her again. They make out.
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At the Grand Phoenix, Nikki thanks Phyllis for helping her put together the party for Chance. Phyllis thinks Abby must have been so relieved to find him. Adam appears and asks Nikki if Victor’s there — he senses he’s avoiding him. Phyllis presumes this has to do with the bidding for Chance Comm. Nikki shoots her a look and assures Adam that Victor’s busy telling people that Chance is alive. Adam’s stunned and Nikki apologizes; she didn’t realize he hadn’t already been told. She invites him to the party, but he has plans with Connor so will contact Chance and Abby on his own. Noah appears — Victor asked him to meet there. Nikki says he’s running behind, but Adam confesses it was he who reached out — he figured Noah would be more likely to respond to Victor than to him. Noah shrugs, “You’re not wrong.” He hopes Adam doesn’t have any more revisions. Adam says he’s thrilled with the work he did and asks to speak privately. They walk off.
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Phyllis warns Nikki not to let Adam have influence over Noah. Nikki doesn’t think her grandson is keen to embrace the new and improved Adam, who micro-managed him over his own designs. Phyllis wonders why he left London — his career was really taking off. Nikki says sometimes career isn’t the most important thing in life. Phyllis takes it as a dig since Nikki probably assumes she and Nick broke up over the hotel. Nikki sniffs that not everything is about her. She’s sorry it didn’t work out, for her son’s sake. “Nicholas is hurting over your break up.” Nikki thinks Phyllis seems fine, but the redhead snaps that she doesn’t know what’s going on in her head. Nikki didn’t mean to offend.
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Victor arrives and Phyllis excuses herself. He updates her on Victoria and Nikki says Adam thinks he’s avoiding him. Victor’s merely stepping back to let him and Victoria work things out themselves. He has a feeling it could get heated over Chance Comm. Nikki suspects he’s looking forward to it. She wonders if Victor wanted to have the party at the hotel so Nick might decide not to come, and therefore not make trouble for Victoria and Ashland. On the contrary, Victor’s hoping they’ll set aside their differences.

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At Society, Sally asks Billy if he minds if she takes a seat. He snarks that she’s being a little pushy — he doesn’t want her company. Something is clearly going on with her and Adam so he can’t trust her. Sally makes note of his morning ‘happy hour’ and sits down anyway… it will at least make him look a little less pathetic. Billy knows she and Adam are dating, but Sally says he’s only her boss. “There’s absolutely nothing romantic going on with Adam and I.” Billy feels that’s good for her because there’s no one more capable of ripping out your soul. Sally senses something deeper going on and asks, “Are you really going to be okay?”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland knows how much Victoria’s family means to her and wants to get the tension out with Nick, who insists that won’t change anything. He cannot fathom how his sister is just okay with everything he’s done. Nick will never forget it, and will never think it’s okay. The family has given him a pass, probably because he’s sick, and he wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was never sick to begin with. He warns Ashland if he ever finds out that he hurt Victoria or took advantage of her in any way, “You will have an enemy in me for life.” Victoria arrives in time to hear this. She intervenes and snarks so much for Nick’s promise to stay out of her personal life. Nick was being honest at Locke’s request. Ashland confirms he wanted to find out how he felt.
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Victoria’s frustrated that Nick won’t give Ashland a chance — people change. She guesses he hasn’t heard that Chance is alive and he and Abby are back home. Nick gawps, “No!” Victoria explains and tells him about the party. She’s hoping they can put aside this tension to be there for Chance and Abby. Nick complains about being left out of the loop and being on the outs with Victor. Victoria sees a pattern where he blames others for what’s happening in his life when he’s the one who is alienating those around him. He always thinks he’s right and everyone else is wrong. Maybe he should asks if there’s something he’s doing that’s at the root of all this. Nick snaps, “I’ll see you at the party,” and walks out.

