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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily he’s certain he’ll hear from Victor and Adam by the deadline. “I am a step ahead of them.” He guesses Adam is looking for Gaines. Lily has had some time to calm down and still thinks this is a bad idea. Billy understands she’s not comfortable using someone’s past against them. Lily isn’t keen on dealing with someone as disloyal as Gaines; they can take on the Newmans themselves. She believes they can handle anything they throw at them. Billy feels she’s underestimating them. Lily worries about Gaines going rogue. Billy can control him. She asks, “Like you did in Tuscany?” Billy decides to go see him and Lily wants to go with him, but Devon appears. Billy leaves and Lily’s brother asks what’s going on.

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Lily explains she and Billy sometimes have different points of view is all. She asks why he’s there, and Devon says he needs her advice on a sensitive situation. He tells her about Chance’s presumed death and Abby swinging between despair and denial. Devon doesn’t know the right way to help. He explains about Abby’s irrational thinking and how it’s affected Dominic and threatens to cause a setback for Mariah. Devon is worried about the baby being in the stressful environment and wants to move him out of the house, temporarily, until things stabilize. He doesn’t know how to broach this with Abby. Lily thinks he should talk to Ashley about it. Devon thinks that’s good advice.
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At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor that Billy’s still in his office. He’s probably trying to convince Lily his plan is airtight. Victor’s surprised she’s going along with Billy’s scheme; she’s Neil Winters’ daughter. Adam thinks she’s the smarter of the two. Victor learns Adam offered her a job but she refused. Victor feels Lily’s going to regret that very soon. Outside, Sally tries to eavesdrop through the door as Adam and Victor look forward to hearing from Billy soon. Ashley startles the redhead and needles, “What’s going on? Did you hear something juicy?”
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Sally insists she wasn’t up to anything. Ashley suggests she find something else to do… elsewhere. Sally takes the suggestion. Ashley knocks and enters the office. She wants to give Victor an update on Abby… alone. Adam says some nice words about Chance before leaving. Ashley and Victor discuss Abby’s thwarted plan to go to Spain. She’s concerned that Abby will now get crushed by her grief.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby pleads with a crying Dominic to please go to sleep. Nina appears and Abby complains she can’t calm him down. Nina tries to intervene but Abby insists she can handle it and sends her mother-in-law for a bottle. When Nina returns she offers to feed the baby, but Abby can do it herself. She tells the baby, “We can get through this. I know we can.”
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Once the baby’s asleep, Abby says she has to look in on Society. Nina suggests she ask Devon to do it and Abby snaps at her. She apologizes; she just doesn’t want to be weak. Abby needs to start calling people — like Jill — but can’t bring herself to do it. Nina relays that she told Jill… and Phillip. Abby’s sorry. Nina reassures her and says Jill will grieve in her own way. When Nina gets a text from Christine to call her, she tells Abby it’s her agent and leaves the room. Abby picks up the bottle of anti-anxiety meds and considers taking one.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey asks Billy how his investigation is going. Billy smirks that it’s fizzled out and he was wrong about Adam who appears to have changed. Rey is taken aback. Sharon appears with Billy’s takeout order, which he mentions isn’t for Lily. After Billy leaves, Rey tells his wife that Abbott’s not as good a liar as he thinks he is. Sharon is surprised to hear that Billy was defending Adam.
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Billy arrives at Gaines’ hotel room with the takeout from the coffee house. Gaines wants to know when the story about Locke is going to break. Billy wants to talk options and the man doesn’t like the sound of that. Billy warns there is more to consider than just what he wants; like his employees at Chance Comm. Gaines sneers that the Newmans clearly got to Billy and vows to take his story elsewhere. “Stupid move, Abbott. Stupid move.” Billy wonders who will protect Gaines when Victor comes after him — they need to stick together. He informs him that by withholding that letter is his superpower and he needs him to use it to protect Chance Comm. Ashland is dying and there’s no one else to pay his bills. Gaines likes the sound of Ashland spending his final days wondering when he’ll expose him.
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Ashley talks to Sharon about Abby at the coffee house. Her phone rings — it’s Devon wanting to meet. Ash tells him to come to Crimson Lights and disconnects. She turns to find Sally in her face with a pitch. Ashley cuts her off, “Hell no.” Sally realizes she’s not going to get back in the Abbott’s good graces.
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Devon joins Ashley at the coffee house. She’s grateful her daughter has his support. Devon would like to do more, but he doesn’t want to overstep or offend anybody. Ash learns that he thinks the baby should stay with him for now. She thinks it’s a sweet offer but all of Abby’s family and friends are rallying around her. Devon’s only issue is that everyone is grieving and Dominic is absorbing the negative energy and stress in the house. He’s crying more than ever before and his schedules are off track. Ashley doesn’t think they should interrupt Dominic and Abby’s bonding. Devon hopes she’s right.
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At Newman Media, Adam and Victor discuss Abby’s pain. Adam gets a message he thinks Victor will be interested in. He hits play. It’s a video of Gaines with a Crimson Lights cup in his hand saying, “Hello Gentlemen. I’m back. Seems like I have a few more lives left in me.” He wonders if they’re surprised he’s still standing after whatever they had planned for him and reveals that he still has the original letter, which is safe with Billy Abbott. He turns the camera so they can see Abbott in the room. He warns the whole world will know about Ashland’s fraud if they don’t do what Billy tells them too. The video ends and Victor smirks.
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At the hotel, Billy and Gaines congratulate themselves. Gaines reminds Billy he wants safe passage and to live his life in comfort. Billy gets a message from Adam that says, “Nice try. A futile attempt but I enjoyed watching you work so hard,” and fumes. He tells Gaines to lock the door after him; he’ll be in touch.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby dozes on the sofa while the baby cries. Eventually, she awakens to find Nina holding Dominic. Abby explains the pill she took knocked her out. Nina feels she needed some sleep. Abby laments what a wreck she’s been lately. “Nina, I don’t think I can do this.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily he doesn’t know what’s going on. He needs more information. Billy explains about the video and Adam’s response. “It’s like he’s daring us to expose Ashland’s past.” He can’t understand it, but they need to figure it out… and fast! Just then, Rey appears and Lily casts a concerned look at Billy.
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At Newman Media, Adam learns that Billy’s back in his office from someone on the phone. He says it’s time to pull the trigger and blow this thing wide open. He turns to see Sally in the doorway, having heard what he said.

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