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In Tuscany, Leslie begins playing the piano and Tessa sings as Victor and Victoria begin to make their way down the aisle. Adam ask Sally how she persuaded Victoria to wear the dress and takes her hand in his. At the altar, Victor wishes Victoria all the happiness in the world as he hands her off to Ashland. Billy watches as Ashland and Victoria gaze into each other’s eyes and smile.
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In the suite, Gaines tells Nick he’s a friend of Ashland’s. He arrived late and didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony. Nick demands to know why he’s in his suite and advises him to start talking fast or they’re going to have a problem. Gaines holds up his hands and asks Nick to relax. Nick senses he’s acting nervous, closes the door, and says, “You’re not going anywhere.”

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On the terrace, the Italian officiant begins the ceremony. Kyle and Summer smile at each other and Jack glances at Phyllis. Ashland begins his vows by saying that because of Victoria, he’s a different man than he once was. Despite knowing all of his flaws, she stand by him and accepts him for who he is. It’s a gift he’s not sure he can ever repay, but he’ll try with everything he has. He vows to give her all the love and support he has in his being; more than he’s ever given anyone… and above all else, absolute honesty going forward. Lily gives Billy side-eye.
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Upstairs, Gaines recognizes Nick as the brother of the bride and guesses he doesn’t approve of the wedding. Nick isn’t the one asking questions right now. Gaines admits who he is and tells Newman he knows Locke’s deepest darkest secrets. He explains that his father worked for Camilla Rhodes and talks about the forged will. Nick replies, “I’m listening.”
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On the terrace, Ashland continue to tell Victoria that she’s shown him a new way of living and taught him about forgiveness. Phyllis whispers to Jack, “Funny she can forgive this guy but not Nick.” Ashland promises to give Victoria all the joy he can in the time they have left.

Victoria begins her vows by saying Ashland is a tough act to follow, but she agrees with him. “I see myself in a different way too.” He helped her to see her capacity for love is greater than she ever expected; the connection they share is unlike anything she’s experienced. First, the merged their companies and now they’re merging their lives and families. She couldn’t feel anymore complete than she does right now. The mistakes she’s made in the past have brought her right there to him. The camera pans to Billy. Victoria continues that if it’s meant to be, love transcends all.
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In the suite upstairs, Gaines finishes the story of the forged will. Nick’s stunned to hear that his father knows all about it. Gaines explains that Billy flew him there, but he doesn’t trust him. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He urges Nick to cooperate with him and take action to help him stop his sister from marrying that terrible man.

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On the terrace, Victoria doesn’t think the words ‘in sickness and health’ could have greater meaning for anyone than it does for them. She can’t promise him forever but she promise him every precious second they have together.

Upstairs, Gaines warns Nick that time is running out; his sister is about to be legally wed to that slimeball. Nick grabs a key from the drawer, tells Gaines to stay put, and locks him in the room as he protests, “Take me with you.”
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Downstairs, Nick appears in the terrace doorway as Ashland says, “I do.” The officiant next asks Victoria if she takes Ashland to be her lawfully wedded husband. Adam spots Nick and gets up as Victoria confirms, “I do.”

In the parlor, Adam joins Nick and whispers, “What’s up?” Nick asks if he knows a guy named Jessie Gaines. Adam says they’ve been looking everywhere for him. Nick says, “Well, I found him.”

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On the terrace, Ashland asks Harrison for the rings as the wedding continues.

Inside, Nick thinks it sounds like Gaines has good reason to sabotage the wedding. “If what he says is true, I want to help him.” Billy notices them and tells Lily, “This can’t be good.” Ashland places Victoria’s ring on her finger. Lily stops Billy from answering his phone, which is vibrating. Victoria puts Ashland’s ring on his finger. Billy’s eyes flick back to Nick and Adam inside.
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In the parlor, Adam asks Nick to look at Victoria. “She’s happy. Do you really want to be the guy who wipes that look off her face on what should be the best day of her life?”
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On the terrace, the officiant pronounces Ashland and Victoria husband and wife and tells them, “You may now kiss.” They do, as everyone applauds. Beaming, Victoria and Ashland turn to look at their guests.

Inside, Adam tells Nick he did the right thing. Nick thinks it’s strange getting advice from him, especially when it involves Victoria. Adam agrees; it’s strange. Nick wonders what to do about Gaines — he’s a powder keg. Adam will call security while Nick goes to check on him.

