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Devon stops in at the Chancellor Estate to check on Nina and Abby. Nina updates him that Christine’s on the phone with the state department. Chris disconnects and Abby strides into the room and announces she needs to book the Newman jet. Nina wonders where she’s flying to. She has to find her husband. Chris warns that’s the worst thing she could do. Abby feels Chance may be hurt or hiding. Now that she knows where the safe house is, she’s going to fly to Spain and piece together what became of her husband. She smiles at their astonished faces. Christine insists the agents will get answers. Abby argues that she has a connection with Chance they don’t have. She woke up this morning and felt she was giving up. Years ago, he faked his death for an investigation. She has to follow her instincts as every fiber of her being is telling her Chance is alive!

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Devon tries to talk Abby down, and Christine stresses that she has no idea what she’d be walking into. Abby doubts the state department is looking very hard for him; she could get answers others couldn’t. Chris hollers that she could be putting her life at risk and even her family. Abby has to go there. She asks them to let her know when Victor and Ashley get back so she can book the jet. She’s going to pack! Once she’s upstairs, Devon asks what they should do to stop her. Nina replies, “Maybe we shouldn’t.” She posits that maybe it’s not such a bad idea; she might even be willing to go with her. It could be what they both need to come to terms with it. Devon argues that Abby did a 180 overnight and isn’t in a very strong place. Christine keeps on about it being risky. Devon’s concerned she’s about to do this and never even mentioned Dominic’s name one time. He can’t sign off on this and urges Nina not to encourage it. Chris agrees with him.
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At the ranch, Victoria tells Nikki the pilot is on standby to take her and Ashland to Peru. She’s still in shock about Abby. Nikki agrees it’s terrible. Victoria plans to stop in on the way to the airport. Talk turns to Ashland’s experimental treatment. Victoria asserts that they’re going to remain positive. Nikki wonder if there’s anything else on her mind. Victoria says Adam and Victor are going after Chance Comm. She’s on board, but it’s causing stress for Ashland. Nikki can’t help but think Billy’s done it to himself.
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At their apartment, Lily remarks on Billy’s casual attire. He’s going to the hotel to check on their guest. She snaps that he’s his guest; she wants no part of it or blackmailing Newman Media. Lily walks out.

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In the park, Mariah thanks Noah for being her running buddy. She admits this is where Stitch grabbed her so she’s been wary going out on her own. Mariah fishes to find out how long he’s staying and he wonders if Sharon put her up to it. She realizes he’s not ready to bare his soul. Noah admits it’s a love thing; he’ll get over it. Mariah is kind of going through a love thing too… but it’s Dominic. Noah can only imagine how tough this is for her. They decide to run it off.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily demands Victoria explain why she’s letting her father go after Billy and escalate this into a war. Victoria is focused on her husband’s health and a major merger. She’s not involved. Lily shares that Billy has different ideas from her on how to handle this attack; she was hoping Victoria could help. Victoria thinks she’s upset because it’s causing conflict between her and Billy and asks why she doesn’t go to the source. Lily decides she’s right; she’s wasting her time with her.
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At the hotel, Billy urges Gaines to keep a low profile. He’s still looking into his story about how he escaped from Tuscany. Gaines could have disappeared but he has a goal of taking Locke down. Billy wants the original letter from Rhodes, but Gaines needs to know his plan first. Billy hints that an expose is in the process of being written right now. Gaines won’t be placated and isn’t taking a single step forward unless he’s sure he can trust him. Billy feels the same way about him. Gaines thought their interests dovetailed, but if he’s misread that, he’s out of there. Billy suggests they take it one step at a time. Gaines agrees. Billy asks, “Now where is the letter?”
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At Newman Media, Chloe and Sally pitch Adam on a fashion competition. Lily walks in and wants five minutes of Adam’s time. He dismisses Sally and Chloe. Lily asks Adam to tell her what it will take for them to leave Chance Comm alone. “Victor made it very clear the two of you coming after Billy and Chance Comm.” She’s there to negotiate a ceasefire. Adam insists there’s nothing to negotiate. Newman Media has a plan and they will move forward with it. Lily argues they’re no threat to them, this is purely about Victor’s hatred for Billy. She mentions Delia and says he wanted to give Adam the benefit of the doubt about becoming a better person. “Was I wrong about you, or are you just beyond redemption?”
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Adam reminds Lily that Billy used their company to attack him in the most horrible ways possible. He’d like to make her an offer. She laughs when he says it’s a job offer. When they scoop up the remains of Chance Comm, she’s welcome to come along. Lily vows they’ll never take Chance Comm away from them. Adam says that given Billy’s history of self-destructing she might want to give it consideration. Lily stalks out and Nikki appears. “About this plan of yours…”
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Nikki tells Adam she had an upsetting conversation earlier with Victoria. She enlightens him that she and Ashland are about to fly to Peru for an experimental treatment but Locke is upset about Billy. Adam says he wanted to be involved; he had no idea it was a problem. Nikki doesn’t think Adam or Victor has thought this through. Adam asks what she wants him to do and assures her it really is just business. Nikki’s not buying it and asks him to forego the temporary satisfaction of leveling Billy and instead think about other people who could get hurt in the crossfire!

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At Society, Sally and Chloe are working on their plans and gush about how well they work together. Sally says they only have one cloud on the horizon… Chance Comm. “Something is up.” Chloe agrees. Sally worries it could affect their division. Chloe wants to separate themselves but Sally feels Adam gives them valuable input. Chloe warns this flirtation and banter she has going on with Adam won’t fly once Chelsea joins the team. Sally assures her that her personal life is under control. Chloe remind her Chelsea is the only reason she agreed to do this. If Sally wants this as much as she says she does, she needs to move on. Sally hears her and insists she’s happy being single. Chloe is glad to hear it because she thinks he’s right about the threat from Chance Comm; they need to come up with a plan.
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At Chance Comm, Billy learns that Lily was stonewalled by Victoria and that Adam was as smug as usual. She had to know she had no other choice. They need to do whatever it takes to protect their company. Billy is glad to hear her say that and produces the letter from Camilla Rhodes — it’s their ace in the hole.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Nina cries to Christine that she needs this and cries, “What if Abby is right?” Her son might not be gone. Christine tells Nina that as much as it pains her to say it, “Chance is gone and he’s not coming back.” She hugs her friend. Chris has to take a call but asks Nina again to trust her on this. Once alone, Devon tells Nina he knows how a loss like this makes it hard to think rationally. He can’t stress how much of a bad idea this would be. Abby reappears and chirps that she probably shouldn’t do this alone. “Would one of you be willing to fly to Spain with me?”
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Devon urges Abby to consider exactly what she’d be doing, but she’s incensed when he says he “can’t let her go.” She can’t just rollover and accept this without proof. Nina is feeling all the same things, but what she’s proposing to do just isn’t safe. Abby doesn’t care about the danger. Devon points out she’s not trained and the agents will have to stop what they’re doing to deal with her. Mariah enters and listens as Abby hollers that she’s going to Spain and for them to stop trying to talk her out of it! Mariah asks, “If you’re going to Spain, what does that mean for Dominic? Should I move back in and stay with him?”

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Billy walks into Adam’s office and declares that he has Gaines hidden away. What’s more, he holds proof that can bury Ashland Locke and Newman Media. He informs Adam that he and Victor are going to cancel their plans to attack Chance Comm… or he won’t hesitate to bring them down. Adam tips back in his chair with an amused smirk.

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