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At Newman Media, Adam tells Sally he’s really tired of her barging into his office. She feels like something major is about to go down. Adam informs her it’s none of her business. Sally disagrees; it is because she works there. She presumes they’re trying to take down Billy Abbott. Adam can’t understand why she cares and why she’s making this all about her. Sally’s terrified that Newman Media will implode and her dreams will go up in flames. Adam promises there’s nothing to worry about. Sally challenges, “Prove it.” Adam reminds her how he stood up for her when people warned him to walk away. Sally did the same for him and wants in on the plan. Adam urges her to go about her business. “Newman Media is untouchable, therefore you are safe.” Sally insists, “But something is going down.” Adam concedes, “Yes. But it’s going to happen quickly.” He encourages her to focus on what’s coming down the pike for her and Chloe and to trust him.
Sally question Adam Y&R

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At Chance Comm, Lily and Billy try to get rid of Rey, who explains his recent conversations with Billy set off alarm bells. When he pressed him about his sudden shift, he avoided him. “I know a dodge when I see one.” Lily claims Billy was in a hurry to bring her coffee. Rey thinks he’s still on the trail of this guy Gaines and is trying to pin something on Adam. Handling it alone is always a very bad idea. Billy assures Rey he won’t do anything illegal. The cop wants to know why he let go of his suspicions that Adam had something to do with Gaines’ disappearance. He knows something is going on. Lily says to Billy, “Okay, let’s just tell him.”
Lily, Rey Y&R

Billy informs Rey that Gaines is alive and well and came to them for protection against Ashland Locke and the Newmans. Rey asks how she plans to take down Locke. He learns there’s a bargaining chip and warns Billy that blackmail is a crime… one he sounds ready to commit. Billy thinks there’s a world of difference between blackmail and a business negotiation. Rey warns them against hiding information. Billy reiterates there’s nothing for him to concern himself with, so Rey goes. Lily questions if Billy is once again planning to run a story when they agreed to hit pause.

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At the penthouse, Devon updates Amanda on his chat with Ashley. He saw her point about keeping the baby near Abby, but he’s still concerned. Devon plans to call a meeting to ensure they’re all on the same page regarding Dominic’s welfare. He wants to hear from Nina and Victor on the matter. Amanda wants to discuss something with her, but wants him to take it in the spirit it’s being offered. She thinks it may be time to revisit the contracts. Legally he has no say where the baby is concerned, yet here he is organizing meetings. Amanda reminds him that if something were to happen to Abby, custody would go to Ashley and Victor. She asks if he wants to take this opportunity to change that. “If something happened to Abby, would you want to be able to petition the court for custody of Dominic?”
Amanda question Devon Y&R

Devon doesn’t want to revisit the surrogacy contract. Dominic is Chance and Abby’s child and he has all the confidence in the world in Abby to parent. He’s going to check on her before he reaches out to the family. Amanda worries she over-stepped by going into lawyer mode. Devon assures her it’s fine; she’s looking out for him. Amanda admits the trial brought up a lot of feelings she thought she’d dealt with. Her father wanted to raise her but died before ever seeing her face. Dominic will always know who his biological father is, and that’s priceless.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby thanks Nina as she gets the baby back to sleep. Nina asks how she’s feeling. She wants to scream and cry, but if she can’t control herself how can she be the mom Dominic needs? Nina breaks down and Abby remembers she’s dealing with this loss too. Nina isn’t fully sure she’s accepted his death herself. She cries that his smile could light up the world and it just seems unreal and too hard.
Nina breaks down with Abby Y&R

Nina admits she desperately wanted to go to Spain with Abby, but she knew it was wrong to risk their lives when they needed to take care of Chance’s little boy. Abby sniffs that she’s right. “I need to get it together for my son.” Nina assures her she’s been incredibly strong, but she doesn’t need to put so much pressure on herself. She reminds Abby of all the support she has, just as Devon comes in. Nina takes Dominic for his bath so they can talk.

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Once alone, Abby tells Devon she wishes she could be sweet for the baby like Nina; all she can give him is her tears. Devon tells a story about Moses that Abby takes too seriously, so he talks her around. Abby asks the real reason he’s there. Devon wonders how she’s doing. Abby tells him about taking one of the pills and sleeping through Dominic’s cries. She felt like a failure. Devon insists she’s not a failure; she needs to grieve Chance properly. He recalls his devastation at losing Hilary. His whole world went dark, just like after Neil passed. He masked his depression and started having panic attacks. Abby vows to stay strong. Devon knows she’ll get through it, but it will take time and she’ll have to have help. Abby feels she has to make Dominic her number one priority and put him before anything she is going through.
Devon, Abby grief Y&R

At Society, Amanda asks Naya if she’s up for this. Naya insists she’s fine and needed to talk to her without the family around. Imani filled her in on Amanda’s testimony against Sutton. Amanda hopes one day she’ll forgive her. Naya will do nothing of the sort — she came there to raise a glass to her brave daughter for standing up to the man who dominated her life for so long, and for getting justice on behalf of her father.
Naya toasts Amanda Y&R

Amanda becomes emotional as Naya goes over what Imani told her. “You did what none of us could do. You stood up to the great Sutton Ames.” Amanda thinks it was easier for her because she didn’t have a lifelong connection to him and was able to see him for who he was. Naya apologizes for abandoning her and her sister. She feels blessed and undeserving. “Not only did you let me into your life, you stood up for me.” It would have been easy for Amanda to turn her back on her and the family, but she’s fearless and fought for justice for her father… the father she never met because of her. Amanda tells Naya it was not her fault, it was Sutton’s. Naya agreed to give up her babies. Now she wants to get to know the incredible woman Amanda is. They agree they need to do this more often and look forward to Amanda and Imani officially opening their new practice. Naya wants Amanda to meet her friend Viola; she’s an interior decorator for their office. Amanda grins, “Okay.” Naya enthuses about her two daughters going into business and tells Amanda she changed them all.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells the baby all she can think about with his father gone is the pain. The baby starts crying and she works endlessly to soothe him. Finally, they both fall asleep.

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At the penthouse, Amanda tells Devon about Naya’s apology and he thinks it’s huge. Amanda was touched. He’s sure their relationship will get better and better. Amanda couldn’t have imagined any of this happening to her. She asks about Abby, and Devon says it went alright with her, but she’s still having a hard time. They talked about the grieving process and he urged her to lean on people. “I hope she heard me.” Later, Abby arrives at Devon’s door and cries, “You’re right. I can’t do this alone.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy puzzles over why Adam doesn’t care about Gaines’ letter. Lily reminds him they gave Adam a deadline and they’re about to hit it. Billy has to figure out their next move. Lily’s phone dings and she becomes angry — Billy printed the story about Camilla Rhodes’ letter without her permission! Billy, perplexed, and asks what she means. Lily tells him to look at his phone; the story was published by Chance Comm! Billy did not authorize this and no one else there has the authority. Lily freaks out — the truth about what Ashland did to steal Camilla Rhode’s fortune is all in there! “Chance Comm just launched a rocket at Ashland and the Newmans and you and I had nothing to do with it! How the hell did that happen?!”
Billy, Lily blindsided office Y&R

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All over Genoa City, residents are seen reading the story about Ashland, including Rey and Sally. Finally, we see Adam reading it on his tablet at Newman Media and grinning.

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