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Over breakfast on the terrace, Ashland tells Nikki, Victor and Victoria how difficult it was to say goodbye to Harrison, though he seems very happy with Kyle and Summer. Victoria thanks her parents for the magical event. Nikki’s just glad that Billy and that Gaines fellow were prevented from ruining Victoria’s big day. Victoria steps aside with her father and says she wants the full story. Victor replies that there’s nothing to say; it’s been handled. Victoria needs to know how Gaines was handled and if he’ll need to be handled again.

Lily awakens in the suite to find Billy already up and dressed. He didn’t sleep at all and reveals that he ran into Victor last night. The old man has openly declared war on him… and Chance Comm.

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In Society, Chloe raves to Kevin about Sally pulling off the fashion coup of the decade. He congratulates her for signing off on her plan. Michael and Lauren enter and the redhead rants about Sally being up to her own tricks and showing no loyalty to her bosses at Newman Media. “She cares about no one but herself!” Chloe asks, “Exactly what have you heard?” Michael showed Lauren a photo from the wedding, unaware it would set off a firestorm. Lauren sits and explains that Victoria walked down the aisle, not in her designer’s beautiful gown, but in a dress by Sally Spectra. “I warned you about her.” Chloe delicately explains she can’t be mad — she already knew what Sally was planning. Lauren gawps. “You were in on it?!” She demands an explanation… now!
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Chloe stammers that she didn’t really know Sally’s plan would work. She went a little extreme having the dress made on her own and following Victoria to Italy. Chloe shrugs that Victoria must have been blown away by the dress. Kevin chuckles that you have to give Sally credit for having guts. Michael interjects that it’s an amusing twist, but Lauren disagrees. She stares pointedly at Chloe and levels, “You betrayed me.” She can’t believe Chloe would condone Sally doing something so underhanded. Chloe thought it was a long shot and didn’t think it would even happen, but she can’t say she’s sorry it did. They’re new in the business and Victoria wearing Sally’s dress could make Newman Media a household name. Lauren rants about Fenmore’s taking a hit. Chloe argues that she’s already established, whereas they really needed this moment in the spotlight. Lauren says she still should have told her what Sally was up to and storms out. Michael follows. Chloe sighs, “I blew it with Lauren.” Kevin agrees, “Yep. You did.”
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In the palazzo’s hallway, Sally wishes Adam good morning. Jack passes by as she remarks that she got more sleep than she would have if they’d spent the night together. He sidles up to them and Sally says she was just thanking Adam for bringing her. She goes to finish packing and Adam tells Jack she’s just a friend. Jack assures him he doesn’t owe him any explanation but warns him to be careful. “Remember what they said about playing with fire.”

In their suite, Phyllis awakens to find Nick already packing. He informs her there’s been a change of plans. “I’m not going back to Genoa City.” He reveals that he’s going to the UK with Noah and offers for her to join them if she wants. Phyllis has to get back to work. Nick is looking forward to some extra time with Noah, but will be home soon. Phyllis asks, “Are we okay?!” Puzzled, Nick says of course they’re fine. He just wants to get away from the Newman steamroller that is his family. Phyllis has felt added tension between them. Jack told her she was wrong, but she feels they’re at a tricky place in their relationship. “Either it’s going to go forward and it’s going to work out, or it’s going to fall apart.”
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Nick has just had a couple tough weeks and that’s not on her. Phyllis wants to agree with his assessment of his family, but when she does, he takes issue with it. “I just want to help you.” Nick wonders if she talked to Jack about that too. Phyllis trusts him. “He wants us to be happy.” Nick questions if he’s the best person to go to. She couldn’t find Nick and Jack was there. There’s a knock and Nick admits Noah, who’s ready to go. Nick doesn’t want to bother with goodbyes. Noah asks Phyllis if she’ll fly out with him. She has to get back to the hotel. Noah informs his father he would like to say his goodbyes.
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On the terrace, Victor will only tell Victoria that he neutralized the threat. He says there is someone else she can thank, who had a lot to do with the secret from becoming a disaster. “Adam saved your wedding.” Just then, Adam appears. He joins them all at the table and Victoria tells Adam that apparently she owes him her gratitude for saving her wedding. Adam was just doing what family does. Victor is pleased by the unity.

