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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis finds Sharon inside getting ready for the annual Thanksgiving event to feed the homeless. Phyllis offers an extra set of hands before going to pour a coffee. Nick comes in carrying boxes and Sharon tells him he’s welcome there today… no one should be alone. Nick spots Phyllis and says, “Happy Thanksgiving.” She returns the sentiment and then listens as Sharon and Nick chat about the tradition and the kids wanting to help. Phyllis blurts that she has to go and heads to the patio, where she runs into Billy.

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Billy asks Phyllis if she has big plans today. She wonders why he’s asking. Billy’s just being polite. She figures he’ll be spending the holiday doing damage control at Chance Comm and needles about the embarrassing retraction. Billy corrects that the day will be all about Lily and the kids, who are splitting the holiday with Victoria and Ashland. “They deserve as much love and family vibes as they can get on Thanksgiving. Everyone does.” Phyllis grunts, “Right. Everyone does.”
Billy in dream Y&R

Phyllis arrives at the hotel where Gloria appears and ruminates about it being a heavenly day thanks to her spa. She’s in between treatments and feels like a goddess. Gloria’s sure to mention that JCV is doing exceptionally well under her charge and she can afford to tip well. Phyllis asks if Glo is spending the holiday with Michael and Lauren, but learns they’ve gone to see Fen, so she’s joining Kevin and Chloe. Gloria asks if Phyllis is alone today and she chirps, “Of course not. I’m working.” Gloria tells her to look on the bright side; she doesn’t have to fight anybody for the drumstick.

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Phyllis interacts with numerous hotel guests and talks about the importance of the holiday and family.

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Alone in her suite, Phyllis kicks off her shoes and pulls a bag of chips out of the mini-bar to eat. She calls Summer and gets her voicemail, so leaves her a message wishing them all a Happy Thanksgiving. Next, she calls Daniel and assures him she’ll get out to see him and Lucy soon. She assures him she’s doing great and signs off. After getting into bed with her chips to watch TV, Phyllis dozes off…

A loud knock awakens Phyllis and Gloria bursts in dressed all in gold. She tells Phyllis she’s Golden Glo and urges her to get dressed; they’ve got places to go! They banter as Phyllis asks if she’s been sniffing bath salts and vows she’s not going anywhere with her. Glo takes in the chips and television and tells Phyllis enough with the pity party. If she doesn’t get herself dressed, she’ll pick something for her. “I’m offering you a do-over of sorts. If a Happy Thanksgiving is what Phyllis wants, then Golden Glo will make sure she gets it.” Glo snaps her fingers and suddenly…
Golden Glo arrive dream Y&R

Phyllis is dressed all in Thanksgiving finery and is back at Crimson Lights, where Sharon complains they could have used her help earlier. Phyllis realizes she’s in a dream and is in control. Sharon says, “Phyllis, I’m so glad you came back. You’re one of the people I’m most grateful for this year.” Phyllis asks why. Sharon hasn’t forgot the support she gave her during her cancer treatments. Phyllis muses that was bigger than them and the issues from the past. Sharon claims responsibility for all their dust-ups. Phyllis wonders, “Am I forcing you to say this in my dream or do you really mean it?” Sharon suggests maybe they can get to a better place… or not. Phyllis agrees to help out to feed the hungry. Soon, she’s exclaiming while dishing out mashed potatoes and receiving applause from the homeless. Golden Glo appears to take her to the next stop. She clicks the serving tongs and zaps Phyllis to…
Sharon dream Y&R

The ranch. Phyllis complains she’s in the belly of the beast and hollers for Gloria. Victor and Nikki appear. Nikki says they’ve been waiting for her. Phyllis insists she didn’t come of her own volition. They’re just glad she came in time to carve the turkey. Nick walks in and declares he’s so glad she’s there. Phyllis is confused. Nick reminds her they’re not a couple but they’re Summer’s parents and they’re friends. He finally took her advice to stay out of the chaos of his family’s drama and wonderful things happened. Adam finally left town, Victoria forgave him, and his dad finally accepted him for who he is and the choices he’s making.
Victor, Nikki dream Y&R

Nikki gushes that they’re so grateful to Phyllis for putting up with them all these years. Phyllis gawps at them. Victor asks, “Cat got your tongue?” Phyllis shrugs; who is she to say they’re wrong. Wine is poured and they all laugh over Phyllis’ jokes. She says it’s the best Thanksgiving she’s ever spent with them. Nikki credits the guidance she gave Nicholas for saving their family. They toast to Phyllis.

