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Billy arrives at home and tells Lily that Victor didn’t get back to him, so they need to find a way to move forward. Lily snarks about him wanting to work with her now… he didn’t want to before. Billy knows she’s upset, but he did it to protect her and Chance Comm. Lily wonders if he thinks he’s going to make a graceful effort and everything will just turn out alright. They argue as Lily makes the case for Billy having made things worse. Billy feels he sacrificed to try and get Adam to hold his fire. Lily doesn’t know what more they can do to them. Billy thinks it’s just their opening moves. Lily loves him, but he’s so impulsive he doesn’t think about the consequences. If he removes himself it looks like an admission of guilt. She wants to sit down with the lawyers for options and work as a team… but she has to ask if he’s even capable of doing that!

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria’s stunned to hear from Ashland that Billy offered to step down from Chance Comm. “This would be the last thing that Billy would do.” She wonders if Lily pushed him to do it, but Ashland says he ran into her and she didn’t know. “She probably knows by now.” Victoria muses about how Victor and Adam must have reacted. Ashland says lethal is the word. As he keeps talking about Billy letting his guard down, he takes a spell of discomfort and weakness. Victoria rushes to his side.

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Once Ashland is settled again, he reminds Victoria the doctors in Peru told him to expect this. She wants to take him home, but he’s feeling much better. Ashland swerves back to Billy, who deserves everything coming to him. Six months ago he would have taken much pleasure in grinding him into the dust, but he has other priorities now and will let Adam and Victor have their fun. Victoria thinks that would be a mistake. Ashland thinks she wants to save Billy, but she explains it’s nothing to do with that — it’s about what’s best for Newman-Locke. Victoria feels that Ashland’s the one who has taken all the risks in this plan, so why are Adam and Newman Media benefiting the most? Ashland feels she has a point. Victoria recalls that a large chunk of Chance Comm is the division she sold to them. Her father was never alright with that, and she’d like to think he would a little disappointed if she didn’t try to get it back. Ashland smirks, “My brilliantly adorable wife. I really do love the way your mind works.”
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At the penthouse, Elena says to Devon, “See, just a little heat rash.” Devon is relieved and thanks her for coming by to look at Dominic. She’s glad he called and it was no problem. Dominic cries out and Devon reassures him. Elena muses that it’s nice to see Devon like this. She observes that it seems like a lot of healing has taken place — he has this whole life now. Devon agrees; Elena was right. “You know I’m always grateful to you for helping me through that grief.” He thinks of Abby going through the same thing and is grateful she trusted him to look after the little guy.
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Amanda arrives at the penthouse and asks if everything is okay. Elena explains she looked at Dominic’s rash and he’s doing fine. Amanda has news — the jury is ready to return a verdict in Sutton’s trial. Later, Amanda speaks to Imani on the phone and learns Naya doesn’t want to come to hear the verdict. She disconnects and fills Devon in. They’re ready to leave, but she has a moment of panic that they’ll let Sutton go free. Devon’s sure they’ll find a way to make Sutton accountable for his actions — it won’t be the end. Amanda thanks him for making her feel better and they kiss.
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At Society, Sally updates a thrilled Chloe that Adam wants them to go ahead with the video project. She enthuses that it’s a phenomenal idea and they’ll have to put in a lot of overtime. They agree they’ll have to get the formula just right. Chloe wants to focus on Sally, who relays that she decided to take her advice and back off Adam. Her head is in this 1000 percent. Chloe replies, “I know what you’re doing, Sally.” She thinks she’s trying to reverse psychology Adam into chasing her. “He’s too smart for that.” Sally knows that and says Adam has made his feelings quite clear. She also realizes she’d be courting disaster by going after Chelsea’s ex-husband. Sally assures Chloe that everything about Newman Fashion is going to be fabulous.
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There’s a knock at Lily and Billy’s door — it’s Victoria and Ashland. Billy asks what they want. Ashland waxes on about how nice it would have been for them all to get along for the kids’ sake… but Billy had other ideas. Lily wants them to get to the point. Victoria addresses Billy authorizing the story that attacked her husband. Billy wonders if she’s in on the scheme, which would be ugly. Ashland says now that Billy’s offered to step down to protect Lily and Chance Comm, maybe he can understand him wanting to protect Victoria by keeping his past quiet. Billy understands. Ashland wonders if he regrets his reckless and callous behavior. Billy wonders if they’ve come looking for an apology. Ashland says they’ve come to make an offer.

