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In the park, Billy tells Sharon she might have misinterpreted what she heard, but she knows she didn’t. She asks what he expects to get out of this new attack on Adam. “What is it you think he’s done this time anyway?” They spar about Rey having more scruples than Billy, who admits he believes Adam made a man disappear because he posed a threat to Victoria and Ashland’s wedding. Sharon’s skeptical, but Billy insists the old Adam is back. She wonders if he plans to throw around accusations of kidnapping or even murder. Billy coolly says it’s interesting that she would go there. Sharon declares it’s impossible. This is about Billy grasping at straws to come up with something on Adam. He’s tried hard to turn his life around and, she sneers, that seems to get lost amid Abbott’s obsession. She storms off.
Billy, Sharon argue Y&R

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In Newman Media’s office, Adam and Victor figure it’s a perfect time to strike Chance Comm, since Billy is distracted and bound to be off his game. Victor muse, “Billy Boy won’t know what hit him.” Suddenly, Ashland joins them. He asks if they’re going after Chance Comm and lets them know he’s in alignment with any plan that takes Billy down a notch. Adam explains they planned to include him and Victor adds that they want to de-stabilize Chance Comm. Ashland knows it has less to do with business than taking down Billy. Adam shrugs; they won’t deny that. Ashland warns he won’t keep secrets from Victoria, so they shouldn’t share details they don’t want her to know. Victor has already warned Billy, so there’s no need for Locke to tell Victoria. After he’s filled in offscreen, Ashland says he admires the plot. Who knew that Gaines would come in handy? Victor and Adam are confident Billy will fall for it. Ashland muses that if they’re successful, Chance Comm will certainly be weakened. Victor grins; then they’ll go in for the kill.
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At Sharon’s place, Noah sits amid takeout containers and tells someone by phone that it’s weird being there for more than a quick visit, not knowing what his future holds. Rey appears, having overheard him. Noah gets off the phone and Rey helps him tidy up as they talk about getting to know each other better. Talk turns to Faith turning her life around and Rey confide that she may be falling for Moses Winters. They agree that Sharon’s amazing and Noah thinks Rey is too; he heard he was instrumental in saving Mariah. He appreciates the cop looking out for his family. He asks about the Rosales. Rey misses them, but now this feels like home. They sit, and Noah confides that this place doesn’t really feel like home to him anymore, though London didn’t either. Rey understands; he’s a man without roots. Noah is stuck in a weird kind of limbo. Rey is sure he’ll work it out and urges him to enjoy himself in the meantime. He teases that no one will want him to leave again though.
Noah, Rey talk Y&R

At Newman-Locke, Nikki and Victoria look at wedding pictures. Nikki marvels that Victoria is glowing. Victoria knows there are challenges ahead but she couldn’t be more content. Nikki wishes she could work things out with her brother. Victoria will deal with it after the honeymoon. Nikki’s reluctant to drop it, but decides to ask about the honeymoon. Victoria wants to take Ashland to a private island away from prying eyes. They’ll leave in a week.

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In their suite at the hotel, Nick calls Phyllis out for slamming around the room and giving him the silent treatment. Phyllis is too busy to talk, but Nick states work can wait. He could use her support right now given he’s going though something with his family. Phyllis argues he pushes her support aside. Nick counters that she uses it as an excuse to “Newman bash.” Phyllis and Nick keep debating until she declares that she needs to be alone and walks out.
Phyllis silent treatment Y&R

Sally spots Jack in Crimson Lights and asks how his flight back with Phyllis was, while noting their relationship seems to be close lately. She muses about the changes it’s undergone. Jack thinks she has her own rather tricky relationship to navigate with her boss Adam. He excuses himself.
Sally, Jack spar Y&R

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On the coffee shop patio, Sally sees Adam and calls him over to see a rave review about her in a magazine. She wants to capitalize on the press and rambles excitedly about doing a feature on the making of the dress. Adam takes the wind out of her sails, by telling her to discuss it with Chloe; he doesn’t really care. He reminds her there is more to Newman Media than her fashion line and says he has a call he needs to get to. He walks out, leaving her stunned.
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Inside, Jack notices Phyllis arrive in a mood and invites her to share. Phyllis tells him, “Me and Nick. It’s not getting better.” They crumble when any conflict arises. Frustrated, she explains they’re not on the same planet or speaking the same language. She has no idea what the problem is; it’s just all gone sideways. Jack learns that Nick wanted to talk, but she walked out. He doesn’t think taking a step back was the worst idea she’s ever had. Jack feels she should get her head in the right place before sitting down for an adult conversation. “Don’t give up yet.”

