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At the penthouse, Amanda tries to reassure Devon, who hasn’t heard from Abby. He’s legitimately concerned about what it will do to her if Chance doesn’t make it. Devon rants about Chance taking on such a dangerous mission when he has a family. If the worst happens, Abby will need a lot of support from the people who love her. Amanda assures, “And she will get it.”

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Talk turns to Michael asking Amanda to testify. Devon doesn’t think it’s fair. Amanda reveals she’s made a decision. “I’m going to take the stand.” Devon admits he’s worried and adds that he thinks Michael can make the case without putting her on the stand. Amanda needs to tell Sutton to his face that she knows what he did. Devon supports her and has her back. She teases him about being the nicest guy on the planet. Devon isn’t a saint; he’s angry at someone right now. “Chance. He’s put Abby through hell.” He hopes he’s safe and comes home, but if he does, he’s going to let him know how he feels. Amanda urges him to go check on Abby and the baby.
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Victor knocks at the door of the Chancellor Estate, walks in, and calls out for Abby. She’s in the living room doing relaxation exercises and asks if he has any news on Chance. Victor urges her to eat; she needs strength right now. He also asks her to keep the door locked. After looking at the baby, Victor asks where her mother is. Abby sent Ashley home to get some rest. Talk turns the to the search for Chance. Abby learned there was an explosion in a building in Spain. She needs proof that her husband is alive. Victor reveals that he’s learned that the building was blown up by a bomb by someone who found out Chance used the place as a safehouse; he and his colleagues were deliberately targeted. Abby insists that doesn’t mean anything happened to him; he could be lying low. Victor continues that four of his colleagues were confirmed as killed in the line of duty. Abby is convinced Chance is alive and will come home when it’s safe. Victor asks if Nina has been contacted. Abby says Christine will handle break it to her best friend. Victor gives Abby a hug as she vows to stay positive. He’ll always be there for her.

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In the park, Mariah tells Tessa she texted Abby but hasn’t heard back. Tessa hopes no news is good news. Mariah worries that Chance may actually be gone, and Bowie will lose his dad before even getting to meet him. Tessa urges her to think positively. Mariah’s worried that Abby’s tension is having an effect on the baby. Tessa cautions her about her attachment. Mariah lets Tessa know how much the situation has made her realize how important she is to her. Noah shows up and Mariah has to run to the office. Noah asks, “What was that about Abby?” Tessa replies, “It’s about Chance.” After filling him in offscreen, Tessa asks Noah not to say anything. She thinks Abby feels if she accepts sympathy right now it will make it worse. Noah jokes that it’s a Newman trait. He feels this must be tough on Mariah… and Tessa.
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In their suite, Phyllis isn’t impressed with Nick’s offering of yogurt and fruit. He explains it’s a gesture; he wants them to sit down and talk. They need to get into the nitty-gritty; that’s what it’s going to take for them to get past this. Phyllis reiterates that something is off with them; it’s like they’re going backwards. She wants to get to where it’s good again. “Do you want to try at least?” Nick does. So does she. Nick thinks they could start with an apology. “I’m sorry.” He regrets taking out what was going on with his family on her.
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Phyllis points out things have been “brittle” between them for a while now… since she went after Sally and Tara because of what they did to Summer. Nick supported her plan but was concerned she’d go overboard. He only tried to be the voice of reason. Phyllis smirks, “You know that’s never going to work on me.” She sighs that they no each other so well but there are profound differences between them. Him telling her not to go after Sally and Tara went against who she is and was hurtful. Nick counters that her attitude toward his family problems in Italy wasn’t productive. Phyllis wonders if he’s still mad, because they often gloss over things and just hop into bed. They have to do things differently if they want this to work. They debate whether it’s okay to dislike some parts of your partner’s personality. Phyllis knows he’ll get back on track with his family; he’s never going to change. And she’s never going to change. Have they just been ignoring every single issue that’s brought them to this conversation right now?
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby enters the room crying. Victor is holding the baby. Abby says she shouldn’t be around Dominic like this and rushes out… past Mariah. She asks Victor if there’s been news about Chance. Victor explains that Abby’s just upset right now. He hands Mariah the baby and takes off after his daughter. Devon comes in and talks to Mariah about supporting Abby through this. Mariah feels they need to be there for her as much as they can, as well as that precious little guy she’s holding. Being there kind of feels like part of the pact they made. Someone knocks—it’s Christine. She asks if Abby’s home. Devon explains she took off and asks if she has news.
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In their suite, Phyllis tells Nick she’s not trying to self-sabotage or destroy their relationship. “I want this to work,” Nick feels that despite their differences, they work. “We love each other.” Phyllis questions if they’re truly happy. Nick supposes if she’s asking that, she’s not. Phyllis admits, “I’m not happy right now.” She thinks if he were honest with himself, he’d say the same thing. Nick asks her not to put words in his mouth or accuse him of not being honest. Phyllis denies that’s what she’s saying. Nick recaps that what they have is amazing; they’re a lot more than video games and sex. Someone said their relationship is comfortable, but he disagrees with that. Phyllis wants to know who said that and who he’s been talking to about their relationship. Nick doesn’t need other people’s opinions, especially when they’re not like Jack, who is waiting it the wings for her! Phyllis snaps that Jack is just a friend to her. Nick reminds her he told both of them he’s in love with her—she doesn’t need to go running to him every time she has a problem. Phyllis thinks they’re getting off topic. “This is about us and nobody else.” Nick asks, “Are we together in this or not?”

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In the park, Abby has a tearful conversation with “Chance.” She knows he will live up to the promises he made to her. Victor joins her and gives her a hug. He assures her that Dominic will be alright. Abby knows that Chance is alive; she can feel it in her heart, so she doesn’t know why she’s so upset. Victor thinks it’s the uncertainty and tells her again that he is always there for her.
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Victor walks Abby into the house, where they join Devon, Mariah and Christine. Abby asks the blonde why she’s there. Chris has Chance’s wedding ring, which was found at the site of the explosion. Apparently, he left it on and adapted it as part of his cover story—he didn’t ever want to take it off. Abby takes the ring as Christine asks, “Is this Chance’s?” Abby sags, “It can’t be…”
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