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Michael joins Amanda and Devon at Society. He tells them he’s feeling good about the jury selection for Sutton’s trial. Amanda wants this over as soon as possible due to the stress on Naya. Michael asks her to testify against her grandfather and explain how she changed her mind about him. He’ll only question her about what she learned after she was fired. That should be fair game. However, it will infuriate Sutton’s lawyers. Devon worries about what this will do to Amanda. She just wants this to end for the sake of her family. He worries about how it could affect her relationship with her mother, or whether there might be retaliation against her if Sutton gets off. Michael admits that her testimony could last days and will be grueling. Devon gets a text from Abby and Amanda assures him it’s okay for him to leave.
Michael asks Amanda to testify at Society Y&R

Once Devon exits, the lawyers discuss how they would approach her testimony and what she can say on the stand. They have to take the jury on the same journey she went on to reveal who Sutton is. She agrees. He adds that bringing up her being deprived of a relationship with a media figure like Hilary should be an easy way to manipulate the jury’s feelings. Amanda’s finally starting to feel like she can get justice for her father.

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At the Chancellor estate, Ashley assures Abby she hasn’t given up hope that Chance is alive. Tessa and Mariah arrive, surprised to see Christine there. Christine explains that a building exploded where Chance was on assignment, but his death has not been confirmed. She steps away to make some calls. Abby needs a distraction so Mariah pulls out the teddy bear for Dominic. Abby gives it to the baby and tears up. Christine returns to say there is still no confirmation. She and Abby go into the kitchen to make more calls. Mariah says Dominic has the right idea to sleep through all of this. Devon arrives and is filled in on what’s happening. Abby comes into the room and he gives her a big hug; he’s so sorry.
Ashley and Abby are eager for news about Chance at Chancellor estate Y&R

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Rey joins Billy at Crimson Lights. The Abbott tells him about Jesse Gaines going missing when he was on the verge of revealing information that could cost some people a fortune. He suspects that Adam could be involved. Billy explains that the Newmans are protecting Ashland and that Gaines was paid a lot of money to keep his secrets. Billy has come to Rey because he knows he’d like the chance to rid them all of Adam. Sharon interrupts to ask what they are discussing. Rey says Billy is just concerned about a guy who has gone missing. He tells Billy it’s not his jurisdiction but he will consider putting the right people on it if he gets him more useful information. Once Billy leaves, Sharon wonders why he came to Rey. He reminds her that he’s the police. She assumes there’s more to it.

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Sally skips into Adam’s office at Newman and gloats about all the glowing press reviews of her dress for Victoria. He suggests they celebrate by grabbing a bite. She insists on inviting Chloe. Adam is taken aback.

Billy finds Adam and Sally at the bar at Society. She leaves to call Chloe and Billy grills Adam about Gaines. The Newman insists nothing nefarious happened. Billy accuses him of making big gestures to convince Sharon he’s noble. They bicker about Gaines until Sally returns and Billy takes off. Adam tells her about his fight with Billy. He insists he’s changed and doesn’t want to go back, but he’s not sure the same is true about Billy. Adam understands why he hates him and suspects things will only get worse.
Adam and Sally talk Billy at Society Y&R

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Nick arrives at the hotel, where Phyllis teases him about going to see Sharon before her. He tells her Noah insisted and explains he’s taking a break from London. He’s concerned about why his son is being impulsive but hopes nothing is wrong. Talk turns to their relationship; Phyllis feels like he’s been pushing her away due to his problems with his family. He admits he’s having a rough time but denies pushing her away. She promises to be there for him and gives him a kiss before leading him to the elevator to make out.
Nick and Phyllis discuss his trip at Grand Phoenix Y&R

In their suite, Phyllis and Nick get passionate and have sex. Afterward, he complains about how his family always comes to him when they have problems but still make him feel like an outsider. Putting on her robe, she tells him to just ignore his mean family and concentrate on what a knockout she is. He can’t ignore his issues with his family and accuses her of trivializing this. Phyllis throws her hands up in frustration and accuses him of always thinking the worst about her no matter how she bends over backward to help him with his family.

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In the park, Billy calls his reporter, Artie, and tells him about Gaines disappearing. His working theory is that Victor’s son, Adam, is behind it. He needs more information and wants him to find Gaines. Billy disconnects, and Sharon appears. She’d been listening and heard enough to realize he’s investigating Adam. She’s angry that he went to Rey, hoping to dredge up the bad blood they had between them in the past. “You used the possibility of getting something on Adam to pull Rey into this,” she fumes. Sharon levels, “Whatever your excuse is this time… it’s always something… to try to go after him, to try to hurt him. When is this going to stop with you, Billy?!” She demands, “When are you going to let go of your hatred for Adam?!”

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