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Suddenly, Phyllis is at Society, where Ashley and Traci are telling Jack they’re so happy for him finding love again. “Who would have thought it would be with her?” They talk about how magical it all is as Jack gushes that she’s spontaneous, exciting and unpredictable. Phyllis assumes they mean her, but realizes his sisters wouldn’t be that happy about them being back together. Jack’s love arrives — it’s Gloria. Jack kisses her and Ashley and Traci tell her she looks gorgeous — they’re so thrilled she’s put a smile back on their brother’s face. Jack is just grateful she was willing to take him back. Gloria purrs, “It was my pleasure.”
Gloria, Jack dream Y&R

Gloria walks over to Phyllis, who scoffs, “Some fairy godmother you turned out to be.” Gloria reminds her it’s he sub-conscious, which means she believes deep down that she’s the one who holds the key to Jack’s heart. Phyllis finds that crazy and thinks this whole dream is a mash-up of irrational incidents. She’s going to put a stop to it and stalks over to tell the Abbotts there’s been a mistake — she’s the great love of Jack’s life. She tries to sit down to dinner with them, but they holler, “No!” There’s no room at their table for her. They run down how many times she broke Jack’s heart and cheated on him. Everything gets stranger for Phyllis as the Abbotts enthuse about the idea of bringing Gloria back to Jabot.

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Phyllis walks out of Society and runs into Billy again. She asks what he’s doing there. He reminds her it’s her dream. He decides to apologize for the way he screwed things up between her and Jack. They agree they work good together but wouldn’t want to hurt Jack again. Phyllis confides that her dream was going well until she saw the Abbotts. Billy figures it’s her guilt making her believe she deserves to be alone. He thinks it’s obvious she’s missing Jack, that’s why she’s here. Phyllis agrees with him that Jack is amazing and Billy tells her she is too — she deserves love whether she wants to admit it or not. Phyllis reminds him he’s hardly the expert on relationships, but he argues he’s where he belongs. Billy thinks Jack brings out the best in her; she’s more honest with him and doesn’t lash out as much. It’s the guilt that ruins things. Phyllis wonders how she’d go about getting Jack back. Billy starts, “If I were you I would…” But Golden Glo interrupts. She snaps her fingers and…

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Phyllis and Gloria are back in the hotel suite. Phyllis wants to go back to get Billy’s advice, but Glo says she’ll give her the truth. She asks why she thinks Billy has the answers she’s looking for. Phyllis believes they’re similar and he’s figured it out, and she hasn’t. She pleads to go back and get the secret to her happiness.

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Suddenly, Phyllis is awakened for real by a knock at the door. It’s an employee with room service. She didn’t order anything, but he says someone did — dinner with all the trimmings. Phyllis lets him in and ask if he knows who did this. He doesn’t. Phyllis urges him to go home to his family.
Phyllis room service Y&R

Just then, she gets a video call from Jack, who is on the jet. He’s the one who did it. She tells him she had a wild dream and that the food smells so good. Jack hopes it tastes as good as it smells. Phyllis asks if he’s still in Spain. Jack says they finally landed and they’ll start their search tomorrow morning. He doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, or when he’ll be able to talk again, so he’d like to make the most of the time he has now — they could have Thanksgiving dinner together. He holds up his plate and assures her he’d have invited her to the Abbott family dinner if he was there. Phyllis can’t believe her staff kept this secret. Jack wants to have a Friendsgiving… unless she has other plans. Phyllis tells him no, this is spectacular. She tears up and says, “Thank you.” As they dig in, they wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.
Phyllils, Jack Thanksgiving Y&R

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