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In the parlor in Tuscany, Adam tells Nick that they took care of Gaines, “So what’s the issue now?” Nick wants to talk to his father alone. Adam exits and Nick starts in about Victor keeping him in the dark about Gaines. He reminds Victor that he asked him to dig into Ashland’s background, which he did, and now he’s keeping him out of the loop and confiding in Adam. “Is Adam your go-to guy?” He accuses his father of playing his kids against each other again. Victor chuckles, then explains that he kept him out of the loop because he was there to mend fences with his sister. Knowing how he feels about Ashland, he didn’t think he’d be eager to protect his brother-in-law.

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Nick sighs. He admits he doesn’t like Ashland and probably never will, but it doesn’t matter since Victoria married him. And it doesn’t matter what they found out because no one but him seems to care. Victor’s sorry he feels that way. He thought he was doing him a favor by keeping him out of the loop about that lowlife Gaines, and assures Nick that they’ve dealt with him. That makes Nick feel concerned. “Exactly how did you take care of him?” Victor will only say that the threat was dealt with, with the utmost discretion. Nick feels his father just wants him to shut up. He rants about Ashland’s bad deeds being rewarded. They closed ranks and he’s just trying to get his sister to forgive him. Nick isn’t sure how to tell what’s right or wrong in this family any more.
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In her suite, Phyllis gets a text from Summer advising that they’re about to cut the cake. She leaves the room and encounters Jack, accusing him of ducking the party early. Jack admits it; back to back weddings is too much. Phyllis questions if it has to do with Sally, but he denies it. Phyllis offers to be his “wingman” so he doesn’t have to be lonely, but Jack balks. He asks where Nick is and learns he went to get some things off his chest with Victor. Phyllis decides she doesn’t want to go to the party and invites Jack to drink in her room. She’s frustrated and tired from all the misunderstandings with Nick. “He won’t let me help him.” Jack reminds her there’s a general rule that only family can complain about family. Phyllis guesses this is the part of the relationship where it gets tricky. They’re trying to manoeuvre through landmines. They should be in a fabulous place but every time she says something it seems to cause a flare-up. Phyllis wonders if maybe she needs conflict in a relationship. Jack thinks the self-blame is just self-sabotage. He assures her she’s changed and can be perfectly happy without drama.
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On the terrace, Elena and Nate dance and kiss. Sally clears her throat. They apologize, not having seen her there. Sally says it’s okay, she’s just there… standing alone. She congratulates Nate on his great speech, and Elena chirps that she’s due congratulations as well… for designing the wedding dress. Nate asks where her date is, and she muses that Adam’s not her date, and she’s pretty sure she may have been stood up. Nate takes Elena to put her feet in the fountain after Sally says she’s going to turn in. After they all walk away, Adam appears.
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On a bench, Tessa wipes tears away and apologizes to Noah for pouring her heart out. He’s concerned about her and his sister. Tessa thinks they’ll work through it. Noah feels for Mariah but knows taking care of her is taking a toll on Tessa as well. Tessa feels bad since Mariah is the one who went through all the trauma. Noah agrees with Tessa that having a baby is a huge decision that shouldn’t be made quickly or lightly. Tessa turns the conversation to Noah and London — she wants to know if he broke some hearts over there. He grins.
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In their suite, Lily tells Billy she’s ready to dance. Billy can show her some moves not on the dance floor. They canoodle and Lily questions if he’s wanting to skip the reception because he’s still sour the wedding took place. Billy assures her he’s totally fine with how things went and reminds her he proved it by deleting the video. Lily’s still not convinced he doesn’t want to sulk. Billy will do the Electric Slide if that’s what it takes to prove her wrong. Lily decides they don’t need an audience, so they start dancing and kissing in the room.

