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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley holds a tearful Abby. Outside the door, Devon tells Amanda by phone that he wishes he could be there for her today. She assures him she’ll be fine. What she’s really worried about is the Chance situation; she understands he’s needed there. That’s one of the reasons Devon loves her so damn much. She loves him too. Devon disconnects and heads in, where Abby is snapping at Victor for offering her tea. She just wants everyone to go and leave her alone.

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Victor insists it’s not a good idea for Abby to be alone right now. Abby’s sorry; she’s grateful they’re there. Ashley suggests she rest in her room and takes her upstairs. Victor, emotional, says, “This is a tough one, Devon.” Devon agrees it is.
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At the penthouse, Amanda answers the door to Sutton and tries to close it, having nothing to say to him. He stops her by asking her to hear him out as it could change the outcome of everything. He starts in about how this trial will affect her mother and sister, Imani. Amanda calls him out for controlling them, but Sutton insists they rely on him. Amanda reminds him that Naya has a husband and Imani’s going into practice with her—they’ll be fine. Sutton asks what about him? He’s old and can’t die in prison. Amanda thinks he has a hell of a nerve coming there and asking her for mercy; the one thing he never gave her father or anyone else, including his own family! She regrets letting him in, but Sutton thinks she wanted to see him beg. “You turning on me is nothing more than a vindictive act.” She screams, “So what if it is!”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland grimaces and holds his chest. Dizzy, he makes his way to the drink cart for water, only to drop the glass and smash it as Victoria arrives. She rushes to his side. Victoria worries he shouldn’t make the trip to Peru, but Ashland is more determined than ever due to the symptoms. Victoria loves his strength and resolve. Talk turns to Billy trying to stop their wedding and trying to rob Ashland of this small window of happiness. “Billy will answer for his actions.” He calls Victor for an update on the plan and lets him know he’s heading to Peru. Victor assures him the most important step in their plan has been taken and Billy won’t be able to help himself.
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Victoria suggests Ashland focus on the experimental treatment rather than getting in too deep with her father. The stress could have a negative impact on his health. Ashland just wants to know that the plan is moving along. Victoria urges him to let her father handle it. Ashland assures her he’s focused on getting better and reminds her she said she was okay with them going after Chance Comm. Victoria knows it’s just business but would like to have some idea of the repercussions he might face… or her children. Will this business plan have a negative effect on them?

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At their apartment, Lily and Billy demand to know where Gaines has been and why he’s come to Billy for help. Gaines recaps how he decided to take matters into his own hands in Italy and Nick locked him in the suite. Adam then had him held in a storage room against his will, while Victor had security drag him out to a farmhouse in the middle of the night. He was worried that Newman security would shut him up for good. Billy asks how he escaped. Gaines found a boarded-up door that led outside. Lily finds that rather convenient and asks how he got out of Italy without a passport — he had to have had help. Gaines had to rely on his wits. He got to an airfield and stowed away on a cargo plane and then hopped a train to Genoa City. Lily is confused; he received a ton of money. Gaines points out that would have left a trail of expenditures—it was a blessing he didn’t have access to his funds. He’s enraged and wants to take down Locke, Victor Newman and his eager, dutiful son, Adam. He thought Billy might have some interest in that mission.
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Billy sends Gaines up for a shower and Lily asks if he’s buying any of this. Billy feels if it’s true, it could have big ramifications for Adam and Victor. If his story is true and he’s telling the truth, this is what they need to turn the tables on Newman Media. Lily shakes her head. “Those are some mighty big ‘ifs’.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon lets Victor know he’ll make himself available for Abby and Dominic. Victor is sure it brings back bad memories for him. Devon says he’s fine; he doesn’t have room for anything else right now. They debate whether Chance was in the building when it blew up. Victor’s sources gave him the same information that Christine received. Devon fumes about Chance taking a life-threatening job right after getting married and deciding to have a baby.
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Victor shrugs that Chance must have though he had no choice, but Devon argues that he did. It was a choice to leave them. He feels Chance had a commitment to his wife and baby — he never should have made promises to Abby he couldn’t keep! He could have decided to stay home but he made the decision to go put his life in danger and now Abby’s alone and his son has no father! Dominic cries and Devon picks him up and soothes him as Victor looks on. He assures Devon he feels the same frustration and says Abby is lucky to have him as a friend. Ashley rejoins them and she and Victor urge Devon to go home for now.

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Once alone, Ashley and Victor are both worried about Abby and wonder what to do. They go over how wonderful Devon has been. Abby comes down the stairs and says she can’t sleep. Just then, Nina comes in. Christine told her what happened. She runs into Abby’s arms and sobs that until this moment it didn’t seem real! Victor relays that his sources have only confirmed what Christine told her. Nina talks about having always lived with the fear of getting this call. Now that it’s happened, she’s numb. She asks Abby, “May I?” and picks up Dominic and cradles him.
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At the penthouse, Sutton complains about Amanda’s lack of empathy for her family and starts to leave. Amanda hollers at him to empty his pockets or she’ll call the police as Devon enters. Sutton refuses so Devon says he’ll keep him company while she makes the call. Sutton sighs and produces a recording device. Amanda snatches it. His concern about Naya and Imani was a bunch of bull. The only person he ever cares about is himself! Amanda informs Devon that her grandfather wanted a recording of her admitting she was only testifying out of vindictiveness to use against her. Sutton grinds out, “What a disappointment you turned out to be.” Devon orders him to leave and Amanda notes that this proves how dangerous he is… though what he did tonight could help send him to prison. Amanda calls Michael to update him. After, Devon tells her she really is something, the way she challenged Sutton. He’s very proud of her. Amanda wasn’t going to get sucked in by him again or let him play her. She asks if there’s any more news on Chance. Devon says Abby’s still hanging on to hope but is starting to accept the reality he’s not coming home. She’s not doing good and he’s worried about her and Dominic.

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At Billy and Lily’s place, Gaines rejoins them after his shower. Billy informs him that they’ll put him up on a hotel while they corroborate his story. Gaines confirms he still has Camilla’s original letter. Before leaving to take Gaines to the hotel, Billy tells Lily she’s the only person he trusts right now. This may not be real but he has to find out and fight like hell to protect Chance Comm.

At Newman-Locke, Ashland assures Victoria that he would have stopped Victor and Adam if he thought her children would be affected. Billy brought this on himself and what happens next will be brutal… though it’s a risky endeavor in that it might not work.

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