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At the ranch, Ashley informs Victor that Jack is going with her to Spain. Victor reveals that he and Devon found a military pin in the motel room, which confirms their suspicions. Victor has decided that he’s going to Spain, so Jack isn’t needed. Ashley reminds him they decided she’ll go as Abby’s mother. Nikki enters in time to hear Victor boom, “Well, her father will be there as well.” Nikki joins them as Ashley bickers with Victor about the need for him to go. He’s convinced Abby’s going to take unnecessary risks.

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Ashley doesn’t see the point of them both going to Europe. Nikki thinks Abby might be more receptive to her mother. Ashley agrees and doesn’t want to make her feel she’s being ganged up on. Nikki points out that Victor can help Ashley from home with his connections. Ashley backs her up; they should play to their strengths. Victor concedes. “Call me when you get there.” Nikki urges Ashley to be careful and she goes. Victor tells Nikki he gave in because it seemed Ashley wanted to go alone. Nikki reminds him she’ll have Jack along. Victor will instead help Devon. Nikki finds this a change; usually he wants to control everything. Victor shoots her a pointed look. “I still am.”
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At Sharon’s place, she speaks to Noah, who is lost in thought and doesn’t hear her. She asks what’s wrong, but he’s not forthcoming. Sharon urges him to talk. He insists he’s fine and announces he’s going for a run to clear his head. Sharon texts Nick to meet her at Crimson Lights to talk about their son.

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At Devon’s place, Nick gets up to speed on Abby taking off to Spain and grimaces. He wonders if there’s any way Chance could have gotten out of the building alive. Devon shrugs; not according to the State Department. Nick feels this means that when Abby finally does accept the truth, she’ll be devastated. Devon says it will be devastating for Dominic too.
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The doorbell rings — it’s Victor. Devon invites him in and he and Nick exchange greetings. Victor reports that Ashley’s on the way to Spain to try and talk Abby out of searching for Chance. Jack is going with her. Nick’s surprised he’s not going. Victor asks Nick about Noah; they haven’t seen much of him. Nick snarks that his cellphone number hasn’t changed and takes his leave. Devon asks Victor if everything’s okay with them. Victor admits that Nick thinks he pits his children against each other. He doesn’t like this tension between him and his son; it bothers him enormously. Being protective is part of being a father. Devon can’t really give advice, never having been a father. Victor thinks when Dominic grows up he’ll find out. Devon would do anything for the boy. Victor’s happy to hear that.

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At Newman Media, Adam calls Sally in to talk about her being a “hot commodity.” He wants to capitalize on it by making her an onscreen personality. Sally confirms that she and Chloe can run with it. She admits that it’s kind of been her plan since the beginning. Sally confides that her master plan hit one snag. “You. I’ve given up hope that we’re going to see each other out of the office.” She admits she’s been holding out hope that he’d come around. Adam muses, “And now you’re not.” Sally is poised for an incredible career and doesn’t want to mess that up. She’s accepted having boundaries at work and will focus on her impending success despite being drawn to him. Adam gawps as she walks out.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon sits down with Tessa and asks her about Mariah. Tessa admits that Abby asking Devon to look after the baby threw her; she’s lost again. Talk turns to Tessa asking Noah to collaborate on her album cover. Sharon thinks he could use a project; he’s been a little down since London.
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At Sharon’s place, Noah returns from his run and Faith teases, “Thought I smelled something.” She asks if he’ll sit and stare into space the rest of the day and suggests he tell someone what’s bugging him. Noah needles that she’s turning into mom. Faith offers to act as a sounding board and won’t tell anyone what he shares with her.
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Faith asks Noah what happened with his relationship. He’s not sure. Noah thinks it’s because he started to get more commissions and good reviews than she did. She resented it and they started to have fights. By then, he was already in love with her and was crushed. Faith’s so sorry; he deserves someone who will cheer him on when good things happen. Noah muses that success makes things complicated. “She accused me of patronizing her.” He recalls how they fought and made up until one day they didn’t make up at all. Faith wonders if he wants her back. Noah just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. Faith shrugs, “Then don’t.” She convinces him to join her for some caffeine at Crimson Lights after he showers.

