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Sharon is shocked when Nick brings Noah into Crimson Lights. They decide to go out for the afternoon.

Tessa wakes up in her bed and notices that Mariah is not beside her. She finds her on her laptop. They have a lot to talk about. Sitting on a couch, Mariah admits she was wrong to be making unilateral decisions about their relationship and feels awful for being selfish. The only thing that matters to them is what they’ve built. Tessa confesses that she spent all her time in Tuscany worrying that their relationship was over. Her girlfriend explains how she’s been coping since the birth and that trying to cut all ties was only making things worse. Now she will be as much a part of the baby’s life as Abby will allow. Tessa admires her strength and kisses her. Getting hungry, they decide to go to Society to celebrate their reunion.
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Sharon, Nick, and Noah get a table at Society and chat about the wedding and the infamous dress. Sharon saw it all online. She wonders why her son suddenly decided to leave London. He claims he felt like he was getting stuck in a rut. Noah changes the topic to Faith and his parents wonder why he keeps deflecting. He spots Mariah and Tess and immediately heads over to them. Nick admits to Sharon that he wasn’t actually invited to the wedding and explains why his sister was mad at him. They both wonder why Noah is really back and what could have gone wrong in London.
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Noah tells Mariah how great Tessa’s performance at the wedding was. He explains that he’s not going back to London any time soon — it’s not his scene and he misses his family. They talk about how tough things have been for Mariah. After he heads back to his parents, the women wonder what happened to him. Once Tessa eats, Mariah asks if she can give Dominic the teddy bear she brought her from Tuscany. She assures her she’s not obsessive, she just wants to see the baby again.
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Ashley and Abby fawn over the baby at the Chancellor estate. Ashley recalls how difficult Abby was as a baby. Abby says it’s been rough knowing how much Chance is missing out on. Her mother is sure that he is frustrated too and missing her. Ashley assures her that plenty of people are around to help her. They discuss Mariah and how much Abby has been worried about her. Christine calls Abby to announce she’s on the way with news about her husband. Ashley warns her daughter not to get her hopes up. When Christine arrives, she grimly explains that Chance was transferred to the final location for his mission. The building he was in was hit by a bomb and the State Department has said there are no survivors. Abby says this must be a mistake. Christine is still waiting for confirmation from her other contacts. Abby insists Chance wasn’t in the building — she would have felt it if he died.
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In her office at Newman, Victoria and Ashland discuss their plans for dealing with the media. He assures her he has no regrets about getting married, although he’s certainly given her some reasons to doubt him. She only cares about their future and him beating his cancer. He starts searching the internet for any sign that Gaines has been up to something and worrying if Victor actually has the threat handled.  Victoria doesn’t want to talk about all that and would rather focus on their honeymoon. She surprises Ashland by revealing that she’s already planned it.
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At home, Lily and Billy wonder why Gaines didn’t expose Ashland. He thinks that Victor and Adam are posing more of a threat now. Victor has been more overt with his threat, which isn’t his usual way — he seems to be trying to throw them off their game. They ponder what strategy must be in play and why Gaines hasn’t gone public yet. As they mull this over, they guess Victor has been trying to distract them from Gaines disappearing. While they can’t imagine Victor making Gaines disappear, they wouldn’t put anything past Adam. If they can implicate Adam in a crime, they can crush Newman Media and get rid of the Newman in one fell swoop.
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