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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley breaks the news to Jack that Chance is presumed dead and they haven’t been able to find a body. Jack agonizes; he was a terrific young man and it’s a tragic waste. Ashley will tell Traci if he’ll take care of Billy. Jack agrees as Mariah comes in. Ashley isn’t sure where Abby is and tells Mariah that the baby is staying with Devon for a bit. Mariah questions when this was decided. Ashley says Abby made the decision on her own; she and Victor found out after the fact. Mariah realizes she wasn’t even in the running to be considered after becoming too attached to Dominic. “I guess Abby doesn’t trust me.” Ashley reassures her it was just natural to reach out to Devon. Mariah understands Abby needing to take a break. She and Jack leave and Ashley tries to reach Abby to find out where she is and if she’s okay.
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At the penthouse, Amanda comes downstairs and grins as Devon burps the baby. They go over how much calmer the baby’s been and agree Abby made the right decision. Devon’s glad she trusted him, though her leaving him goes to show just how much pain she’s in.

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At Crimson Lights, Lauren brings Michael a fancy coffee and talks up how great he was grilling the defendant yesterday. She’s glad she got to see it. Michael loves that his biggest fan was sitting in the gallery. They flirt and are thankful to be still so much in love. Michael muses that not everyone is so fortunate. She knows he means Nick and Phyllis. Michael laments that his friends are hurting and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it. Lauren feels for them and wonders what happened. Michael’s curious too; they didn’t have a blow up. Lauren thinks maybe it was a quiet realization that they were better as parents and friends than lovers.
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At Society, Nick comes in behind Phyllis, who offers to go someplace else. He says she was there first and offers to go before deciding they need to get past this by facing it head on. Nick asks her to have breakfast with him. They sit down and discuss the menu. Phyllis guesses Nick’s very specific order. “I know you. I know all your habits.” She doesn’t think this will work and suggests they should cut to the chase. Nick invites her to talk about what’s on her mind. She asks, “How’s your family?” He shakes his head. “Are you sure you want to get into that?” Phyllis notes he loves talking about them; they’re always on his mind. She asks about Billy’s article and Gaines’ press conference. Nick doesn’t know who’s telling the truth and hasn’t spoken to Victoria. He wants to stay out of it. Phyllis reminds him she told him to stay out of it for months. “Now all of the sudden, staying out of the mess seems like a great idea!” Nick asks if she feels better she got to say it. Phyllis feels better she’s not walking on eggshells with him anymore.
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Nick relays that he told Summer they’re not together anymore. Phyllis knows; she called her. Summer didn’t think they’d last from the beginning, but was sad. They agree they had fun sharing their daughter’s wedding and are proud of her. Nick has to go to a meeting and hopes they can have breakfast again soon. He offers to walk her out, but she’s staying to finish her coffee. Once Nick’s gone, Phyllis agonizes and holds her head. Jack comes along and watches her through the window.
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa runs into Noah, who admits he doesn’t miss London. He gets a message and she asks if it’s something important. He says, ‘Not really.” Tessa asks if he has a minute then for her to run something by him. He smiles as she orders coffee.
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They sit down and Tessa reveals she’s releasing her first full length album. She’d like him to design the cover. Noah’s flattered but he’s used to having total creative control. He’s worried about having Devon breathing down his neck like Victor was at Newman Media. Tessa thinks it would be a totally different experience. She asks him to listen to the songs and see if it sparks anything. Noah would love to.
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At the penthouse, Devon introduces Moses to Dominic. The teen learns why he’s there and needles Devon, “Do you know how to take care of a baby?” Moses peers into the bassinet and says he thinks Dominic has Devon’s eyes.
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Later, Mariah arrives at Devon’s and they discuss their surprise at Abby leaving the baby. Devon thinks she was relieved knowing he’d be looked after. Mariah asks how Devon is doing and he thanks her for that. He’s fine. Dominic awakens and Mariah coos over the bassinet. She’s glad he’s out of the stressful environment but wishes Abby had come to her — she’d have loved to be the one to look after Dom. Devon knew she’d be disappointed and assures her she’s welcome to visit any time. Mariah asks if he’s heard from Abby this morning. He hasn’t. She says Abby left the house early and no one knows where she is. Devon admits she mentioned going out of town.
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Jack joins Phyllis at Society. She tells him she had a civil breakfast with Nick and doesn’t know why she’s acting like this. Jack sits. He’s there to meet Michael and Lauren but just got some news about his family that’s shaken him up. Phyllis knows about Chance and is sorry. She thought they’d have a happy ending. Jack’s heart goes out to Abby who has suffered heartbreak and betrayal in the past and now has lost Chance. Phyllis knows he feels things deeply. He’s really been there for her, but he needs someone to lean on. “I will always, always be there for you.” Amanda walks up and worries she’s interrupting something.
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Phyllis tells Amanda they were just talking about Chance as Jack just found out. He thinks it’s great that Amanda and Devon stepped up to take Dominic into their home. Michael and Lauren arrive and Michael pulls Amanda aside to talk. Phyllis tells Jack to take care and leaves. Across the room, Michael tells Amanda the jury doesn’t seem to like Sutton and don’t want him to get away with this. Amanda warns that Sutton is extremely good playing to an audience.

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At the table, Lauren asks Jack about Phyllis confiding in him. Jack has counseled her not to give into her worst instincts and she’s handled herself with poise. Lauren wonders if he can be objective where she’s concerned and cautions him about repeating the mistakes of the past where she’s concerned. “She caused you a lot of anguish.” Jack thinks they’ve all grown older and wiser.

Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights as Tessa’s talking to Noah. She relays that she just came from Devon’s where Abby has left the baby. Noah feels bad for Abby. Mariah continues that she wasn’t even considered to take care of Dominic; no one trusts her anymore. She says Abby may have left town as well and exclaims, “You can’t just do that when you have a child!” Tessa urges her to take a few deep breaths. Mariah points out if she was a mother she’d still want to be close. “If Abby did leave town isn’t that just a little irresponsible?”

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At the penthouse, Ashley tells Devon she’s worried about Abby. “I think she packed a bag.” She’s not registered at the Grand Phoenix or the Athletic Club. Devon says she mentioned leaving town. Ashley muses, “Abby doesn’t behave this way. Clearly she’s not herself.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis flashes to Amanda suggesting she has a deep connection to Jack and has maybe never gotten over him. She recalls telling Jack she loves him and that he’ll always be in her heart.

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Devon answers his door to Nick, who reminds him they had a meeting. Devon forgot. Nick asks if he’s babysitting. Devon explains that Abby asked him to look after Dominic for a while. Nick appreciates it. He suggests rescheduling the meeting and may go see Abby. Devon reveals that she’s packed a bag and disappeared. She’s not responding to calls or text and shouldn’t be alone. Nick says, “We’ve got to find her.” Devon agrees.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley calls out for Abby, who doesn’t respond. She leaves another worried message on her voicemail.

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