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Billy finds it hard to believe they’re there to do them any favors after being part of setting them up. Ashland won’t let Billy play the victim and reminds him of his relentless attacks. Billy only used Ashland’s personal information as leverage. Ashland insists his actions forced his hand — does he really think he wanted to spend the first weeks of his marriage dealing with this crap?!? They need his cooperation to get out of this. Billy questions if he’s going to turn on the Newmans. Victoria points out Ashland’s the only one who can cancel the lawsuit. Lily asks what they’re after. Ashland suggests a quick resolution as opposed to Victor and Adam watching their value plummet over time. They’re there to make a lucrative offer. Lily scoffs, “Lucrative for who?” Ashland says they want to bring Chance Comm into the Newman-Locke fold. Billy questions, “You’re offering to buy Chance Comm.” Ashland continues, “And we’d be happy to keep Lily on as CEO. She’d have full autonomy.” Lily asks, “And Billy?” Locke replies, “Out.”
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Billy questions if Victoria’s going to go along with this and exploit the damage Adam and Victor did by kicking him out of his company. Ashland smirks, “Ah Billy. Always slow to catch on. This is all Victoria’s idea.” Victoria reminds Billy how desperately they begged him to leave them alone. Billy argues he was protecting his company. Victoria feels he can’t handle the responsibility of having power in his hands, but she’s willing to trust Lily. Lily questions why she’d want to work for them. They run down the business incentives of the opportunity. Victoria urges Lily to think about what’s best for Billy — letting him run Chance Comm into the ground isn’t in his best interest, nor is watching it be taken by Adam of all people. Lily gawps, “Oh my God. Even now you’re trying to protect Billy.” Victoria wants a peaceful resolution and offers them time to talk over their decision… even though their choices are limited. She and Ashland walk out.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena runs into Mariah and relays that she just checked on Dominic, who had a heat rash. She teases about him being a little overprotective. Mariah muses that legally he’s the father and now, with Chance gone, she’s sure Abby would be happy to have him step into the role. Elena asks Mariah, “So how are you doing?” Mariah chirps that she’s doing great — really well! She rambles on about people worrying about her and Tessa being supportive. Elena asks if she’s talked to anyone about what she went through. Mariah jokes that she gets to do that all the time with Sharon as a mom and reports that she’s even gone back to work. Elena studies her.
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At Society, Imani asks Amanda if Devon is joining them. Amanda assures her he is, and asks how she feels about the verdict. Imani wanted her grandfather brought to justice and now he’s a convicted felon — she should be thrilled — but now that it’s happened she’s having trouble processing it. She supposes Amanda wants to celebrate. Amanda understands that it’s hard for her due to her long and complicated history with Sutton, but he’s someone very different for her. Imani doesn’t expect her to have sympathy. Amanda recaps that he robbed her of getting to know her parents. She doesn’t want to speculate on what sort of sentence he’ll get, but she does want to know what’s next for their family. Imani confides that Naya’s considering moving to Genoa City. Amanda loves the idea and Imani teases, “Wait until she starts nagging you about having kids.” Amanda muses that there’s a baby at her place right now if she wants a fix. Imani looks stunned. Amanda smiles, “We have a lot of catching up to do.”
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At the penthouse, Devon plays peek-a-boo with the baby and muses about not having heard from his mama. He takes a call, and then walks the floor with Dominic when he won’t settle to sleep.

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At their apartment, Lily can’t imagine Victoria wanting to upset her dad and wonders if this is a trick. Billy can’t see what they have to gain aside from a great company. Lily questions if they’re trying to divide them by buttering her up while putting him down. Billy levels that everything they said is true. He believes in her. Lily thinks this decision isn’t up to them; it’s up to Jill. She’s concerned about them — he can’t be making unilateral decisions about things that affect them both. Billy seeks assurance that they’re okay. Lily insists they’re good and kisses him.

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Back at Newman-Locke, Ashland notes Victoria is quiet and asks what has her worried. She just wants to protect Katie and Johnny from any fallout. Victoria thinks it might be a good time to send them to boarding school. She knows Billy’s going to go off the rails again and she doesn’t want the kids to witness it. Ashland figures it wouldn’t be easy for her either. Victoria has no intention of rushing to save Billy; she’s learned the hard way that there’s no upside to that. Her instinct is telling her to protect the children. She figures Jill will come through for Billy; she always does. Maybe she’ll find him a position he can’t use as a weapon. Ashland feels there may be an advantage on having the kids out of the house if his condition worsens. Victoria agrees. Ashland questions if Billy will go along with it. Victoria muses, “Let me manage Billy.”
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Amanda arrives at home to see Devon asleep on the couch with Dominic in his arms and smiles.

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At Society, Billy sits at the bar drinking alone.

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At the apartment, Lily picks up her phone and calls Jill — they need to discuss the situation at Chance Comm.

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