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At Crimson Lights, Jack pays for a flustered Phyllis’ coffee. She tells him she and Nick may just have broken up. He urges her to take a deep breath—he thought they were back on track. Phyllis complains about how Nick reacted to her saying the smallest thing about his father. She doesn’t want to be a part of Nick’s judgement and jealousy anymore. Jack asks, “What do you mean jealousy?” Phyllis relays that Nick unloaded on her back at the hotel and told her they could not be together anymore.

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Nick stops into Sharon’s place to see how Noah and Faith are doing. Noah’s there but Faith’s out. Sharon gathers things didn’t go well with Phyllis. Nick tries to change the subject but Noah encourages him to talk. Sharon chimes in that they know him, and they know how messy these things can be. Nick admits he got into another fight with Phyllis and he’s pretty sure it’s over. They’re sorry. Sharon questions if he thinks the relationship can be repaired. Nick explains it’s like talking to a brick wall with Phyllis right now. For a long time it was working, and he thought they were just experiencing a bump in the road, but everything blew up. Phyllis was throwing around accusations and he just went from zero to sixty. He flashes to her hollering that if they’re not having sex or playing video games it’s like he doesn’t want anything to do with her.
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Sharon waxes on about temporary hurt feelings, but Nick says that’s not what it is. He’s the only one who wants to put in an effort. She wouldn’t listen to him and just kept shouting him down and saying their relationship was hopeless. Phyllis believes he always puts his family before her and admitted she hates them. “I don’t know how to come back from that.” Nick goes and Noah feels bad seeing him so broken up. Sharon didn’t see how the relationship could have any other outcome. Noah likes Phyllis, but never understood the pull they have. Sharon thinks it’s built on drama and when there isn’t any, it gets boring. Noah says, “Maybe deep down, Dad never got over you.” Sharon looks surprised.

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At the coffee house, Jack asks about Phyllis’ fight with Nick. She rants that she’s done everything to support him but he still doesn’t think she understands where he’s coming from. Phyllis relays that she thought they were getting somewhere, but she says one little thing about Victor and he shuts her down. “We don’t deal with our issues and if we do it’s on a superficial level.” She told him she wanted a commitment and a confidante—she loves him. She flashes to Nick sneering, “Loving and doting, that’s what you think you were being?!” and tells Jack that he belittled her. Phyllis tears up as she notes the things said in the heat of the moment are revealing. She feels Nick doesn’t understand where she’s coming from… and he doesn’t want to.
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Phyllis cries, “I have to accept that I’m somebody that he just doesn’t want to commit to.” She flashes to him sneering that it’s absurd to think she’s taking the high road. Phyllis says he showed obvious disrespect for her. Some things can’t be fixed. Phyllis admits she’s feeling heartbroken at the prospect. She fears it was inevitable. Jack points out they’ve been there before and got thought it. Phyllis says it might be the last time… just not in the way she was hoping.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland kisses Victoria when he arrives and tells her he was able to get into the experimental trial, but he has to leave right now. She’s thrilled and plans to go with him — they need to get him signed up right now. Ashland doesn’t expect her to leave the company; it will only be a few days for the evaluation. Victoria insists on going to Peru; they’re in this together. “I need to hold your hand.” Locke realizes she won’t change her mind. Nikki enters and assumes they’re leaving on their honeymoon. Ashland explains they have to put that on hold. Victoria adds that this is infinitely more important. Ashland gives her permission to fill Nikki in, so Vikki explains the trial. Ashland explains to Nikki that it’s Victoria’s love that spurs him to keep fighting this illness with everything he’s got.
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At Society, Billy and Lily banter about him trying to be more Zen thanks to her influence. She teases him for checking his phone under the table.

At Newman Media, Adam tells someone by phone to go ahead and set the bait.

Adam shows up in Victoria’s office looking for Ashland. She says he’s on a call and Adam wants to wait. Victoria scoffs, “In my office? No.” Adam wonders if she’ll pass on a message. She doesn’t want the details on their plot against Chance Comm. Adam just wants him to know things have been set in motion. Victoria relays they’re leaving to pursue a new cancer treatment. Adam knows she gets what she wants so he looks forward to seeing them at their 10th anniversary party. Victoria wonders what makes him think he’d be invited. He points out he was at the wedding… and that they’re bantering. Victoria warns this is as good as it’s going to get.
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At Society, Billy gets a call from Victoria, who asks him to take Johnny and Katie while she goes out of town. Billy asks if it’s business, but she won’t get into it and disconnects. Billy fills Lily in, and they decide to go home for some adult time before the kids come. Adam’s investigator walks in and Billy wants to stay. He listens as the man talks into his phone and says, “The guy has gone missing again.” Billy figures he means Gaines and tells Lily this opens a door for them. She sighs and they leave.
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Still at Society, the investigator watches to make sure Billy and Lily have left, and then calls Adam to say, “I think it worked. What’s next?” Adam says they let Billy do what he does best — self-destruct.

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Back in her suite, Phyllis takes a call from Jack checking in on her. If she needs to reach out, he’s around. Phyllis disconnects and flashes to arguing with Nick about her running straight to Jack when they have a conflict. She contemplates calling Nick, but doesn’t. Outside the door, Nick contemplates knocking, but doesn’t.

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Phyllis, agonizing, sits in a chair and flashes back through their argument about her insulting his father and running to Jack. Phyllis told Nick that he always pushes her away. He complained that she wants him to cut himself off from his family and has no appreciation for how hard that would be. She hollered, “Oh my God! Don’t even say that to me!” The argument turned into a screaming match as she railed about his father and asks him to have sympathy for her. Nick sneered when she suggested she’s turned the other cheek for his sake. Phyllis declared she wanted more than sex and video games. She told Nick she wants a confidante and an ally. She hates his family… because he always chooses them over me. Nick argued he chose her over his sister in the battle for the hotel. Phyllis thought that was great but he was miserable. He’s out of sorts with his father and Victoria, and jealous of Adam and wants to be the Golden Boy. He’ll always go home to roost and their relationship will suffer because of it. She cried, “I can’t do this anymore, I’m in too much pain!” During the argument, Phyllis’ cellphone rang — it was Jack. Nick saw the caller ID and complained that she always turns to him at the first sign of trouble.
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In the present, in the hotel hallway, Nick walks away from Phyllis’ door.

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In their penthouse, Billy wants to use the information Gaines has on Ashland to blackmail Adam and Victor. Lily declares that they’re not. “We are done with Gaines!” Billy gives her a disbelieving and irritated look.
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At the ranch, Victoria assures her mother that she’s doing fine and has high hopes for the new treatment. Nikki doesn’t want to see her get her heart broken. Victor calls and Nikki gawps, “What?! Oh my God, how horrible! What can I do? Just tell me.” She disconnects and tells Victoria that Abby just got word that Chance may have been killed while doing undercover work. They wring their hands and Victoria thinks they should go over. Nikki says Ashley is there and Abby is overwhelmed; they don’t want more visitors. Victoria muses that Abby must be devastated.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland has a weak spell and sits down heavily in a chair.

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At Billy and Lily’s penthouse, they’re continuing to bicker about Gaines when a knock comes at the door. He’s disheveled and dirty and gasps that he has nowhere safe to go. “Can you hide me?”

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