Jill has a go at Victor Y&R
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Ashley rejoins Jack on the jet and he’s puzzled that Abby’s not with her. He assumes she’s still clinging to the hope her husband is alive. Ashley is glad she didn’t give up hope and relays that this is highly confidential, but Abby is staying at the house because she’s with Chance. “He is alive.” Jack marvels at the turn of events but is taken aback to hear that Chance is reluctant to come home. He figures Abby can talk him around and asks, “Right?” Ashley doesn’t respond.

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In Kim Dunaway’s house, Abby tells her Chance is out walking and thinking. She asks the woman to help her convince him to come home. She did not come all this way to go home without her husband; it’s tearing her apart being away from their baby. Chance returns and listens as Abby pleads with the woman to do anything she can to help her convince him.
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Chance shows himself and Kim leaves them to talk. He tells Abby he hates that this is hurting her; he wishes she could understand why he has to stay. Abby knows he wants to get justice, but argues that he’s hurt and they may come up with a new plan that doesn’t involve him. They have other options, but she only has one husband. “Dominic’s father. You’re irreplaceable to us. Aren’t we enough to change your mind?”

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Victor enters Society as Billy orders another drink. He needles him about drinking as Billy muses about the joy being sucked out of the room and warns he won’t be groveling today. Victor gathers that Victoria and Ashland made an offer for Chance Comm and thinks it was a good move on their part. Billy knows he planned to swoop in on the company but now he has competition. Victor questions if Jill will accept the offer and needles that Victoria made the move to spare him the humiliation of losing to Adam. Either way, he has to pay the consequences for his actions. Billy asks why he hates him so much. Victor chuckles, “What a question.”
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Victor wonders why Billy gives a damn what he thinks, but leans on to say he deals with people like him, who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. He grew up in an orphanage and resents guys like him. “You’re entitled and spoiled. You thumb your nose at others.” Billy says he was like that in the past. He now wants to ensure Lily’s not hurt by his actions and Victoria’s offer allows for that. Victor reminds him that his mommy owns the company. She’s a very savvy businessperson. Billy agrees, which is why Victor shouldn’t feel too confident right now.

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At the apartment, Lily’s agog that Jill wants her to take over Chancellor Industries. She’s relieved she doesn’t need an answer now and tells her she’s flattered she thinks she’s ready for a role like this, but she has to ask… what is going to happen to Chance Comm? And what happens to Billy? They debate whether it was bad luck or Billy screwed up. Lily still thinks he has amazing vision and the skills to back it up. Jill thinks, at this point, that Chance Comm may be more trouble than it’s worth. They’ll keep coming for it, and this isn’t the first time Billy messed it up by going after the Newmans. Lily tries to defend him, but Jill isn’t sold. Lily worries about the people who would lose their jobs if they sell. Jill would put it in writing that they be kept on. She tells Lily what’s done is done and they need to focus on the future.
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Jill presses Lily to find out if she’s interested in being CEO of Chancellor. Lily is, of course, and figures that Jill imagined passing this torch to Billy. Jill would have loved nothing else, but Lily’s the one who’s exceeded her expectations. Katherine would have wholeheartedly agreed with her choice, and Neil would have been so proud. Lily can’t leave Lily out in the cold. Jill has no problem with him working for her. Lily suggests they be co-CEOs again, but Jill doesn’t want him involved in decision-making, perhaps a secondary position like COO. Lily groans, but Jill stresses she can’t let her personal life stand in the way of her success. Relationships don’t always last but a career is something you can count on. “Being the boss is very empowering.” Lily can’t just ignore Billy’s feelings like Jill can. Jill says that on the contrary, it’s killing her to set this in motion, but Billy just can’t get it through his head that some risks aren’t worth taking.

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On the jet, Ashley tells Jack that Abby did a livestream of Dominic for Chance, but he’s still determined to stay. Jack wonders what about going over Chance’s head to remove him from the decision-making process with regard to the mission. He wants to reach out to Christine, but Ashley argues that his supervisors might want him to finish the mission. They shouldn’t interfere. “Let’s just give them more time.”
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In Kim Dunaway’s house, Abby has compassion for what Chance is going through, and knows he wants to do right by his colleagues, but it’s time he does right by her and Dominic and keep the promises he made. She pulls out his wedding ring. Chance tells her how hard it was to take it off and leave it behind. Abby forgives him and was dreaming of the day she could give it back to him. She reminds him of the vows they made. She’s holding him to that promise. Abby is fighting for the survival of their family and needs him to fight with her. Chance loves her more than he could ever show her. She says he should prove it by coming home to Genoa City so they can be the family they were meant to be. Chance puts his wedding ring back on and nods. “Let’s go home.” Abby throws herself into his arms.
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Kim joins Abby as Chance calls his superiors. She’s glad Abby got him to do the right thing. Chance gets off the phone and reports that the higher ups are on board with him going home to be with his family. He feels he failed, however Kim assures him one day he’ll realize he did the right thing.

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On the plane, Ashley takes a call from Abby, who wants her and Jack to take care of a couple things for them.

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Billy arrives at home, where Jill and Lily note he’s been drinking. He assures them he took a cab. Jill decides to leave so they can talk. She tells Billy never to forget that she loves him before walking out the door. Billy asks Lily, “So what’d I miss?” Lily announces that Jill wants her to run Chancellor Industries. Billy thinks that’s amazing and she’ll kill it. “You can’t turn this down.” He mentions it would take her out of the line of fire for Chance Comm. Lily thinks Jill will sell it. Billy finds that hard to hear. Lily assures him that Jill is on board with him working with her at Chancellor, as her second in command. Billy smirks. He’d be working for her, not with her… as her subordinate. He realizes that in his mother’s mind he failed the big boy test. Billy feels he’s losing everything — the job he loves, his dignity, his partnership with her… Lily vows she’s with him no matter what. If she accepts Jill’s offer, she hopes he’ll consider coming to Chancellor with her.
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Jill joins Victor at Society. He tells her it’s nice to see her and how sorry he is about what happened to Chance. Jill says he was a good man; a hero. He should be back here with Abby and their baby. She relays that she got the news that Ashley and Jack found Abby and Jill muses about what it’s like to be a concerned parent. Now Victor knows what she’s going through after what he and Adam did to her son. Victor argues that Billy brought it on himself. Jill insists he egged him on every step of the way. Victor says he’s never known when to stay in his own lane so he failed. He figures she’ll bail him out. Jill snaps that she’ll be fine and so will Billy. Victor wonders what she’s going to do. Jill laughs, “Wouldn’t you like to know,” and walks out.
Jill has a go at Victor Y&R

Victor takes a call from Ashley, who says Abby’s a lot better than the last time they spoke and she’s bringing her home. Victor disconnects and exhales in relief.

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Jill enters the Chancellor Estate and gets a call from Jack, who updates her that Abby’s coming home. He promises things will be better when they get there.

In Kim Dunaway’s house, Abby video calls Nina and tells her she’s on an island in the south of Spain. Nina worries she put her life in danger. Abby says it was worth it, and she has some news. She turns the phone around so she can see Chance, who says, “Hey mom.” Nina screams, “Oh my God you’re alive!” She breaks down in tears as she says it’s so good to see his voice and hear his voice again. Chance, emotional, says it’s so good to see her too.

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Billy walks into the Chancellor Estate and calls out for Jill, who replies, “Right here.” Billy accuses, “It didn’t take long for you to lose your faith in me, did it?”

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