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Nick arrives in Phyllis’ suite to see he remnants of her meal from the night before. He’s afraid to ask what happened last night. She responds, “You mean what didn’t happen last night.” Nick grimaces: he had no idea she had something romantic planned for them. Phyllis knows Christian comes first, but his text was just so dismissive. She can’t do this now; frankly, she’s hungover. She leaves to get on with hotel things.

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Downstairs, Jack’s breakfast meeting is cancelled, and he spots Phyllis, who complains she did too much drinking alone. He gathers she made no progress with Nick. Phyllis feels like her relationship is crashing but wonders if she’s over-reacting. Jack offers to lend a friendly ear and she takes him up on it. Nick appears and confronts her. “So, you have time for coffee with Jack, but you don’t have time for us to talk things out?” Phyllis was just frustrated earlier and thought Jack could bring her down a notch, is all. Nick thinks this is about the text and Phyllis admits she’s hurt and angry… she doesn’t know what’s going on with them; they are so out of sync. Nick feels both of them have let their emotions get the best of them, but assures her she has nothing to be scared of. He glances at Jack as she leaves. Phyllis asks Jack if they can get out of there.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria ignores another text from Billy as Nate arrives. She and Ashland greet him, and she explains they’ve had discouraging news from the oncologist. Nate asks, “How bad is it?” After Nate’s seen the test results, Victoria explains they’re not giving up hope. Ashland relays that his oncologist wants to continue with the same treatments, but he thinks it’s time to change tactics. Victoria wants his take on an experimental protocol in Peru. Ashland has, more than ever, something to fight for. Nate feels they should go by the oncologist, but they protest that he’s not open-minded or listening to them. Nate gets that it’s not a good fit. He asks them to email him the information about the Peruvian treatment and he’ll get back to them. Once outside the office door, Nate looks concerned.
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Noah joins Sharon at Crimson Lights and admires the upgrades and notes the things she didn’t change. He marvels at how much Faith has grown up and they talk about Moses being a great guy. Sharon learns he’s unsure how long he’ll stay. Elena walks in and Sharon notices something’s off. She asks if everything is okay. Elena did the night shift and is still jet-lagged from Italy. She chats with Noah while Sharon gets her coffee. Once Elena moves on, Sharon explains that she lives upstairs. Noah’s surprised she doesn’t live with Nate, but muses that some people like to keep separate places. Sharon wonders if his observation has to do with London and asks, “How worried should I be?” Noah realizes she’s determined to get the story out of him. He says he was in a kind of serious relationship and got his heart broken. She’s sorry. Noah is okay and just wants to leave it at that. Sharon wonders if the relationship ending was the only reason he wanted to leave London. He was also stuck in a rut professionally and creatively. They hug.
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In the park, Phyllis loves the fall air and the company. She worries about dumping her problems on Jack, but he reassures her. Phyllis fills him in on planning a romantic night and then getting Nick’s text. She wonders if it was even true that Christian was sick. Phyllis understands he was frustrated too, but then he shows up this morning wanting to talk like it was a bump in the road. It’s not a bump in the road. Jack muses, “But if Nick is saying everything is okay.” Phyllis isn’t okay. She doesn’t know what’s happening with them, but none of it is alright. Jack reminds her when things got tough with her father, she cut ties and ran from her family. He thinks maybe she hoped Nick would make the same choice. “Maybe you’re holding Nick’s decision against him because he didn’t make the same one you made.” Phyllis scoffs, “Are you saying I’m responsible for this?!” Jack isn’t laying it at her feet; Nick hasn’t exactly been at his best in this situation. But he’s noticed when her back is up she tends to look for an exit strategy. Phyllis wonders if he’s saying she blows up her relationships and is her own worst enemy. Jack thinks there’s a reason she and Nick are perpetually drawn back together. She muses, “Yeah. There’s a reason why things don’t work out.”
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Nick finds Noah and Sharon joking at Crimson Lights. Noah asks if things are worse with Victoria, but Nick hasn’t seen her. He explains a line has been drawn in the sand in the family. Sharon thinks it’s a shame. She and Noah are there for him, and Noah’s certain Phyllis has his back. Nick confides that they’re not in a good place right now. It might be him taking out his frustrations on her but things keep getting more tense. “It’s unsettling.” He thought they were really solid. Noah understands—he experienced something similar recently in London. It’s part of the reason he decided to come back home. Nick asks if he’s running from a break-up. Noah just wanted to be around his family.
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Noah says he’s sure Nick and Phyllis will find their way through their difficulties. Sharon makes a face. She doesn’t know what Nick expects her to say and postures that “communication is key.” Nick thinks she got that off a bumper sticker. He regrets putting her in an awkward position — normally he’d talk to Victoria. But there’s a giant wall between them, just like there is with him and Phyllis. “I’m really starting to wonder if I’m the problem.” Noah waxes on about being born Newmans and suggests his dad get down to the root of the problem with Phyllis before it gets worse. Nick feels it’s not that simple; history could repeat itself. Noah advises him not to let that become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nick will make her understand what they have is worth fighting for… he’ll start right now. Once alone, Noah asks Sharon what she really thinks about Nick and Phyllis. She’ll never believe she’s what’s best for him. “I think that relationship is ready to fall off a cliff. It’s only a question of when.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland tells Victoria that Nate didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the experimental treatment. Victoria points out he doesn’t know much about it. Ashland hates the idea of not being with her. “What if this is a battle I can’t win?” The harsh reality of the situation is staring him in the face. His money and influence may not be able to get him out of this—he’s running out of options. Victoria tries to be positive. He admits he’s scared. Victoria reminds him that he said he was going to fight this, so he better damn well fight it! Ashland takes her hand. No one has ever had as much faith in him as she does. Victoria will be strong for the both of them. Ashland concedes. When Victoria Newman orders you to fight, you fight. Victoria believes in the power of hope and a positive outlook. Ashland warns if he decides to pursue the treatment, they may have to forego their honeymoon. Victoria’s unbothered. She just wants him to get better.
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At Society, Nate’s surprised to see Elena; he thought she would have crawled into bed already. She was hungry and asks about his meeting with Victoria and Ashland. He fills her in on their interest in a new treatment. He’s worried since he’s personally invested and can’t maintain the usual degree of medical distance. “What if I can’t tell them what they’re hoping to hear?” Elena gives him a reassuring pep talk. All he has to do is give them the information… he can do that without guilt or regrets. Elena yawns. Nate’s worried she’ll fall asleep on the couch and offers to take her home and tuck her in. She’d love that.
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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland and Victoria get a call from Nate, who relays that the experimental treatment is a last resort and may not get the results they want. Ashland knows it’s a long shot, but he’s willing to try anything.

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Phyllis arrives in her suite, where Nick stands up and says, “Thank you for coming.”

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