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At the Chancellor Estate, Jill assumes from Billy’s accusation that Lily explained her plans to him. He confirms she did and says it’s a fantastic opportunity; Lily will be terrific in that role if she chooses to take it. Jill asks, “If?!” Billy reminds his mother that they’re a team. Jill hopes he’ll come and work at Chancellor. Billy sniffs, “In a lesser role.” Right now, he wants to know if she’s selling Chance Comm. She’s considering it. Billy asks her not to sell it to Victor and Adam. Jill can’t do as he’s asking… she’ll do what’s best for Chancellor Industries; it’s a business decision. Billy accuses her of siding with the Newmans over her own son. Jill grits that he’s hit rock bottom one more time; no one believed in him more than she did. Billy thinks she shares Victor’s low opinion of him. Jill denies it. He understands she’s disappointed in him, but right now the feeling is mutual.

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Jill and Billy bicker over Chance Comm as Jill points out he was willing to risk all of the success they achieved to reignite his feud with Adam and Victor. Billy insists it was all about protecting his kids and complains that Ashland formed an alliance with Victor and Adam to come after him. Jill snaps, “And you couldn’t let it go.” She reminds him of Jesse Gaines and asks why he went to such extremes on this! Billy lost one kid and wasn’t going to let that happen again. Jill sighs and tells him Ashland wasn’t a threat to his children and Victoria wouldn’t put them in danger… so why was he so determined to stop that wedding? “Is it because you still have feelings for Victoria?”
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Billy insists it’s Lily he loves, and he expects that to last the rest of his life. He just didn’t expect the situation to go so far. Jill think he’s a gambler and couldn’t resist that rush. Billy tells her that Victor told him he was coming after Chance Comm… he was trying to fight back with the only weapon he could get his hands on. Jill muses, “Blackmail?” She laments that she gave him too much power before he was prepared to know how to use it. He needs to be in a position that can capitalize on his talents. Billy won’t take the soft landing position of COO at Chancellor. Jill seethes, “Dammit, you are so impulsive.” He figures she’s been wanting to say that all along and walks out. Jill cries.
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa presents Mariah with a decadent beverage. She wanted to show her how glad she is that she’s taking a break today. Mariah explains it’s actually her second break — on her first break she went to see Dominic and got some giggles out of him. Tessa thinks it sounds like he’s thriving; Abby will be relieved when she gets home. Mariah snipes, “Whenever that is.” Tessa asks her to imagine herself in Abby’s shoes. Mariah’s sure that she’s devastated over losing Chance, but wild horses couldn’t drag her away from her child. Tessa learns that Devon did a livestream with Abby and the baby and holds that up as evidence that he’s loved.

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Noah joins them and updates Tessa that he immersed himself in her new music and it was haunting, beautiful and unique. Mariah tells her that all the time. Noah thinks she has a hit on her hands. “I love the songs.” Tessa wants to hear his ideas for the album cover. Noah has to sit with it for a while. Tessa steps away to take a call and Noah and Mariah discuss Abby leaving town. Mariah knows she’s doing the best she can under the circumstances. Noah teases that Mariah’s kids will be the ones with purple hair and he’ll love them like crazy. They go over her and Tessa doing well and being in a good place. Noah’s glad to hear it and gets philosophical. Mariah thinks someone really did a number on him.
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At the penthouse, Devon puts Dominic in the bassinet as the doorbell goes. Amanda rushes to answer it and tells Imani the baby’s sleeping. Imani admires Dominic and asks what it’s like having a baby there 24/7. Devon grins that there’s never a dull moment. He asks what they’re up to today. Imani explains it’s a big day — they’re house-hunting for their parents who want to move close; like maybe across the hall. She laughs at Devon’s expression as Amanda tells him not to believe her sister. Amanda and Imani are actually going to look for a space for their law practice. Devon thinks that’s exciting and offers help, but they’re looking forward to making this happen on their own.
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Lily visits Devon and coos over Dominic, who is still sleeping. She thinks it’s great what he’s doing for Abby. He asks if she came to get her baby fix, but she actually needs his advice. Devon asks about the sketchy story and retraction. Lily says it was true and now Jill’s there to put out the fire. She’s thinking of selling off Chance Comm. Devon asks where that will leave her. Lily swears him to secrecy and confides that Jill wants to retire and make her CEO of Chancellor Industries. Devon marvels that she’s going to run his grandmother’s company and says Neil would be so proud of her.

