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Devon brings Dominic into the Chancellor Estate and Ashley thinks he must have read her mind as she fusses over the baby. He hands over the note from Abby. Ashley reads it and asks, “But where did she go?” Devon has an idea that she went to Spain looking for Chance. It’s not logical for Abby, who is thinking with her heart. “We need to have someone looking in Valencia for us.” Ashley feels they need to find her before it’s too late.
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In her motel room, Abby warns a pilot over the phone if she books this charter there must be total and absolute discretion. No one can know she took this flight, especially her father, Victor Newman. She’s going to Marjorca, Spain on her own, but two of them will be coming back.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis thinks back to Jack professing his love. He comes in and startles her. She blurts that she was thinking about work. Jack is there for a meeting not to check in on her. Phyllis assures him she’s okay and that it’s okay to check on her because they’re friends. She brings up the story on Ashland and Gaines’ press conference. Jack thinks Billy got caught up and it’s going to cost him… and Lily. Jack’s meeting gets cancelled and they keep talking. Jack thinks things have been strange between them because of feelings he confessed. He predicts things will go back to normal in the not too distant future. “We will go on with our lives like we did before I opened my big mouth.” Phyllis is about to respond when Jack wishes her a good day and leaves.

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At Society, Ashland reminds Lily that he’s the victim of her under-handed tactics. Lily counters that the story is true. Ashland needles about putting their trust in a man like Gaines and lectures her about Billy. If you tether yourself to the wrong person because you’ll go down with them. Lily warns this isn’t over — not by a long shot. Ashland thinks it is; they tarnished his name. Lily scoffs and Locke assures her his lawsuit is anything but frivolous. Lily expected more from him and points out that Adam and Victor used his past as a weapon. She wonders why he’s going along with it. Ashland’s simply trying to squelch the accusation against him and offers some free advice: This isn’t about Victor’s hatred for Billy, it’s about Billy’s inability to let go of Victoria. “Open your eyes.” He suggests if she’s really concerned about Chance Comm she should cut him loose and move forward on her own. Lily’s left speechless as he walks out.
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At the ranch, Billy repeats his offer to quit Chance Comm and asks Victor, “Is that not enough for you?” Victor finds this intriguing; Billy is actually willing to sacrifice for others. Billy doesn’t want Lily to be punished for the choices he’s made. Victor gets a text from Ashley to come to the Chancellor mansion and tells Billy he’ll consider his proposition. “You show yourself out.”
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Billy arrives at Chance Comm to find Jack waiting. Jack tells him that Chance is missing and presumed dead. Billy’s stunned and asks about Abby. Jack says she’s struggling to the point she’s left the baby with Devon. Billy is sure Nina and his mom are shattered. Jill’s been leaving his messages. It’s probably about that and what’s happened with Chance Comm. He tells Jack he thought he had it under control, but he didn’t. Everything in the story about Ashland is true, however.
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Jack learns that Billy took Gaines to Tuscany, but Adam and Victor found him and flipped him. Jack knows they printed a retraction but the damage to Chance Comm cannot be undone. Billy hollers that he got screwed! The only thing he was trying to do was find the truth. “They’re all criminals!” He rolled the dice and lost. Jack isn’t judging him, but is majorly concerned about his gambling analogy. He’s put everything he and Lily have built there in jeopardy because you’re still willing to take those crazy chances. “You are on the verge of losing everything you have Billy.”

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Jack feels Billy needs to find some way to turn this thing around. Billy already has — he went to Victor and offered to step down as long as he leaves Chance Comm and Lily alone. Lily appears and asks, “You did what?!” Jack skedaddles and Lily asks, “Billy, what the hell were you thinking?! You cannot make a unilateral decision like that?!” She can’t believe he’d make a decision that so profoundly affects Chance Comm without even talking to her first!
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At the Chancellor Estate, Victor goes over Abby’s disappearance and the note with Ashley and Devon. He’s determined to stop her and muses that she may have chartered a plane. Devon thinks they need to put someone in Valencia. Ashley will go; she can appeal to her mother-to-mother. Victor will call to get a plane ready for her. Just then, he gets a call from his private investigator. They found someone fitting Abby’s description in a restaurant beside a motel just outside of town. Victor and Devon take off to check it out after Ashley says she’ll care for the baby.
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Lauren walks up to Phyllis in the hotel lobby and crows, “Just the woman I wanted to see!” Phyllis questions what she’s done now, but Lauren assures she simply wants a spa afternoon for an important buyer. Phyllis gets melancholy about people knowing what they want and Lauren wonders if she’s having second thoughts about Nick. Phyllis says that’s definitely over. Lauren know she’ll always care about Nick, just like she’s never stopped caring about Jack. Phyllis panics at Jack’s name, makes an excuse and rushes off.
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Phyllis returns with a spa plan for the buyer and Lauren presses her to revisit her strange reaction to Jack’s name. Phyllis admit she’s been having thoughts that she can’t get out of her mind since Amanda told her that her relationship with Jack isn’t totally platonic. Lauren agrees; they could never just be pals, it’s always just been special between the two of them. Phyllis grimaces. She just doesn’t know what to do with these thoughts. Lauren has spoken to Jack, who misses having someone special in his life. “And for Jack, you’re the gold standard.” Phyllis thinks the idea of them getting back together is ludicrous given their history. Lauren brings up her issues with Sally, which may not have been all about Summer. Phyllis denies being jealous, but then grimaces as she realizes, “What if I do want more than friendship with Jack?”
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Lauren thinks that’s quite an admission and suggests Phyllis take time to sort out her complicated emotions — they’re in a really good place and she’d hate to see either of them get hurt. “Proceed with caution.”

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At the motel room, Victor and Devon find a military pin on the floor. They’re convinced Abby was there and believes Chance is still alive. Victor muses that grief can certainly tear you up inside. Devon agrees; it feels impossible to go on. Victor hopes Ashley will find Abby quickly. Devon knows what she’s trying to do, but she has a child who needs her. Not knowing how this is going to play out, he’s really worried for her.

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Jack arrives at the Chancellor Estate and Ashley updates him on Abby’s disappearance. She’s going to Spain to bring her home. Jack wants to go with her and says he needs to get out of town. Ashley wonders what he’s running from. “Tell me what’s wrong?” Jack insists it’s personal and private. Ashley’s relieved to hear he’s not back with Sally, but moans and shouts when he mentions Nick and Phyllis broke up. Jack cuts the lecture short to go home and pack for their trip. Ashley shakes her head. After he leaves, Ash tells the baby she’s going to find his mommy and bring her home.

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At Chance Comm, Billy insists to Lily that he was trying to do the right thing by going to Victor. Lily argues that even if he resigns it won’t change anything. They want to dismantle the company and scoop up the pieces for themselves. The only thing that’s changed is that he’s left her on her own to fend off these vultures by herself! Billy grimaces as she storms out.

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