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At Society, Rey’s distracted by Adam laughing with Sally. Sharon assures him she has no desire to go anywhere else. She snarks about Sally Spectra, but won’t worry about her. Rey keeps watching them, so Sharon asks if he’d like to go someplace else. Rey won’t leave the restaurant because of Adam. Talk turns to Lola, who is doing well in Miami. Sharon guesses it’s easier for her to date without her overprotective brother around. Adam and Sally laugh again and Rey wonders why he’s in such a good mood considering his company’s about to get dragged through the mud. “Something doesn’t add up.” Sharon dissuades him from analyzing Adam.
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At Chance Comm, Billy doesn’t believe Gaines that the letter was a lie. Lily can’t believe he went to Italy to drop a bomb that wasn’t true. Gaines shrugs that it didn’t have to be true to disrupt the wedding. Billy recalls he had the original letter. Gaines claims he had it made in Atlantic City. Lily exclaims that they won’t be able to protect themselves in a lawsuit! Billy figures that Adam and Victor are paying Gaines to say this — Ashland’s been playing him blackmail money for years! Gaines muses that he’d have a hard time proving any of that and one thing is certain; the letter he gave Billy is a fake. “You didn’t have it authenticated, did you?” Billy didn’t. Lily throws up her hands — this is crazy. “Something is not right here.” Billy still thinks Adam and Victor put this whole thing in motion.
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Billy gets on the phone and gets Locke’s voicemail. He leaves him a message to call him back, they have something to discuss. Gaines scoffs — he’s not going to call him back. Billy thinks his theory makes a lot of sense and Lily agrees; it explains why Adam was so smug. Gaines warns Billy not to threaten him; he’s in enough hot water. He’s leaving for good and tells Billy he doesn’t owe him anything. Billy snarks, “Thank you for that.” Gaines wishes him luck. “You’re gonna need it.”

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At their table in Society, Sally asks about Adam’s history with Sharon. “You don’t have any feelings about her being here?” Adam demurs and she teases him about being a mystery. He gets a message and smiles. Sally wants a hint. Adam discloses that someone is on their way to meet him there, but he can’t say who. Sally says the mysteries just keep coming. She tries innocuous topics like sports, weather and cooking and discovers he can make a mean pumpkin pie. Sally also learns that his mother Hope was blind. Adam reflects that Thanksgiving on the farm was a big deal.
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Suddenly, Gaines walks in and Adam joins him at the bar. Gaines reports that Billy and Lily reacted as suspected — they figure Adam and his old man are behind the story being published. He thinks Billy knows he’s beat. Adam grins. “Good. But you’re not done.” Gaines sighs, “Don’t remind me.” Adam tells him to execute the next part of the plan and then he’s free.
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At their table, Rey ignores what Sharon is saying because he’s watching Adam meet with Gaines. He recognizes them and figures whatever is going on with them can’t be good. He flashes to his conversation with Billy about Gaines having leverage against Locke and Billy saying there’s nothing for him to concern himself with. He muses to Sharon that this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to him — Billy was using Gaines to blackmail Adam and Victor, but maybe Adam made his own deal with Gaines. Sharon urges him to put his detective badge today. Rey just can’t understand why Adam seems so calm.

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At the bar, Gaines tells Adam he’s sick of his whole crew — they all deserve each other. Adam tells him the camera crew is waiting back at the office, he needs to go give his performance.