In their suite, Lily’s not surprised at Victor’s threat. Billy says this feels different. Lily figures he’s just trying to throw him off his game. Billy needs to be prepared to defend against them. He looks at his phone, trying to find out if Gaines has followed through on his threat to send the video to other outlets. If he does, Victoria’s honeymoon will be over before it begins. Lily thinks they should forget about it and move on. Billy still feels they should have published it so as to control the narrative. Lily reminds him he would have damaged his relationship with the mother of this children. Billy needs some air and leaves for a walk.

In the parlor, Jack admits to Phyllis that he’s a little sad to be leaving this beautiful country. Phyllis doesn’t exactly feel the same way and asks if he has room for her on the jet as Sally eavesdrops. Jack tells Phyllis she’s welcome to join him — he hopes this doesn’t mean things got worse between her and Nick.
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Still at their table on the terrace, the Newmans share stories as Noah appears to say farewell. He pulls Nikki aside to let her know that Nick’s leaving with him. She’s upset that he won’t patch things up with Victor and Victoria and goes to talk to him. Noah cajoles Adam for not wreaking any of his usual havoc. He likes to keep people on their toes.

Nikki joins Nick in his suite and says she hates to see this rift in the family. He missed the ceremony and is now slipping away without saying anything to anybody. Nick doesn’t need to exchange anymore harsh words and can’t stand the way Victor constantly pits the kids against each other. He doesn’t know if he and Victoria will ever get past their animosity. Nikki’s dismayed.
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Sally encounters Nick and Noah in the parlor and asks if Phyllis is traveling with them. Nick says she’s going back to Genoa City. Sally hopes there isn’t trouble in paradise. Adam appears and announces he and Sally are heading out soon. Victor enters and wants to talk to Nick alone.

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In the corridor, Jack tells Phyllis he’s glad to have company on the trip back home.

In the parlor, Nick refuses to have words with Victor and tells him he never should have let things get this far in the first place. He walks out. Adam asks Sally to give him a moment with his dad, and assures his father that Nick will come around. Victor wants to talk about Billy Boy Abbott and Chance Comm. When they get back, they’ll launch a full-scale attack. Adam gently reminds him of the possible ramifications. That’s why Victor made the decision. “Billy Boy Abbott almost ruined this wonderful wedding.” He went after Ashland, who is now his son-in-law. “Anyone who attacks him, attacks all of us.”
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Victor wants Adam to come up with a plan. Adam’s been opposed in the past, but is now on board. “You can count on me one hundred percent.” Billy appears in the terrace doorway as the conversation wraps up.
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At Society, Chloe talks to Sally by phone and they enthuse over the amazing score. Kevin urges, “Tell her why you called.” Chloe advises Sally there’s something they need to talk about. Sally has to go and will call her when she lands. Chloe disconnects and tells Kevin she chickened out — she didn’t have the heart to tell her Lauren is out for blood.

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Lauren and Michael enter the coffee house with Lauren ranting about Sally and Chloe. Michael thinks she’s being a bit hard on Chloe, who is ambitious and didn’t mean to hurt her. Lauren will eventually forgive her, but with Sally it’s been one catastrophe after another, and it’s not going to end until somebody does something.

In Italy, Adam flashes back to the kissing with Sally the previous night. Suddenly, she appears. He asks if she’s ready to head back and reap the rewards of her big success. She’s more than ready.

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Nick finds Phyllis in their suite. He wanted them to have a proper goodbye. Nick urges her to stop over-thinking this; he just needs a couple days. Phyllis asks if they can go back to being the happy-go-lucky couple they had been. Nick replies, “Absolutely.” She tells him to have a good trip with his son and they kiss. Nick leaves and Jack, in the hallway, watches him go.

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Billy returns to his suite and informs Lily he heard Adam and Victor plotting against Chance Comm. They’re planning on throwing the whole weight of the Newman family against them and there’s only one way to protect themselves. Lily asks, “What?” Billy says they need to strike first. “The best defence is a massive offense.”

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On the terrace, Victoria and Ashland reflect on their glorious week. Now it’s time to get back to their life. Ashland is ready to bring on the next round of treatments — whatever it takes for him to have more time with her. “Together we are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Get ready. My new wife and I are about to conquer the world.” They kiss.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Devon points Adam in the right direction.

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