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Adam spots Nick on the terrace and gathers his confrontation with Victor didn’t go well. Nick asks, “What happened to Gaines.” Adam will only say he’s been handled. He offers to mediate with their father or Victoria, but Nick declines. He thinks Adam must be feeling pretty good about his position right now. Adam says family is important to him. Nick gets up and walks away.
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In their suite, a half-naked Billy tells Lily, who’s lounging in bed, that he’s having a brainstorm. Lily says, “Tell me the good.” Billy informs her there’s only one way to come out of this mess with Victor and Gaines that actually benefits Chance Comm. Lily’s concerned to hear the bad. Billy says they need a new perspective and need to flip the story on its end. Instead of making Ashland the bad guy, they’ll make Jessie Gaines the bad guy. “We’ve got to make something out of this.” Lily sighs. “Honey, why can’t you just let it go?” Billy paid a big bag of cash for the story. He didn’t say they wouldn’t publish anything, he only deleted the video. It’s the only way he can see to rise from the ashes of this trip.

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Lily doesn’t understand how Billy can do a story on Gaines without releasing the details of who he is blackmailing and why. Billy knows it will be difficult, but there has to be a way. Lily worries he’s obsessed and urges him to let it go. “Some secrets are meant to stay buried.” Billy shrugs, “Maybe.” He gets into bed and holds her.
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On the terrace, Noah tells Tessa that some misfortune befell him in London. Tessa thinks it sounds like a Dickens novel as he recounts falling for a barmaid. She reminds him he can tell her anything. Noah opens up that she was an artist too and they held late-night conversations like he’d never really had before — except with Tessa. She met someone else and left him without a second thought. Tessa’s sorry. Noah hopes next time around he’ll get it right.

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Nearby, Elena and Nate lament their poor turnout in the tipsy bocce game. She marvels that it’s nice to be in a different world. Nate agrees it’s been a nice break from medicine. Elena starts talking gelato and Nate looks forward to ordering in Italian. They practice the words they’ve learned. Nate croons, “Bellissimo. Beautiful.” Elena volleys, “Amore.” Nate replies, “Love.” Elena doesn’t want the trip to end, so Nate suggests they bring a part of Italy home with them… through their memories. They slow dance.
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In his suite, Adam pours a scotch and reclines on the bed. There’s a knock and he calls out, “Who is it?” Sally enters. He asks what she’s doing there. She’s trying to figure out why he left her to fend for herself in a palazzo of people who can’t stand her. Adam insists he looked for her. She makes herself a drink and wants to officially toast to their success. Adam apologizes for getting pulled away and makes a toast. “I admit I’m impressed.” Sally warns it’s just the beginning. Once the international fashion magazines get a hold of their news it will really take off. They clink glasses again. Sally’s disappointed she didn’t win over the Newman family, but she did get some compliments. Adam says maybe people are warming up to her charms. Sally’s only interested in winning over right now is him. She pulls him into a kiss and he takes her in his arms and returns it.
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They keep at it for a while, but then Adam pulls away. He’s sorry, but he’s not ready for this. Sally reminds him she’s not looking for commitment and vows she won’t even flirt with him in the office. Adam calls her a liar — she doesn’t do things halfway. She won’t be satisfied with one night. “I can’t give you what you want right now.” The next time he gets involved with someone it will be all or nothing… and he’s not ready for “all.” Sally will take “no” for an answer, but she warns it makes him look thoughtful and decent, which is sexy. She won’t give up hope that one day he’ll be ready for “all,” and she hopes it’s with her. Adam kisses her cheek.

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In their suite, Billy dresses and watches Lily sleeping before leaving the room quietly.

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In Phyllis’ suite, Jack slings an arm around her as he tells her he’s rooting for her and Nick, always. Sally passes by the open door, spots them, and snaps a photo.
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In the parlor, Billy asks Victor to tell him what he did with Gaines. Victor doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Billy isn’t sure if he heard, but Gaines sent him a video of evidence and he did the right thing and deleted it. “So why don’t you come clean and tell me how you got rid of Gaines?” Victor replies that he only did the right thing after doing a lot of wrong things. Victoria is none of his business anymore and that is not changing. Billy smirks. “Okay, so I guess we’re done.” Victor warns, “We’re not done. Listen very carefully. The gloves are coming off. You find another career, another life, before I take everything you own from you.”
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