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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby paces and remarks that it feels like Christine’s been on the phone for hours. Tessa, Mariah and Devon try to think positive. Ashley appears, followed by Christine, who has photos from the scene of the explosion. She needs Abby to look at one to give a positive identification. Abby takes the phone and gasps, “Oh my God!”
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Ashley asks what’s in the photo and Abby sniffs that it’s Chance’s watch. She recovers and decides it’s a good sign. His watch is engraved with his name. He wouldn’t be wearing it if he’s working undercover, which means he must not have been in the building. The others think she has a point. Abby holds out hope he’ll call or come home.

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At the park, Kevin and Chloe watch Esther playing with the kids. Chloe points out Lauren hasn’t “liked” any photos of the kids since their confrontation. Kevin warns her not to read too much into it. Chloe decides to go see her in person, but Kevin nixes the idea. He advises his wife to give her time and space, but worries that Sally might have other tricks up her sleeve. Chloe doesn’t know, but can’t rule out her taking more risks. She also won’t listen to their warnings to stay away from Adam. Chloe raves about the publicity they’re getting from the dress and ponders which direction Sally should go in. When Chelsea returns, she’ll have the two most amazing designers working for her. Kevin worries they won’t get along and reminds her Sally has a thing for Adam. “To say that Chelsea is possessive of Adam is an understatement.” Chloe feels confident she can wrangle her “emotional creatives.” She assures a skeptical Kevin it’s going to be great for all of them.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Adam eavesdrops as Billy accuses Sally of using Newman to further her career. She defends her boss, and Billy advises her again to keep her distance. Adam shows himself and Sally explains Billy’s trying to dig up dirt on him. Adam smells the sad stench of desperation. Billy also wanted to advise Sally to expect lies and treachery from her new employer. Adam scoffs that he pulls out this speech every chance he gets. He needles, “How are things going at Chance Comm these days?” Not that Billy would know because he’s too busy following Adam around. Billy hits back by mocking Adam for trying to convince people he’s turned over a new leaf. They manage to agree on the need to decimate the competition.
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Inside, Lily greets Sharon and talks to her about the wedding in Italy. They spot Adam and Billy talking on the patio, and Sharon tells Lily she needs to rein Billy in and convince him to leave Adam alone once and for all! Rey arrives. Lily asks Sharon if Adam asked her to intervene on his behalf. Sharon spots Rey and hastily changes the subject.
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On the patio, Billy continues to needle Adam about his ability to convince women he’s misunderstood and warns Sally off him again. Adam muses that he loves to warn people away from him but can’t seem to take his own advice.

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Inside, Billy joins Lily, who asks what happened with Adam. He tells her, “Nothing worth repeating.”

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On the patio, Sally asks Adam what Billy was talking about. “Who is Jesse Gaines?” Adam thanks her for defending him. Sally is just basing her opinions on who he is rather than who he used to be. Adam apologizes for being abrupt earlier. Sally thanks him. She thinks Billy’s on a mission to bring him down. Adam assures her he’s no threat to Newman Media, but Sally’s unconvinced.
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Inside, Sharon asks Rey about his chat with Noah, but he wants to hear about her talk with Lily. Sharon complains that Billy can be so annoying. Rey thinks it sounded more about her feelings for Adam. She says that Billy’s claims are way out in left field; she overheard him in the park. Rey reminds her he told her it would be better not to get involved. Sharon didn’t track him down; he was in a public place. She feels Billy was trying to take advantage of him. They debate whether Sharon’s reaction is normal. Rey defends Billy and Sharon argues that Adam has changed. “Even Nick has noticed the changes in him.” She knows Billy will always see Adam as a monster. Rey challenges, “What do you see? A victim that needs saving?” He calls her out on her impulse always being to protect Adam. He needs some air and walks out.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s convinced she knows exactly what happened. Chance must have left the watch behind in the building. Chris cautions it doesn’t explain why there haven’t been any sightings of him. Abby fears he may not know who to trust and urges Chris to call another contact. She leaves the room to make calls, and Abby tells her guests that Chance has survived the impossible before. He wouldn’t give up on them or himself… so they can’t give up on him. They held out hope when Mariah disappeared, and she made it home. “I know Chance was not in that building. I can feel it.”

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Ashley speaks to Abby alone. Abby wishes everyone would go home and stop staring at her. Ashley says they won’t let her go though this alone. Devon reappears and Abby snaps that she won’t accept that Chance is gone or take the word of the State Department. The baby cries and she picks him up, but can’t soothe him. Mariah comes in and offers help, so Ash sends her to warm up a bottle. Devon takes the baby, who begins to settle. Abby sniffs that she can’t help Chance or give the baby what he needs. She needs some air and walks out. Ashley tells Devon how unfair this all is to her poor, sweet girl. Devon feeds the baby and Ashley tears up that Dominic may never meet Chance. Mariah wonders if someone should go after Abby, but Ash thinks she needs time alone. They watch Devon, who is a natural with the infant. Christine reappears and has nothing news. Devon asks her to be honest; does she really think there’s a possibility that Chance made it? Chris worries that since the explosion took place at night, Chance may have been there and only took off his watch to go to bed. They all vow to be there for Abby.
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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily that Gaines hasn’t been found. He could still be in Tuscany or six feet under. Lily cautions him about always thinking the worst of Adam and reminds Billy how he thought he’d poisoned Rey, but he’d been framed. Billy’s determined to find Gaines, dead or alive. “He’s our best weapon.” He hopes to find him alive so as to have leverage over Victor, Adam and Ashland. Lily feels they need something more reliable than Gaines to fend off an attack from Newman Media. They need someone with influence over both Victor and Ashland and that’s Victoria. Billy reminds her that his ex is furious with him. He’s not comfortable asking her for protection. Lily feels that if she can convince Victor to step down, they can avoid a battle. Billy will call her but won’t give up on looking for Gaines. He sends a text to Victoria.
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Sally joins Chloe and Kevin in the park and Kevin congratulates her on the success with the wedding gown before leaving. Chloe and Sally go over her new popularity and the redhead asks where things stand between Chloe and Lauren. Chloe assures her they’ll make up. Sally warns they may have another problem on their hands. She elaborates that Billy and Adam had a disagreement and she gets the impression they’re getting ready to go to war. “How do we make sure the fallout from their feud doesn’t hit us?”
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Kevin spots Rey stewing on the coffee house patio and joins him. Rey explains they’re both dealing with the same problem — Adam. Kevin hasn’t had a good night sleep since Chloe started working for him. She did it for Chelsea, but it feels like she’s playing with fire. He’s certain Adam will make a misstep one of these days and land himself in prison… that day cannot come too soon.

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In the park, Abby, alone, speaks out loud to Chance. She wanted to be there, where he proposed, and reminds him of the promises they made. Abby won’t give up on him. “I can’t.” She calls Victor and tells him, “I really need your help.”
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At Newman Media, Adam meets with a private investigator. There’s a matter that has to be handled in strictest confidence. “No one can know about this except us and Victor.”

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