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On the terrace, Victor and Leslie stand with the bride and groom. Victor tells the pianist she was wonderful. She walks off and Ashland how grateful they are for his support. He’ll do anything to ensure his daughter’s happiness and today, that means marrying him. Victor makes his way across the patio and warns Billy to behave himself. Billy approaches the newlyweds and says he comes in peace. Once he’s confirmed that Victoria is happy he heads for the open bar.
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Nearby, Sally chats with the Italian officiant and asks how many of the couples he marries he thinks stay together. His face falls. Sally excuses herself and listens as Lily and Elena gush over the wedding dress and want to find out the name of the designer. Lily would offer that person any amount of money to make her a dress as stunning as Victoria’s. Meanwhile, Phyllis carps at Victoria about Nick, and Vikki sarcastically notes she still came to offer her opinion.

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As everyone mingles, Ashland thanks Nate for doing a stellar job, and the doctor congratulates him. Off to the side, Noah compliments Tessa’s voice and senses she’s somewhere else right now. Tessa claims she’s fine, but he gets her to admit she misses her girlfriend. By the door, Jack connects with Phyllis over her pot shot at Victoria. She had to do it for Nick’s sake, and doesn’t understand why he’s taking issue with her helping him. Jack reminds her he’s been to back-to-back family destination weddings — that’s a lot.

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Near the garden, Lily could tell the ceremony wasn’t easy for Billy. She’s confident in their relationship, but she’s also confident that if she wasn’t there, she would have checked the text that Gaines sent him. Billy muses that nothing about this trip went the way he expected, but then again, maybe it went exactly as it was supposed to. Maybe it taught him something. Lily guesses, “Don’t give a sleazy guy a bag of cash?” Billy chuckles, “That too.” He’s been thinking about why he was so determined to make sure Victoria knows about Ashland’s past. Part of him wanted to prove Locke wasn’t a better man, and he was hoping she’d judge Locke as harshly as he felt judged at times. He knows it’s silly, because she forgave him for many things. Lily thanks him for sharing his insight. Billy says, “I love you. I love what we have.”
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In the upstairs corridor, Nick asks Adam, “Where’s security?” Adam says they’ll be there soon and suggests they check on the slippery character. They enter the suite where Gaines, on the bed, asks if they’re going to let him out in time to catch the bouquet.

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In the parlor, Phyllis texts Nick to let him know the ceremony is over. She sighs and looks outside, where Summer and Kyle canoodle. Kyle says the venue is giving him the idea to renew their vows there. Summer thinks it’s a little soon, but Kyle could do it every day. Summer notes Sally is all alone and almost feels sorry for her… almost. Nearby, Nikki asks Victoria if it’s true that Sally Spectra had the audacity to switch out her wedding dress for the one she designed. Victoria confirms it, but points out she wore it because she preferred it to the other one. Summer angles over to ask about the stunning dress and is rendered virtually speechless to hear it was designed by Sally. “What?!” Nikki takes Summer off to tell her about it and Victoria thanks her father for one of the best days of her life. Victor loves her so much and is so happy for her. She loves him too.
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Elsewhere, Jack tells Ashland he wishes him happiness and Kyle joins them to see how the groom is holding up. Locke thanks him for taking such good care of Harrison and asks him to keep the parental channels open and easy. Ashland next joins Victor to thank him for making sure the ceremony went off without a hitch. Victor urges him to consider it his official welcome to the Newman family. Ashland was sweating it a bit, thinking Gaines might show up to ruin things, but guesses he had other ideas. Nearby, Billy reads his text from Gaines, which invites him to view a video attachment.
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In the upstairs room, Adam admits to Nick that he didn’t call security; they need to keep this as quiet and controlled as possible. Nick asks, “What the hell does that mean?” Just then, Victor appears in the doorway and eyeballs Gaines. Victor doesn’t think Gaines knows what’s good for him. He’s still a threat to Victoria and her company, and he won’t allow that to happen.
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On the terrace, Victoria joins Sally, who says she looks stunning. Victoria can’t lie — the dress was a huge success and she’s really glad she wore it. She doesn’t agree with her methods, but in the end, she wore the gown that was perfect for this special occasion. Sally knows she stepped over the line but she believed in herself and her creation. Victoria thanks her and pulls her into a hug.
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In the parlor, Lily knows the look on Billy’s face and guesses he read Gaines’ text. Billy tells her he just gave them the scoop of the year. “He sent us a video of himself detailing all of Ashland’s crimes including the evidence.” He shows her. Lily gawps, “That is huge!” Billy reports that if they don’t publish within the hour, he’s going to send it to other outlets. Lily asks, “What do we do?” Billy, wearing a grim expression, looks out on the terrace where Victoria is happily kissing her new husband.
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