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At Newman Media, Sally eavesdrops as Adam takes a call from Chelsea about what Christmas presents they’re going to get Connor. He gets a text and hurriedly lets her go. Sally walks in and says it doesn’t sound like good news. Adam reveals that Jill Abbott just added a new wrinkle in their plans for Chance Comm. She’s put the entity up for sale to the highest bidder. Sally thought this was what he wanted. Adam explains that a bidding war can be complicated. It’s not the negotiating position he was hoping for… but the constant is that Billy loses no matter who wins.

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Sally asks, “So you’re saying that even if you don’t win Chance Comm, you’ll be satisfied if Billy loses control of it.” Adam confirms it. Sally’s just glad whatever happens won’t negatively affect Newman Media or the fashion platform. She offers her help, but he doesn’t need it. His phone rings. “Stick to your day job,” he suggests to Sally and asks her to close the door on her way out as he says into the phone, “What did you find out?”
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At Newman-Locke, Nikki tells Victoria they just got their answer on the offer they made for Chance Comm. Victoria takes the tablet and looks at it. Nikki wonders if she’ll want to make another offer. Victoria knows that Adam has made it clear he wants to dismantle everything Billy accomplished. They’re going to be aggressive with their bidding and tactics. Nikki discourages her from getting involved. Victoria says it’s business, and she intends to be the kind of businesswoman her father taught her to be.
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At home, Lily reads her tablet, and muses that it’s official — Jill’s made a decision about Chance Comm. She tells Billy she got the feeling that he was planning something yesterday. He admits he wants to get back at Adam and Victor, but won’t do anything until her position is secure. Lily appreciates that, but he has to tell her what he’s planning. Billy will, but doesn’t think she’ll like it. After hearing about it offscreen, Lily can’t believe he wants to attempt something so complex and risky after everything he’s been through. Billy has to do it. She warns it could all blow up in his face… and what would he accomplish other than revenge? Billy recaps that everything they printed about Ashland was true. Adam and Victor knew that but all they cared about was sticking it to him. If he can pull this off he sticks it to Adam where it hurts most and turns the table on the Newmans. This is about saving his tarnished reputation and he hopes she can be in his corner.
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Ashley, beaming, hugs Victor in the living room of the ranch. She has more to tell him, but couldn’t over the phone due to the security risk. Victor’s stunned to hear that Chance is alive and Abby brought him home. He says it’s incredible news. Ashley confirms that Abby’s ecstatic. He asks how Chance is, and Ash explains he’s carrying the weight of the trauma. He wanted to stay and finish the mission, but Abby convinced him to come home. Victor thinks their daughter gets her strength from both of them. He feels once Chance gets to know his son, his priorities will change.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby looks concerned when Chance says he feels like a stranger there and so disconnected from the place since it’s been so long. Abby reminds him his life is there with her and their baby. Everything that happened in Spain was his job. “This is your home. Where you belong.” Jill comes in and nearly breaks down when she sees Chance. She rushes over to embrace him gasping, “Oh my God…” They sit down and Jill fusses over his injured leg. Chance is fine he just feels terrible over what they went through, but he didn’t have any choice. Talk turns to Dominic and Abby marvels that Devon is such a good friend.
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At the penthouse, Devon’s still trying to wrap his head around the idea that Abby found Chance alive. Amanda’s sure they’re looking forward to starting their live as a family. Devon packs up Dominic’s favorite toys and picks him up when he fusses. Amanda notes how attached he’s become to the baby — it’s going to be difficult for him to send him home. Devon insists he couldn’t be happier that the child is being reunited with both of his parents. Amanda smiles, but looks concerned when he walks away with the baby’s bag.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance gets a call from his section chief and learns there’s been a positive development that should help the new team track down the attackers. They’re also taking steps to secure their safety there. Abby is thrilled it’s over and hugs him. Jill urges them to get out of there and go to Dominic.

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At Society, Jill tells Lily she’s so thrilled to have her on board. She wants to make sure Billy is okay with all of this, but he doesn’t want to rehash it. Jill wants him to understand why she initiated a bidding war. Billy knows it’s a business decision and wants to talk about more important things, like making an immediate announcement saying that Lily is taking over for Jill at Chancellor Industries and she’s stepping down. Jill is impressed with his attitude, but she’s way ahead of him. “Check your emails.” Billy reads that Jill will be stepping down in the future but staying on in an advisory role while Lily will be taking over as CEO. Jill’s pleased that Billy’s gotten past his anger and now has something else to tell them!
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After telling them about Chance offscreen, she warns it’s not for public consumption as her grandson could still be in danger and by extension, his family could be at risk too. Billy hopes she knows that she can trust him to keep her confidence. Jill urges him to focus on the future; she hopes it will be a brand new beginning for all of them and something good will come out of this. Billy hopes the same. Jill leaves and Lily and Billy talk about being happy for Abby. Billy’s also happy that Jill made the announcement so the rest of the world knows what he does — that she’s a talented star on the rise. Lily wants to head to the office to talk to the employees, but has to ask if he’s moving forward with his plan. He won’t do anything until he’s worked out every detail. Billy tells Lily he’s proud of her as she goes. In the doorway, she stops and looks back, seemingly concerned.

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Devon and Amanda welcome Abby and Chance into the penthouse with hugs. Abby apologizes if she worried Devon, and he marvels that she proved them all wrong. Chance is back and ready to meet his son. Devon nods. He says the baby is sleeping upstairs, and Abby assures him he’ll always have an important role in Dominic’s life. Chance owes Devon for being the father figure he couldn’t be. They shake hands. Devon got involved to help them start a family, and no one could see it playing out the way it did. He just wants to know that Abby’s in a better headspace than before she left. Abby kisses Chance and chirps, “How could I not be?”

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Victor arrives at Newman Media and asks, “Have you seen this?” He hands him a tablet. Victor thinks it’s a brilliant move on Jill’s part to name Lily as he successor. Adam muses that she’s distancing herself from her own son. Victor replies, “Of course she is, she’s a smart businesswoman and he’s an idiot.” Adam worries about the bidding war. Victor agrees it makes it a bit more complicated. Adam asks if he still wants to make a play for Chance Comm. Victor chuckles, “We’ll see.” He’s curious as to how this will play out, but thinks Adam would love the challenge. He’s sure Victoria will join the bidding as well, if for no other reason than to keep them from getting control. Victor’s curious how far she’ll go to get what she wants.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria and Nikki digest the news about Lily and Nikki is sure Victoria is concerned how Billy’s taking it. She knows he probably isn’t letting on, but this is hurting him. She’s glad she decided to send the kids to boarding school because this is the kind of thing that could push him off the rails. “Things could get really ugly.”

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Sally walks into Society and spots Billy sitting in deep thought at the bar. She approaches and says, “Hey, heard the news. It’s gotta hurt.” Billy’s had better days. Sally says, “You look like you could use some company…”

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Jill arrives at the Chancellor Estate and asks Ashley for more details on Spain. Why couldn’t Chance have found a way to let them know he wasn’t dead? Ash explains he didn’t want to put his family in danger. Jill thinks he’s lucky it was Abby who found him and not her. Ashley teases, “We all know you’re just a softie.” Jill sighs. She’s tired of fighting and that’s why she decided to step down from Chancellor. “I’m ready to be the laid back matriarch of the family.” Ashley laughs, “Okay. Good luck with the laid back part.”

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At the penthouse, Devon brings Dominic down the stairs and hands him to Chance, who cradles him. “Hey little guy. Hey buddy.”
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