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Devon stops by the ranch with the baby to see Victor. They discuss Abby abruptly leaving town. Victor is concerned about her state of mind. Devon thinks it’s partially his fault she took off based on his advice about dealing with grief. Newman is upset she didn’t come to him and leave his grandson. He thanks Devon for all this help and Devon assures him he’s more than happy to look after Dominic. They ponder where Abby could have gone until Nikki joins them and they fill her in. After Victor leaves to make some calls, Nikki sits with Devon and tells him how she admires him looking after the baby. He reminds her he has lots of help and a nanny. She promises he has lots of support and cautions he may be doing this for a while.
Victor and Devon discuss Abby at ranch Y&R

Abby unpacks in a hotel room alone. Taking out a box and setting it on the bed, she speaks to Chance, explaining she needed to escape to somewhere she could focus on him and understand her thoughts. The box is filled with things of his. She looks through them but doesn’t recognize the people in the pictures. Abby can’t shake the feeling he’s alive somewhere. As she goes through the photos, one is a couple named the Dunaways. She recalls Chance telling her they took him in after an attack in Iraq and that they’d do anything for him.

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Billy paces around the Chance Comm office. Lily is ready to hit publish but he’s not sure he wants to go ahead. She reads out their retraction of the Locke story, which explains that it was the product of an illegal hack. Lily thinks this is the only way to protect them but he wants to stand by the story. She says it will only make them look worse and hits publish. As she says the responsibility falls on them, Rey pops in to agree. He says Adam has accused Billy of blackmailing him. Billy insists that he was hacked. The cop explains Adam has a recording of Billy threatening him and plays it. Billy claims it was taken out of context. Rey says there is also a video from Gaines. Lily rubs her eyes and asks if they need a lawyer. Rey’s not there to arrest anyone, just investigate. Lily insists the Newmans are after them. Rey can’t do anything unless they have proof.
Rey questions Billy about blackmail at Chance Comm Y&R

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Ashland stops by Adam’s office. They are both smiling about the retraction being published. The men chat about the drug protocol Locke is on and how much he loves Victoria. Adam assures him that he and Victor have done their part. The next move is Locke’s. Ashland almost feels bad about kicking Billy while he’s down. Billy calls and asks Adam what he wants. Adam says Chance Comm is looking bad and Billy tries to get him to confess to hacking. After some taunting, Adam urges them to get out of the business. Lily says they aren’t going down without a fight. The Newman warns they are going to be up to their necks in legal battles.
Ashland and Adam plan for Billy at Newman Y&R

Back at the Chance Comm office, Lily and Billy are served with a notice they are being sued for libel. He’s sure that Rey is on their side and maybe they can get information to nail Adam. Billy suggests that they might also be able to get Victoria onside. He leaves Victoria a voicemail as Lily, upset, calls the legal team to talk strategy. Watching Lily agonize, Billy takes off.

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Faith meets with Moses at Crimson Lights and and Moses shares that he finally met Dominic — at Devon’s. Faith worries that her Aunt Abby must be a wreck if she left her baby behind. They talk about her losing her first baby and then her husband. He tells her what a great father figure Devon is being.
Faith and Moses talk Abby at Crimson Lights Y&R

In her hotel room, after finding a letter Chance had kept with the Dunaway’s address, Abby calls the operator and gets in touch with Kim Dunaway (played by Roxanne Hart) in Majorca. She asks if they’ve had contact with Chance. Dunaway tells her she has the wrong number and hangs up. A few minutes later, she calls back to say Chance is alive and is there, but he’s in a bad way. Abby gasps.
Abby calls the Dunaways at hotel Y&R

Rey and Sharon sit in a booth at the coffee house. She sees he’s distracted. He’s worried he’s being used as a pawn in a chess game. Sharon assumes he’s talking about Billy and Adam. She wonders why he can’t stay out of business warfare. The cop explains they are pushing into illegal territory. He’s talking through everything with the DA before he makes a move and just wants this war over. Sharon suggests it’s not his job to find a peaceful solution.
Rey and Sharon discuss his case at Crimson Lights Y&R

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At the penthouse, the nanny puts Dominic to bed and runs off on errands. Devon finds a note that’s been pushed under the door. It’s from Abby and explains that she needs more time to do what she’s doing. He immediately calls Denise Tolliver and asks her to help him find his friend.

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Lily bumps into Ashland at Society and starts to tear into him over what he’s done. She asks what he hopes to gain from all of this.

Billy drops by the ranch to see Victor. He wants him to convince Ashland to withdraw the lawsuit, offering to step down from Chance Comm in exchange. Victor is surprised that a gambler is folding this quickly. Billy won’t let Lily be punished. “You win,” he says. Victor muses, “Well, I’ll be damned.”

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