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At Newman Media, Adam asks if Noah’s staying because he has a lot of work opportunities for him related to Newman Fashion and such. Noah appreciates the offer but the branding he did was a one-time job. He wants to re-assess his career goals, is currently working on a project for a friend, and isn’t interested in a job on the scale of what Newman Media would need. Adam respects that, but urges him to think about it; it might be a good way to keep him busy and his mind off whatever drove him away from London. Noah nods. “I’ll consider it.” He muses that he’s heard a lot about this new attitude of his, but he’s having a hard time buying it. Adam gets that; they’ve had a rough history. Noah continues, “But it’s hard not to say something’s changed. That doesn’t mean I liked all the notes you gave me on my designs.” They chuckle. Adam guesses the lesson is not to write anyone off… they might surprise you.
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At Society, Sally suggests Billy caffeinate instead of drink. She can relate to being a pariah, but Billy thinks he’s taken it to new heights… or new depths. He’s managed to lose the trust of his most stalwart believer. “My mother.” Sally recognizes the feelings he’s having aren’t fun. Billy scoffs that the rabbit hole is kind of comforting for him; feels like home. Sally thinks he’s better than that and has a good heart. Sally’s takeout is ready, but she offers to stay and get some soup for him. Billy’s good. Sally leaves and Billy muses, “That’s right, Sally. You run back to Adam and tell him all about my pathetic state. Please.”

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Sally arrives at Newman Media and busts into Adam’s office to tell him about Billy, but Noah’s there. Sally reminds him they met at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Noah recalls that she designed his aunt’s wedding dress. Sally learns he’s moved back and would love him to work on Newman Fashion. Adam is trying to convince him to take on a project he has in mind, but Sally wants to take a shot at bending his ear. Noah grins, “Hard sell. I respect it.” He says he’ll consider the offer, thanks them, and goes.
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Adam tells Sally she came on a little strong and then asks what’s up. Sally says she ran into Billy at Society and asks if his plan was to inflict psychological damage. Adam scoffs at Billy being the victim, but didn’t intend to give the guy a breakdown. Sally reports that he was drinking and he seemed depressed, and said something about going down a rabbit hole. She sort of felt for the guy. Adam muses, “Interesting.” He takes a call from Chelsea and says he’s in a meeting with Sally right now — can he call her back? Chelsea’s miffed and snarks at him to let her know when it’s convenient for him to discuss their son. She hangs up. Sally suggests he call her back and exits.

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Billy arrives at home and Lily asks where he’s been and if he’s okay. He’s great and asks about her work. She’s busy getting familiarized with Chancellor Industries and has hardly made a dent. Billy asks if she’s okay. She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t have the experience for this. She worries this may be a huge mistake. Billy thinks she just needs to take a break and a breath. She is going to kill this. He believes she’s qualified and knows his mother did. Lily argues that her experience doesn’t match up to the job she’s being asked to do. Billy argues she earned this. She made him a better man in business and their relationship and she’s going to be great. Billy assures her he will be fine and will land on his feet. She questions if he’s dropped the idea they talked about earlier. Billy says it’s in the brainstorming stage, but right now he just wants to focus on her. They kiss.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance are dressed for the party and Abby gets Dominic and hands him over to his dad while she gets the bottle. Chance gives it to him and Abby says he has the magic touch like Devon. Chance is glad he was there for them. Abby crows that he was the best friend she could hope for and was there for her son. As they prepare to leave, Chance says he can face anything with her by his side. They embrace and he looks a little conflicted.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland questions if Victoria was too hard on her brother. Victoria’s surprised at him coming to his defense after the way he’s treated him. Ashland’s impressed with the love they share as siblings. Victoria teases, “Who knew one of your first duties as a Newman would be to play family peacemaker.” Ashland finds it refreshing. She asks if he’s up for a night with her family. Wherever she is, is where he wants to be.

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Victoria and Ashland greet Nikki and Victor at the hotel. Victoria says she told Nicholas about the party but isn’t sure he’ll come. Abby and Chance arrive and everyone applauds.

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