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At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily puzzle over who published the article about Ashland. Billy fumes, “We need answers and we need them now.” Lily know just where to start. They call in the investigative reporter who was working on it. She got a text from Billy telling her to release it. “I did what I was told.” Billy sighs and paces. Lily asks the woman to forward her the email and shows her out. Billy asks, “Who would do that? Who could do that?” Lily feels they have to find out who knew they were working on it and who would want it out there.

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At Newman Media, Sally catches Adam as he’s leaving to bring the article about Ashland Locke to his attention. She assumes he’s read it. Adam excuses himself, there is someplace he needs to be.

At the ranch, Victor reads the story about Ashland on his phone.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley is puzzled that Abby and the baby aren’t there and leaves her a voicemail questioning her. She will wait up for her.

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby tells him she can’t do this alone. “You were right.” She’s a train wreck over Chance and can’t focus on the baby as she needs to. “I can’t give him the attention that he needs and it’s not fair. I need you to take Dominic and care for him until I can get my head together.”
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Devon admires Abby for having the courage to ask for help. She says it’s about doing the right thing for Dominic and being with her right now is not it. Devon has to ask if she’s 100 percent sure she wants him to take the child and not someone in her family. Abby feels he’s spent more time with Dominic and is so at ease with him. “This feels right.” Devon will look after him, and admits he’s been thinking it might be best for the baby to get out of the mansion. Abby doesn’t know how long it will be… she needs to take time away from Genoa City to heal. Devon’s taken aback. “You’re thinking of leaving town?”

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Devon worries Abby’s going to Spain, but she just wants to go somewhere to heal, and she’ll have peace of mind knowing the baby’s with him. She realizes that Amanda and Moses also live there and Amanda reassures her. Abby’s grateful to both of them and offers up the nanny and supplies. Devon can get what they need and urges her to focus on taking care of herself. Abby tells the baby he’s going to stay with Devon for a bit and she will think of him every second of every day. “I love you more than anything my beautiful boy.” Devon assures Abby they’ll take good care of him as she goes.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey finds Sharon reading the article about Ashland. She muses that Billy and Lily really decided to come out swinging. Rey spoke to Billy earlier and he wasn’t inclined to publish it… he’s wondering what made him change his mind. They go over Ashland’s past finally catching up with him and Sharon’s shocked to know his empire was built on a criminal act. Rey points out he can’t be charged criminally but civil suits can be filed. Sharon wonders if Victoria knew and hopes Johnny and Katie don’t get caught in the crossfire between Ashland and Billy. She figures the Newmans are planning retaliation as they speak. Sharon thinks it seems like a new dark chapter between Billy and the Newmans. Rey doesn’t want to let it spoil their evening and asks her on a dinner date.
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At Gaines’ hotel room, Billy’s furious to find him and his stuff gone. Lily rants that she knew he would go rogue — why did Billy think he could keep him in line? Billy thinks he must be running scared. He can’t understand why he’d hack his email however. Lily asks, “If it wasn’t him, then who was it?” Billy will give her two guesses. It was a very personal attack and someone went through a lot of work to make it happen. “Victor and Adam.” Lily thinks he’s jumping to conclusion, and can’t understand why they’d shoot themselves in the foot.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Adam, “Well done my boy.” Adam muses that everything went off without a hitch, it was a perfectly executed plan. He turns to someone across the room and says, “And you. You played your part perfectly.” It’s Jesse Gaines, who points out it’s not as if he had much of a choice. Victor excuses himself, leaving Adam to handle things with Gaines. Adam crows that the story is everywhere, why is Gaines so glum? Gaines once again mentions being forced to comply. Adam tells him to get over it because they’re not finished yet.

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Adam spots Sally at Society and teases, “We really have to stop meeting like this.” She’s curious about his good mood considering the article and figures Ashland can’t be too happy about it. Adam says sometimes things aren’t exactly as they appear. Sally demands to know why he’s so chill about this article. “What’s going to happen to Newman Media now that this is all out in the open?” Adam questions her trust in him and points out, “Do I look like a guy whose world is crumbling around him?” Sally realizes she won’t get more out of him so they decide to have a drink.
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Sally and Adam toast to everything he hasn’t told her and the future of Newman Media. Sally’s glad they can hang out as co-workers, she was worried the gossip site made him skittish to be seen with her. Adam doesn’t let gossip dictate his life, but realizes she’s talking about Chelsea. He cleared things up with her after the fact. He wants to keep the peace for Connor’s sake and hopes she’ll be working with the fashion site soon. Adam doesn’t want to give her reason to suspect there’s more going on between them than there is. Sally’s eyes widen. “I agree.”

At the penthouse, Devon looks into the bassinet at the baby and thinks back to Neil speaking on fatherhood. Amanda croons, “Look at you, you’re a natural.” They muse about their full house and Devon appreciates her support. He has to ask if she’s really okay with this. Amanda is happy to have Dominic there and means it with all her heart. Devon thanks her for embracing it. Amanda thinks it’s a good sign Abby was aware enough of her situation to ask for help. Devon’s glad she trusted him.
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Abby arrives at the Chancellor Estate and informs Ashley that the baby is staying at Devon’s for the foreseeable future. It was her idea… she needs to get herself together. Ashley knows she’s suffering but feels this is a drastic step. Abby yells at her mother for not supporting the call she made. “Why do I have to defend my actions to you?!” Victor appears and asks what there is to defend. “What’s going on?” Victor’s filled in offscreen and asks Abby why they didn’t ask their opinion before making this important decision. Abby explains that Devon has been there since Dominic was born. Ashley thinks the baby should stay in her home, but Abby argues the place is filled with sorrow. He needs to be in a happy environment where he can thrive.
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Victor thinks Abby is making good points but worries about the toll this will take on her. Abby repeats that Dominic is staying at Devon’s and that’s her final decision. She goes to get some rest. Once alone, Ashley and Victor agree they were thrown. Ashley confides that Devon spoke to her about this very thing but this was Abby’s decision. Victor thinks she’ll live to regret not being closer to Dominic. Ashley cautions it’s not set in stone. Victor gives Ashley a hug as she sighs, “What a day it’s been, huh?”

At the penthouse, Amanda smiles as Devon sings to the baby while feeding him. “We got another music lover in the house,” he proclaims. Devon talks away to Dominic happily.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tiptoes down the stairs in the dark with her coat on and bag in hand. She looks about before sneaking out the door.

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At Society, Adam and Sally are bantering about her parents being carnies. Adam asks, “What’s in the funnel cakes?” They wonder if their circus ever went through Kansas and if they crossed paths as children. They’re smiling at each other when Sharon and Rey walk in. Rey asks if his wife wants to go somewhere else. Sharon chirps, “No, of course not. Why would I?”
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At Chance Comm, Billy gets a text from Victoria calling him a bastard and one from Ashland warning him to line up his team of lawyers. Lily wants to put out a retraction but Billy argues that the genie is already out of the bottle. He ponders why Ashland would have told him to get his lawyers ready when the whole thing is true. Just then, Gaines walks in and says, “Because the story is not true. I made the whole thing up in order to hurt you.”
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