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On the patio, Sally decides against calling Adam and gets up to leave. She spots Jack with Phyllis and shakes her head in disdain.
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Ashland joins Victoria at Newman-Locke. She teases him with a photo of their honeymoon spot and questions him when she doesn’t get a big reaction. He admits he was at Newman Media earlier and she should know that Victor and Adam are planning a move against Chance Comm. It’s a good business move; one he’s made many times. Victoria asks why he’s telling her. Locke doesn’t want secrets between them and realizes she may not want them to go after Billy for the same reason he strived to “protect” her. “For the sake of your children.” Victoria says, “Do me a favor. Don’t give me the details.” She feels if Billy wants to play in the big leagues, he needs to step up and protect his company. Ashland is surprised and pleased by her response. Victoria notes that her father only circles the wagons and attacks for family. “Guess what that makes you?”
Victoria react to Billy news Y&R

Victor’s happy to see Victoria and Ashland walk into Society. Victoria lets him know that Ashland shared his plans with her. She’s on board but doesn’t want the details. All’s fair in business and she’s done protecting Billy.

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At the ranch, Nikki catches up with Noah and invites him to go riding with her. She asks how long he can stay and presumes he won’t want to stay away from London and his fabulous career too long. Noah may stick around and expand on the work he’s been doing for Newman Media. Nikki would love it; that would mean she’d have him around for a while. They joke about her getting what he wants, but Nikki senses he has something on his mind. “Is there a reason why you’re here and not in London.” Noah assures her he’s not hiding or running from anything. There are a lot of reasons he wants to be in Genoa City. One is his father and his issues with Victor. Nikki worries this problem won’t go away easily.
Noah, Nikki talk Y&R

Victor’s on his way out of Society, when Nick appears. Victor offers to stay and have a coffee with him, but Nick doesn’t have time. He relays that Noah’s in town and Victor shares that Nikki’s planning a dinner; he hopes Nick will come. Nick doubts it’s a good idea and complains that nothing’s changed from Italy. Once again, he doesn’t know his place in the family. Victor feels heartbroken that Nick doesn’t feel a part of the family. Nick counters that his father’s lack of awareness is the problem. Victor doesn’t understand any of it. Nick says the push/pull dynamic is exhausting and he doesn’t have an appetite any longer. He walks out.

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At Newman Media, Adam is on a call about the company and all the person wants to talk about is Sally Spectra;s dress. He disconnects, and ponders calling Sally, but decides against it. Instead, he walks out the door.

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At Society, Victoria enthuses to Ashland about their honeymoon. Anything that makes his angel happy, makes him happy too. Suddenly, Locke gets a call from his oncologist. He asks the doctor, “What did the latest tests reveal?” When he disconnects, Victoria pushes him to tell her what he said. Ashland sighs. He tells her the chemotherapy isn’t working; they always knew it was a possibility. Victoria takes his hands and assures him they’re not giving up. They just have to fight harder now.
Victoria react cancer news Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Billy arrives and seeks out Sally to ask her questions. He knows she flew over on a private jet with Adam and wants to know if she heard anything. Sally has nothing to say to him. Billy saw them getting cozy and warns her to watch her back with Adam. Sally’s also been warned about Billy and his personal vendetta against the Newman. She can make her own decisions, “Thank you very much.” Adam arrives and spies on them.
Billy, Adam, Sally Y&R

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In her suite, Phyllis orders sexy food from room service and gets out some lingerie. Just then, she gets a text from Nick, who says he’s staying at the house since Christian has a cold. She throws the lingerie down and sits on the bed, deflated.

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