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Devon senses Lily’s unhappy. Lily insists she’s happy, but Billy’s upset and she’s afraid of where it’s going to be directed. She admits she’s not innocent in this, but Devon points out she reins herself in. Lily just wants to help him through this. Devon observes that what she has going on with Billy is a far cry from what was happening in her marriage. Lily agrees; she never feels their relationship is in jeopardy and she’s never questioned how he feels about her. Their relationship is more important than any job. Devon advises her to make sure Billy knows how she feels.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam spots Billy entering and needles, “How are you enjoying early retirement?” Billy reminds him his offer to step down was contingent on Ashland pulling his lawsuit, which hasn’t happened. They don’t have as much power over Locke as they thought. Adam heard he and Victoria made their own offer for Chance Comm. Billy tells Adam, “You got played.” Adam contends that Newman Media could still scoop up the remains of it, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter who gets it, nobody wants Billy attached. He’ll settle for the sweet satisfaction of knowing that Billy paid the price for releasing that expose about him. “As far as I’m concerned that’s what all of this is about.” Billy snarks about the new improved Adam still holding a grudge. Adam tells him the next time he’s wallowing in booze and self-pity to remember that he brought all of this on himself. Adam leaves and Billy flashes to Adam telling him this whole thing will blow up in his face.
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On the patio, Noah tells Mariah he doesn’t want to talk about what happened in London. She’s just glad he’s there and hope he’s staying because he wants to and not because he’s avoiding someone in London. Noah feels good being back and is looking forward to designing Tessa’s album cover. Mariah sends him Christian’s peewee basketball schedule in case he needs a diversion. Tessa rejoins them and talk turns back to the album cover. Tessa wants something evocative that looks good even an inch tall. Noah shows her some mock ups and she gushes that they’re perfect. Tessa is so excited and Noah says he’s inspired. Tessa cheers, “Let’s get to work.” Mariah looks unsettled.
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At Society, Amanda and Imani marvel at going into business together and decide to celebrate with champagne. Imani can’t wait to start working with her sister after only working for Sutton. Amanda talks about the perfect office space and they realize they like different offices. They debate a storefront or high-rise location. Amanda suggests another option… the converted Victorian. They agree that’s the spot and Amanda makes a toast to Sinclair & Benedict, Attorneys at Law. Imani muses, “Mmm, maybe it should be Benedict & Sinclair.” They laugh and drink.
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Jill answers the door at the Chancellor Estate — it’s Adam. She asks, “What the hell do you want?” Adam extends his sympathies on Chance’s death and shares that he saved his life once. Jill doesn’t want to stroll down memory lane with Adam. He came on another matter as well — the future of Chance Comm. He knows she feels protective over Billy and he relies on her support. Jill interrupts to say that all of Adam’s present success he owes to Victor. She guesses he’s here to salvage the mess he made and get back in daddy’s good graces. She informs him he won’t be getting Chance Comm at a bargain price as he planned. Adam says he’ll be in touch and leaves. Jill looks at Katherine’s portrait and asks, “Do you believe that guy?”
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At the penthouse, Devon concludes a work call as Amanda comes in. The nanny is bathing Dominic upstairs. He learns they found a space that suits them both and is surprised because Imani can be a little… Imani. Amanda toned her down a bit. Devon tells her that Dominic grabbed the rattle by himself for the first time and they joke about him being a child prodigy. They start kissing until the phone interrupts. Devon takes Ashley’s call and says, “You’re kidding? That’s fantastic. No, that will be just fine.” He lets her go and Amanda asks what she said. Devon relays that Ashley and Jack found Abby and they’re bringing her home. Amanda is relieved but senses he’s off. Devon explains that Abby must be fine because they want to come and get Dominic right after landing to take him home.
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Lily finds Billy at Crimson Lights, where he’s thinking something through but isn’t quite ready to share it. She asks how it went with Jill. Billy won’t accept the handout from Chancellor Industries. Lily muses, “So you turned down the job offer.” Billy tells her not to worry… when he gets knocked down he gets back up. “You can count on that… and so can Adam.” Lily looks concerned.
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