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At the ranch, Victor updates Nikki that Jack, Ashley and his investigative team have come up empty in the search for Abby in Valencia. He ignores a call from Newman Enterprises; he’s too concerned about his daughter.

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In Majorca, Abby’s dumbfounded to hear that Chance wants to stay there and complete his mission. Chance argues that he has to bring the men responsible for killing his colleagues to justice. She understands why he feels so strongly about this, but this sounds like revenge. Chance needs to ensure the criminals pay for what they did. “I have to see this through.” Abby’s upset that he’d put his life in jeopardy again but he’s undeterred and tells her, “I have to stay.”
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Abby complains, “It’s almost like you don’t want to come home.” Chance protests that he’s almost thought of nothing but her and their son, but he can’t let go of this. Abby wants him to be a hero to Dominic. Chance reminds her the men and women in that safe house had families too… who will never see them again. Abby’s heart breaks for them, but Chance needs to come home, to his family, to her and to his son. Chance feels she can’t understand what he’s going through, but she can… because she’s been grieving the loss of her husband. Chance has to complete his mission no matter what. Abby argues he needs to heal at home. Chance is torn between doing his duty and his love for her. “How am I supposed to choose one over the other?” Abby decides he should rest — when he opens his eyes he’ll have a new perspective. She leads him to the bedroom.

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In their apartment, Billy wonders why Lily’s staying with the man who helped tank her empire. She loves him and believes in second chances. They kiss.
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The doorbell rings — it’s Jill. Billy hugs her and invites her in, and Lily embraces her as well. “Billy and I were so sorry to hear about Chance.” Jill tells them about Jack and Ashley going to search for Abby in Spain. Billy frowns; Jack didn’t mention it to him. Jill scoffs that he was too busy ruining his media division to worry about family. Billy thinks that’s an exaggeration and is surprised to hear that Lily called her. Lily knows time is of the essence and they have to decide the future of Chance Comm.

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Jill tells Billy that he never learns. He’s so blinded by his hatred for Victor and Adam he acted without any thought to the consequences. When she handed his media division over to him, he swore he’d be up to the challenge. Billy insists he had the company’s best interests at heart. Jill guffaws, “God help us all!” Billy admits he screwed up. Jill believes he should step down — it’s the one smart thing he’s said. Lily relays that Victoria and Ashland offered to buy Chance Comm. Jill sniffs, “At a rock bottom price, I’m sure.” She’d hate to hand it over to them, but asks, “What are the terms of their surrender?” Lily replies that they want her to stay on as CEO. Jill asks to speak to Lily alone so Billy takes off.
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At Society, Adam gets a call from the Newman employee whose call Victor ignored. He listens to what he has to say, asks if he’s sure, and promises to fill in his father. Inside, Ashland and Victoria discuss Abby before talk turns to whether or not Jill will give them the green light to buy Chance Comm. Victoria spots Adam and senses he knows about their offer.
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Adam walks over and announces he’s lost his appetite when they invite him to join them. He questions if the ‘catch of the day’ is Chance Comm. Someone at Newman Enterprises tipped them off. Victoria muses about sorting out her staff. Adam rails at Ashland — they kept him in the loop and treated him like family, “So why’d you go behind our back, huh?” He questions if Locke has been playing them all along. Victoria reminds Adam he’s the one who put everything on the line while fighting for his life. “You should back off.” She reminds him Chance Comm was once Newman Enterprises’ division, so it makes sense they should take it back. Adam hopes Ashland sees that she’s protecting Billy again. Ashland informs Adam that he held up his end of the bargain and now Chance Comm is fair game. Adam realizes this was Victoria’s idea.
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In Majorca, Abby calls Ashley while Chance rests. She needs her help. Ashley asks, “Where are you?” Abby’s in Spain. Ashley is too, with Jack. She wants her location, but Abby protests that she has to do this on her own. Finally, she agrees to let Ashley come alone.

