Chance and Abby are reunited in Majorca Y&R
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Jack and Ashley return to their jet in Spain. Abby is nowhere to be found and Ashley suspects her daughter is in some low-key place. Jack is skeptical given Abby’s sense of style. Even Victor’s security people can’t find her. Ashley is adamant that Abby must be there. Phyllis calls him to ask how the hunt is going. She thanks him again for his lovely Thanksgiving gesture. Because of him, it wasn’t a sad and lonely day for her. Once Red wishes them luck, Ashley wishes someone would call with something useful to say. They call Victor and he updates them on the search that his people have been doing. So far it’s come up empty. He urges them to be careful and safe.

Jack and Ashley search for Abby on jet Y&R

Ashley gets more anxious as she keeps checking her phone. Jack suggests a distraction so she brings up Phyllis and offers to keep her attitude in check. He admits that his feelings for Phyllis have returned but starting a new relationship is fraught with pitfalls. His sister guesses he’s already falling back in love. Jack explains she just got out of a relationship and won’t jump into another one. Correcting him, Ashley points out that’s normal for Phyllis. Reflecting on her own romantic failures, she urges him to think everything through carefully. He decides to change the topic.

Ashley and Jack discuss Phyllis on jet Y&R

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Devon sits in Crimson Lights with the baby, thinking about how Abby left Dominic with him because she was an emotional wreck. Nate joins him to muse on the greatness of Thanksgiving dinner. They compare how many sweet potatoes they consumed. The doctor went into a food coma but Devon had a second dinner with the Newmans. They chat about the doctor’s heavy workload. Assessing how busy he’s been with Moses and work, Devon stresses that he doesn’t regret having the baby to look after. He’s loving every second of it and tells Nate about all the songs he’s been improvising to keep the child entertained. Nate jokes he’ll develop some taste eventually. They’ve been having tummy time but he’s hopeful that Abby will be back before there are any more milestones. As the doctor pulls on his coat, he tells him he’s great with the kid but warns that it could be hard when Abby returns. Devon is ready for that and just wants her to be the mother Dominic deserves.

Devon talks to Nate about Dominic at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Amanda props up at the bar in The Grand Phoenix lobby and Phyllis serves her a mimosa on the house. It’s to celebrate Sutton being declared guilty. The lawyer says that at his age any prison time will be a life sentence. Her family is relieved he’s finally out of their lives. This is not how she imagined searching for her birth parents was going to work out. Phyllis says it’s because of Amanda that they are a family again. Most people would hold a grudge if they were treated the way Naya and Imani initially treated her. Amanda realized they just pushed her away because they were scared of Sutton. She likes to think that her father is looking out for her and proud. She changes the topic to Phyllis and Jack. Amanda assumes she took her advice and did some soul searching, only to realize she’s not over the Abbott.

Amanda and Phyllis talk end of Sutton case at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Phyllis marvels at that and admits she has all sorts of feelings for him she doesn’t understand. It scares her. Amanda thinks she seems happy, not afraid. The redhead runs through all his good points but keeps insisting she doesn’t get what’s going on. She loves Nick and always will… but she doesn’t understand how things went wrong. With him, she was always on guard, but with Jack, she can just be herself. Amanda knows the timing might not be right but it never is. The only question is what’s next. Phyllis has no idea.

Phyllis and Amanda discuss Jack at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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Victor visits Devon at the penthouse and updates him on no one knowing anything about Abby’s whereabouts. Christine is very upset about her running off like this. He assures Devon they will find her one way or another. After checking on his grandson, he thanks him for taking such good care of him. Seeing him on Thanksgiving lifted his spirits. They discuss what Abby needs to go through so she can accept that Chance is gone. Victor says she’s always been stubborn. He calls Ashley and explains they have been contacting soldiers Chance served with but none have been contacted by Abby. Ashley worries about how badly her daughter will fall apart when she realizes she will never see Chance again.

Victor updates Devon about Abby at penthouse Y&R

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At Kim Dunaway’s place in Majorca, she tells Abby that she should try to get some rest. That’s impossible for Abby, who can hardly wait to see Chance now that she knows he’s alive. Kim gets her to calm down and breathe. She explains that Chance can speak and Abby gets more excited. Her host will take her to him but there are some things she needs to know first. Pouring some tea, she explains that Chance arrived with a concussion and his leg torn up from the explosion. She and her husband stitched him up and gave him somewhere to recover. Abby is grateful she was able to help. Kim explains that Chance has a lot of rage and guilt because of the deaths of his colleagues. Being apart from her has only made things worse. Chance (now played by Conner Floyd) shuffles in and Abby leaps into his arms.

Kim warns Abby about Chance's condition in Majorca Y&R

Kim leaves the couple alone. Abby never gave up hope she and Chance would be together again. He hated that he couldn’t tell her what was happening or come back to her sooner. She says everything has worked out because they are alive and together. “I was never going to stop looking for her you,” she says, kissing him. He still thinks her coming after him was dangerous and wrong. The whole reason he faked his death was to protect her and she may have undone that. Abby insists no one knows where she is. She’s eager to take him home to meet his son. Pulling him onto the couch, she shows him photos of Dominic on her phone. Chance says he looks perfect. Abby thinks he’s the best and smells so good. Her husband starts to worry that her parents have put together why she ran off. Again, she insists she’s been careful and wants to know everything that’s happened to him. He explains that the explosion sent a beam from the house down to crush his leg. Fighting through the pain, he went in to try and rescue his men but couldn’t find anyone. The guys who planted the bomb showed up to make sure there were no survivors. He hid under the rubble until they were gone. That’s when he came to Kim’s after sneaking onto a freighter. It breaks her heart to hear what he went through but she’s there to help him recover and promises she can get him home safely. He’s sorry that he’s put everyone through this but he can’t leave until the mission is over. He saw the man behind the attack and is determined to see this through to the end. “My men deserve no less,” he insists.

Chance tells Abby about his mission in Majorca Y&R

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