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At Crimson Lights, Jack spots Nikki and compliments her on the Italian wedding. Nikki wanted to give Victoria and Ashland the special memories. They both hope Locke’s treatments are successful. Nikki muses that Victoria is a realist and knows the loss is a possibility. She worries that her daughter hasn’t taken the time to really stop and think about what could happen. She’s dreading it. Jack invites her to lunch, but Nikki has to get back to work. He teases, “Oh that will keep.” He wants to celebrate marrying off their kids and Nikki’s convinced. They’ll go to Society.

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In the Chancellor living room, Abby falls back against her father after he asks if that is Chance’s ring. Her father sits her on the sofa and assures her they’ll take care of her. Abby protests that this can’t be real… Chance can’t be gone! The doorbell rings—it’s Ashley. Victor and Christine bring her up to speed on the wedding ring in the entranceway. Ash goes to her daughter, but she pushes her out of the way to pick up Dominic, who is crying. “It’s going to be okay.” The baby is handed over to Devon and Mariah, who will take him out so Abby can rest. Christine promises to keep Victor updated and sniffs that she will contact Nina, which will be rough. Victor muses, “He was a helluva guy. I was proud to call him my son-in-law.” They hug and Chris goes. On the sofa, Ashley urges Abby to scream if she wants to. “Just let us know what you need, honey.” Abby replies, “I need Chance. I need my husband.” Ashley pulls her into an embrace.
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Adam joins Sally at Society, who teases him about not knowing what one of his personalities she’s going to get. He realizes he was abrupt with her yesterday. Adam reveals he’s there for a meeting and can’t join her for lunch. He hopes she won’t take it personally and reminds her they decided to keep things professional. She jokes about being rejected several times and tries to guess who he’s meeting. Sally wonders if it has to do with the missing man — Gaines. They talk about her success due to the wedding dress. He’s looking forward to see what she and Chloe come up with next. Sally wonders if Chelsea will be joining them. He’s not sure, but hope she’ll return soon so they can move on. Adam’s private investigator shows up so they part ways. Sally watches them and looks thoughtful.
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In their suite, Phyllis assures Nick she’s “in this” with him. She wants to table the discussion as she’s still feeling under the weather and he agrees. Phyllis accepts his offer to take her to lunch and goes to freshen up. In the restroom she stares into the mirror.

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At Society, Phyllis and Nick perch at the bar and Nick watches Adam and Victor’s private investigator. He thinks they’re scheming and not even trying to hide it. Phyllis muses, “Mhmm,” which irks him. She explains she’s not going to say anything. Nick wants her to feel free to speak her mind. She’s skeptical, but gives him her unvarnished opinion. “Who cares what’s going on over there.” Phyllis asks him to let it go and put his attention on them. “Can you do that?” She urges Nick to take himself out of the situation. He has tried but things blow up into a massive crisis and then he has to protect the people he loves, so he should do what he can to avert that. Phyllis thinks it better if he didn’t obsess over his family and put more attention on their relationship. Nick nods. “Let’s get out of here.”
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They’re about to walk out when Jack and Nikki wheel in and invite them to have lunch with them. Nikki admits she’s hoping to convince Nick to resolve his differences with Victoria and would appreciate Phyllis’ support. Nick declines, but Phyllis accepts. They sit down and Nikki wonders what Adam and the investigator are up to. Nick figures they’re discussing Jessie Gaines and fills Jack in on who the guy is, adding that Victor had Adam take care of him. Jack asks, “What do you mean by ‘take care of him’?”
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Nikki chirps that it’s nothing drastic. She confides that Victor found some compromising information on him and convinced him to keep quiet. Phyllis scoffs, “What’s a little blackmail between friends?” and tells Jack he’s lucky he had nothing to do with it. Nick snaps, “Alright. You made your point.” Jack changes the subject to Harrison and asks the “gaming experts” for recommendations. Nick asks Phyllis the name of the game she’s been playing with Christian. She doesn’t remember and has to go. Phyllis stalks out and Nikki asks if everything is alright. Jack goes to make a call, and Nick asks Nikki to find out what’s going on with Jessie Gaines. Nikki wants to stay out of it but Nick warns she’s leaving Victoria’s future in the hands of Victor and Adam. Is she really comfortable with that given Adam’s history?

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby insists she would feel it if Chance was gone. She starts worrying about Nina and Ashley assures her they won’t let her go through this alone. The doorbell rings but Abby doesn’t want to see anyone. Victor lets Sharon in. Mariah let her know Chance may have been killed. Victor explains the circumstances. Ashley joins them to say that Abby’s in shock. Sharon will try to comfort her. She joins Abby, who can’t talk right now. Sharon suggests they just sit there together. Abby knows she’s trying to help, but if she opens that door she might start screaming and never stop. She can’t fall apart; she has a baby to take care of. Sharon assures her she won’t fall apart. She’s suffered losses before and survived. “Brad, Colleen…” Abby adds, “My baby girl.” She pleads, “Why is this happening? Why?!” She worries that earlier she lost it in front of everyone, even the baby. Abby laments that her son will never meet his father. She’s so afraid. Victor pulls out his phone to get his daughter all the support he can.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Tessa that Abby was a wreck when they left. Tessa hopes sending Sharon over was the right thing. They can’t imagine what she’s going through. Tessa suddenly apologizes to Devon—he knows exactly what she’s going through. Devon sighs. It’s a feeling he wouldn’t wish on anyone. He recounts how Elena eventually helped him get back on track after Hilary’s death. It won’t be easy for Abby. Mariah wonders what kind of impact all of this stress with have on the baby. Devon hopes Dominic will be a source of comfort and Abby’s reason to get out of bed every day. Mariah seems unconvinced.
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Adam enters Newman Media, where Sally asks how his meeting went. He says it was tedious and asks, “How was your lunch?” Sally informs him that the National Inquisitor got photos of them in Tuscany and is insinuating they’re a couple. Adam’s unbothered until his phone rings. “It’s Chelsea. That was fast.” Sally wishes him luck. Adam declines the call.
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At Society, Nikki assures Jack that no harm came to Jessie Gaines. Jack feels for Nick these days; he’s not getting along with Victor, Victoria or Adam. Nikki adds, “Or Phyllis apparently.” She wonders how much Jack knows about it. Jack conveys that they’ve hit a bump in the road and will be fine.

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At the hotel, Nick wishes Phyllis hadn’t left. Phyllis knew what she signed up for with his family, but asks, “Who are we kidding? This isn’t going to work!”

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