At their table, Sharon reminds Rey, who is still staring at Adam, that this isn’t his case. She wants to enjoy their evening and block out the rest of the world. He apologizes for getting caught up and thanks her for reminding him what really matters. Gaines walks out and Rey’s attention wanders again. Meanwhile, Adam rejoins Sally, who wonders if he really expects her not to ask any questions. Adam says she can ask. She figures she won’t get answers. Adam asks why she wants to know. Sally doesn’t want anything to hurt her job… or him. “Be careful.” Adam will do his best and isn’t used to such loyalty from employees. Sally tells him whatever his plans are she can be a valuable asset. “I can help.” Adam thanks her for the offer, but he needs her to focus on fashion. There’s nothing else to be done against Chance Comm. He assures her everything is going according to plan. Very soon, they won’t have to worry about Billy Abbott or Chance Comm ever again.
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At the ranch, Nikki asks how Abby’s doing and Victor tells her, “Not well.” He admits he’s concerned about her after what she did this evening. Nikki’s astounded to hear that Abby packed up the baby and took him to Devon’s house. Victor relays that he and Ashley decided not to interfere; she has the right to do what she wants being the mother. Nikki hopes the arrangement doesn’t last long and feels she’ll start missing Dominic. They agree that it’s good she recognizes that she’s not in the right place to look after him. Victor muses that he could have jumped in and took custody. Nikki realizes he instead wanted to honor her wishes. Victor really likes Devon and trusts him, but Dominic is his grandson and should be at the ranch. Nikki points out that Devon does have a special bond with the baby, so if that gives Abby peace they should respect her decision right now. Victor will do everything he can for Abby.
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At Chance Comm, Billy agonizes about how they got played. Lily snarks that he’s basically their accomplice — he couldn’t help himself, he had to take the bait! Billy reminds her they declared war on their company, which he was trying to protect. Lily counters, “Do you remember I told you to try another option like asking Victoria to intervene?” Billy reminds her how that went for her. He’s responsible for this mess, but she’s partly to blame as well. “You told me to do whatever it takes.” Lily argues she also told him that blackmail wasn’t the answer. They bicker about him having an article ready he was never going to publish. Billy doesn’t think it matters; they were two steps ahead of them the whole time. Lily apologizes for jumping on him and wonders what they’re next move should be to protect Chance Comm and its employees.
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Billy decides the lawsuit may not be such a big deal. Even if the letter is fake, Ashland committed the crime and every accusation in the article is true. “I think we need to stand by that.” Lily argues they can’t just take a stand on principle. They need to get ahead of the blowback by printing a retraction. “That’s the best chance we have against a lawsuit.” Billy gets a message and tells her that her plan to save their company is too late. He shows her his phone and she gasps, “Oh no.”

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At the ranch, Victor gets a text from Adam that says, “Things are on the move.” Nikki questions him and he says it’s just Newman Media business he has to take care of. She kisses him good night. Victor gets another message from his son telling him to watch Newman Media’s streaming news site. He turns it on and sees Gaines recanting everything attributed to him in the recent Chance Comm article about Ashland Locke. He claims he’s held a long-standing grudge against Locke and so made up the allegations and told them to Billy Abbott and Lily Winters at Chance Comm. Locke is the victim of his lies.
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In their office, Billy and Lily watch as Gaines claims they never did their due diligence or the story never would have been published. He felt they had ulterior motives. Billy snarls that he won’t get lectured by that jackass. He fumes that it doesn’t matter what comes out about Ashland now, he’ll come out smelling like a rose! Lily grudgingly admires their thoroughness and muses that they’ve painted them as immoral, reckless villains.

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At Society, Adam tells Sally he needs to have a word with Detective Rosales and will see her in the morning. She leaves. Adam approaches Sharon and Rey and offers to buy them an after dinner drink. Rey needles him about Jesse Gaines. Adam claims what he witnessed was a chance encounter and he raked him over the coals about what he’s trying to do to Ashland. Rey chuckles that it was a pretty gentle raking. They just saw his press conference and wonders if it was really a chance encounter. Adam says, “I think there’s something you need to know, Detective.”
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At the ranch, Nikki has seen the press conference and accuses Victor, “You know all about this, don’t you?” Victor relays that Ashland was in this from the beginning and explains they had to get around the story being published by Billy Boy Abbott on his terms. Nikki worries that Gaines just lied, and that Victor underestimates Billy. “When he feels like he’s in a corner, he’s going to go on the attack, just like you.” For that reason, she thinks this situation is far from over.
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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily they have the truth on their side. The good news is they know everything they have against them now. Lily disagrees. She thinks there’s more to come; another shoe is going to drop.

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At Society, Adam tells Rey that before Chance Comm published the article, Billy contacted him and threatened to release it. “He tried to blackmail us. Now that can be legal, can it?!”

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