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On the coffee house patio, Phyllis behaves awkwardly when she runs into Jack and invites him to join her for coffee. He can’t because he’s going to Spain with Ashley to find Abby. The hope is that she’s there trying to prove Chance didn’t die… which breaks his heart. Phyllis remarks on Jack always going above and beyond for those he cares about. Sharon joins them to give Jack his snacks and coffee. As he leaves, Sharon watches Phyllis watch him walk out. Phyllis realizes Sharon is looking at her speculatively and asks, “What?” Sharon smirks, “You tell me!” She’s wondering what’s going on with her and Jack… only a few short days after she and Nick called it quits. Phyllis questions what she’s implying and reminds her she and Jack are friends. He’s been there for her just as Sharon’s probably been there for Nick. Sharon just doesn’t want to think Nick got hurt because Phyllis decided to rekindle her old relationship. Phyllis is heartbroken about Nick and suggests they just move on. Just then, Nick appears.
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Nick asks what’s going on. Phyllis rants that Sharon seems to think they broke up because of Jack. She thinks everyone should keep their nose out of it. Nick asks why she’s so upset. Phyllis says she’s upset because she failed. She walks out and Sharon muses to Nick that she’s protesting too much. Nick changes the subject to Noah. Sharon’s concerned about him just hanging around the house. She’s worried whatever happened in London hurt him more than he’s letting on. Nick figures he’ll work it out and they share a smile over her motherly protectiveness.

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Inside, Tessa is trying to record a video message for Mariah when Noah and Faith walk in. Nick and Sharon watch as Noah smiles and sits with Tessa. Nick thinks he looks okay. At their table, Tessa explains she was trying to send Mariah a video to find out her favorite pie. Faith figures it’s mom’s apple crisp. Noah asks Faith about college and she goes to get pastries, but Nick and Sharon wave her out to the patio. She assures her parents that Noah’s okay. He told her about the girl he broke up with in London, which is why he’s a little down. Faith goes back inside, and Nick assures Sharon, “See, Noah’s talking about it.” Sharon marvels that their little girl is old enough to be a confidante to her older brother.

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At their table, Noah asks Tessa how she’s doing. She’s up and down and figures as an adult there’s always something tough to deal with. She knows now that one doesn’t have to plummet into despair every time there’s a bump. Noah confides that when he’s with her, he doesn’t really feel like he’s trying so hard. Tessa asks him to record her video for Mariah. Faith watches as they laugh together.
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Victor arrives at Newman Media and joins Adam, who learns he had a visit from Billy. Ashland appears and listens outside the door as Victor describes Billy groveling and offering to step back from Chance Comm if they back off and let Lily run the place. Adam asks, “What do we get out of it.” Victor likes the idea of watching him resign publicly. He said he would consider the proposal. Adam can’t believe he’s really considering accepting it. Ashland walks in. He’s curious as to Victor’s thoughts as well.
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Victor admits Billy’s offer came as a surprise to him. “I didn’t think he had it in him.” Ashland asks, “Humility?” Adam replies, “No. Knowing when to fold.” Victor confers; he never knows when to quit. Ashland reveals he had a run-in with Lily earlier. She had no idea her partner went to Victor with that proposal. He finds it ironic that his reputation was saved by being dragged through the mud and is happy to go along with whatever they want to do. Victor decides they’ll go with their original plan. They’ll let Billy believe they’ve accepted his offer and have called a truce and then let him have it. Adam continues, “And then when Lily gives up or orders the sale of Chanc Comm, we’ll buy it at a deep discount.” Victor grins. “Billy Boy won’t know what hit him.”

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On the jet, Jack tells Ashley that his focus is on supporting her and Abby. Ashley gets a faraway looks and muses that it’s not going to be the holiday they’d anticipated. Jack assures her they’ll get Abby back and will have that to be thankful for. Ashley’s thankful for Jack.

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At Newman Media after Ashland’s gone, Adam asks Victor when this will go down. Victor wants to hold Billy’s feet over the fire a little bit longer. That’s fine by Adam. Victor’s phone rings — it’s Ashley from the plane. She’s a little worried but she’s determined to see this through. Victor reassures her and vows he’ll do everything he can on his end. “Please bring our daughter home, okay?”

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