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At Society, Nick tells Phyllis it’s good to see her and she returns the sentiment. She asks if he wants to tell Summer about them. Nick figures either of them can handle it, but she needs to know her parents aren’t together anymore. Phyllis will call her and give her the other news as well. Nick’s mystified. She relays that they think Chance may have been killed in the line of duty. Nick grimaces and then looks thoughtful. Jack happens along and looks in at them. Nick tells Phyllis, “I was kept out of the loop.” Phyllis doesn’t know why his family wouldn’t have told him, but she won’t touch that one right now.
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Nick is just worried about Abby and has to go. He walks past Jack and doesn’t return his greeting. Phyllis informs Jack it’s definitely over between her and Nick. They sit down and Phyllis starts talking about some improvements to the hotel, but starts to break down. She wails that she and Nick were doomed from the start. She should have followed her instincts rather than falling into this trap again. Phyllis declares that Nick will never change because his family will never allow it. She can’t take it. Phyllis ruminates about the Newmans being a viper’s nest and eating their own. She tears up. Jack knows how hard she loves and that she’s feeling she failed. He reminds her this is life. Despite the pain and regret it was not a mistake. Phyllis argues, “I was a failure.” Jack says it’s an ending, not an indictment of her or Nick, or what they shared. Phyllis seems convinced that she’s not a failure or an idiot. Jack assures her she will be happy again. “That I promise you.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon apologizes to Lily for asking her to rein Billy in. Lily thinks she still blames Billy and feels his accusations aren’t all that wild. She just came from seeing Adam and he’s the one with the vendetta.
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At Newman Media, Adam asks Billy exactly what evidence he has. Billy has the original letter Camilla Rhodes wrote and clucks that it would be a shame to see this empire all come crumbling down. Adam questions if Billy can really prove some crime. Billy can cause damage to Ashland’s reputation and Newman Media’s as well. Adam points out that Ashland doesn’t have anything to do with the day-to-day running of the place. Billy remarks on how it will affect Locke’s personal life and muses that he’s actually concerned about Adam. But he won’t publish it if Adam and Victor cease all attacks on Chance Comm. Adam stands up and says, “No.” The threat is nothing more than a sad bluff from a desperate man. Billy thinks he should talk to Victor and Ashland before he blows him off. Adam reminds him he had a chance to reveal everything in Tuscany but he wisely restrained himself. They got the hard copy of the letter and destroyed it. Billy insists they destroyed a copy. Adam isn’t buying his story and Victor won’t either. Billy vows he can make good and urges Adam to make the right choice. He has until 6:00 PM or the story goes wide.

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Victoria that Adam claimed he had no idea their plan was causing stress for Ashland. Victoria adds that Ashland assured her the children wouldn’t be affected. Victor enters and updates them that Abby’s not doing well and is determined to do something very risky. He relays that she wants to fly to the site of the explosion and Nikki and Victoria grimace. Victoria will stop in on her way to Peru. Victor gives his best to Ashland and asks Victoria to convince Abby it’s a foolish undertaking to go to Spain.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Mariah she doesn’t have to worry about Dominic, there are plenty of people to look after him while she goes away. Devon argues against her doing something stupid. “We’re not going to let Dominic risk losing his mother too.” Abby has thought this through! Devon keeps trying to convince her it’s a bad idea and to trust the State Department. Abby’s sick of listening to them — they’re the ones who sent Chance into the line of fire in the first place. Mariah understands why she feels the need to go and has no problem moving back in for Dominic’s sake.
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Victoria arrives, hugs Nina, and joins the others in the living room. Abby rushes into her sister’s arms. She asks to speak to Victoria alone and asks her to let her use the jet. “I need to go right now.” Elsewhere, Nina, Devon and Mariah whisper about trying to stop Abby. Mariah wants to check on the baby, but Nina stops her. Mariah leaves the house to get her things in order in case she has to move back, and Nina tells Devon she doesn’t think it would be a good idea given her attachment to the child. Devon agrees; it’s a horrible idea. The baby cries and they go to him.

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In the living room, Victoria tries to persuade Abby to leave the search to the experts. Abby becomes angry and asks if she’s going to let her use the jet or not. Victoria doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Abby will call Victor and ask him then. Victoria say he doesn’t like the idea either. Abby rails about them ganging up on her. She snaps that Victoria of all people should understand how important this is to her because she’s also looking the death of her husband in the face! Victoria’s stunned. Abby just wants to fight as she is, but Victoria thinks she knows there’s nothing to fight for. When she loses Ashland, she’ll want her family to hold her up. Home is where Abby needs to be right now. Abby cries in Victoria’s arms.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s glad to see Nick, who updates her that he and Phyllis have accepted their relationship is over. He’s determined not to wallow and asks for some cinnamon cakes to take to Abby. Her expression tells him she knows. Sharon admits that Mariah told her and she went to speak to Abby. Nick relays that no one in his family bothered to tell him. Sharon ruminates about grief, and Nick insists he’s not feeling that over his relationship with Phyllis. He just confused it for something more permanent. Nick thanks Sharon for not saying, “I told you so,” at least not to his face. It’s not her style. He’d like to get back on track with his family, but with what his father’s up to right now he doesn’t see it getting any better.
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In their hotel suite, Mariah updates Tessa on the situation at Abby’s and relays that she offered to move back in and take care of the baby if she goes to look for Chance. Tessa asks, “Mariah, do you really think that’s a good idea?” Mariah says it’s an emergency situation and wonders if Tessa doesn’t think she’s made any progress. Tessa does, but wouldn’t want to see it wiped out. She thinks it’s too soon for her to care for Dominic. Mariah just wants to make sure he’s okay.

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In the park, Devon and Nina stand by the stroller and talk about Abby’s concerning mood swings. Nina would like nothing better than to hop a plane. There’s so much she can’t tell her son. It weighs on her heart and it’s so sad. “Losing a child is so unfair.” Devon agrees, “When someone dies before their time it’s unfair to everyone that loves them.” Nina remembers he’s lost so much. She sobs that Chance’s death is real. They hug.

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At Chance Comm, Billy relays to Lily that he put Adam on a deadline of six o’clock tonight.

At Newman Media, Adam gets Victor on the phone, asks about Abby, and then briefs him on Billy coming by and acting as expected. He also informs him that Nikki stopped in because she was worried about Ashland.

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At the ranch, Victor disconnects from Adam and lets Nikki know that she visited Adam. He assures her they’ll finish the project without Ashland’s support and informs her that nothing and no one will stop them.

Nina and Devon return to the Chancellor mansion with the crying baby and Abby holds him for a moment before handing him back to Nina. Abby breaks down, despondent. Victoria steps aside with Devon and says she thinks she talked Abby out of making the trip, though she was furious with her. “It looks like she has a long way to go before she recovers from this.”

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Victor arrives at Newman Media still feeling concerned about Abby. Adam asks if there’s anything he can do. Victor knows he must be affected by Chance’s death as well. Adam confirms it. Victor muses that whoever’s responsible for his death is going to pay. Adam is on board, but they have pressing business at home. Victor nods, “Yeah, taking care of Billy Boy.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy muses to Lily, “Time is ticking and things are about to get very interesting.”

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