On the jet, Ashley receives Abby’s message with her location and tells Jack she found Abby. She orders him to have the pilot turn the plane around — they’re going to Majorca.
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At the ranch, Victor takes a call from Ashley and puts her on speakerphone so Nikki can hear. Ashley says she’s with Jack and they report that they’ve heard from Abby, who is on Majorca. Ashley explains she will only see her alone. They’ll be in touch soon. After disconnecting, Victor tells Nikki he’s concerned Ashley won’t be able to convince Abby to come home. Just then, Adam walks in. Victor has good news, but Adam says it will have to wait. “I just ran into Victoria and Ashland and you’re not going to believe what they’ve done.” Adam rails that after Victor brought Ashland into the family and protected him, he stabbed them in the back. He expected it from Victoria, but not from him. He snaps that Nikki must have known, but then apologizes.
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Adam’s puzzled that Victor doesn’t seem more angry. Victor hopes it was Victoria’s idea; if it is, she’s looking out for her company. He’s just worried she’s doing it to look out for Billy Boy. He reminds Adam that in business you can’t trust anyone. All he cares about is cutting Billy off at the knees, getting Chance Comm will be icing on the cake. Adam grouses, “So you’re just going to let them get away with this.” Victor muses, “It has all just begun…”

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Phyllis spots Billy sitting at the hotel bar and asks what he’s doing there. “Drinking alone?” Billy relays that Lily kicked him out… to have a conversation with his mother. Phyllis groans, “That’s bad.” Billy thinks they’re discussing the fate of the company. Phyllis finds that interesting and asks to join him. Billy forewarns that she can’t say anything to him he hasn’t already said to himself. She changes the subject to Ashley and Jack going to Spain, but it quickly comes back to Chance Comm. Phyllis needles him, but then reveals she had a dream in which he was giving her advice on her love life. Billy thinks the best thing anyone could do with his advice is ignore it. All he was trying to do was protect the people he cares about and protect Chance Comm. Phyllis senses he’s feeling sorry for himself and assures him that even screw ups like them deserve love.
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In Majorca, Abby texts Devon that she needs him to do something. Before she can continue, Ashley appears. They embrace. Ashley lets her know how worried they were and wants to know everything that has happened. Abby reminds her of her intuition that Chance was still alive and reveals, “I was right. Chance is alive; he’s here.” She explains what happened to him. Ashley’s stunned to hear he’s right there in the bedroom. “I can’t wait to tell Nina, and your father… and we have to let Jack know!”
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Abby cautions that Chance is struggling. She called her because he doesn’t want to come home — he’s insisting on completing the mission. Chance appears and fumes, “Abby, what have you done!” He bellows, “Did you lie to me about coming alone?” He learns Jack is on the plane too and worries about his cover being blown. Ashley protests that she’s only there to support her daughter and him… if he’ll let her. Chance maintains that he has to see the mission through. Abby will have to play the grieving widow a bit longer. Abby vows if he’s staying, she’s staying with him. Chance declares that it’s too dangerous and she has to get back to Dominic. Abby replies, “We both do. It’s time for you to meet your son.”

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At the apartment, Jill assures Lily she doesn’t hold her responsible for the situation that befell the company. Lily feels Billy had the best intentions, though acknowledges he doesn’t play by the rules. Jill confides how deeply losing Chance affected her. It put things in perspective — she’s decided to step down from running Chancellor Industries and move into an advisory position. Lily is shocked when Jill declares, “I want you to take over for me and run Chancellor Industries.”
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Billy enters Society as Victoria and Ashland stand up. He informs them that Lily is discussing their offer with Jill right now at the apartment. Victoria notes they excluded him and is sorry. He finds that hard to believe. Ashland reminds him he brought this all on himself. Billy concedes, “Yes I did.” They walk out.

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At the hotel, Phyllis takes a call from Jack, who reports that they found Abby, who is with Ashley right now. He gathers she’s having a rough time. Jack has to call Nina and Jill, but wanted to talk to Phyllis first. She’s on his mind a lot these days. Phyllis muses, “Well, that’s contagious.” He wants to get together when he gets back. She’d love that.

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In Majorca, Abby decides to show Chance a photo of Dominic before he makes any decisions. Chance marvels over the photo and Abby declares, “He’s your son. He’s everything we prayed for Chance.” He needs his dad, who is the most important person in his life. “You said there’s a reason you made it out alive. He’s the reason. You need to come home.”

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