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In Billy’s room, Victoria wonders what she ever did to him to make him want to hurt her this way. Billy guesses that whatever Gaines said really upset her — he didn’t want her to find out this way about Ashland’s past. Victoria hollers that she doesn’t need to talk to Gaines — she knows the whole story! Billy doubts that. Ashland says he told her everything. Lily protests that Billy just wanted her to know everything. Victoria thinks Billy is upset because he wasn’t the one that got to drop a bomb on her. She continues that despite chemo, Ashland’s been fighting to make this a beautiful ceremony for her so they can have cherished memories — and Billy’s fighting to take it away! Victoria yells at him to move on, stop harassing them, and let her go! She storms out with Ashland behind her.
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Billy closes the door and turns to Lily. “I hope you’re not letting the things Victoria said get to you. There was nothing wrong with us trying to uncover the truth.” Lily retorts, “You. Not us.” She says he took it way too far by bringing Gaines there. Billy argues that he didn’t think Victoria would believe him and admits that he didn’t foresee Ashland coming clean about his crimes. Lily thinks maybe he actually loves Victoria and what they have is real, “But you don’t like hearing me say that, do you?”
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In their suite, Ashland tells Victoria that Billy is still in love with her — it’s the only explanation for his actions. Victoria scoffs, “Please don’t go there,” and adds that she’ll never trust the man again. Ashland reminds her that Billy’s not their problem right now; Gaines is. He’ll want to publicly humiliate him to get the last laugh. Victoria wants to alert security so they can throw him out, but Ashland insists he’ll take care of it.
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On the terrace, Summer, Kyle, Noah, Nick and Phyllis hang out and chuckle about Jack being off playing with Harrison. Summer enthuses about being a stepmom; they can’t imagine their lives without him now. Noah teases Summer about her closet size and Phyllis and Summer hold forth about the importance of shoes to an outfit After the kids take off, Phyllis notices that Nick is very quiet. He says, “All good, nothing to worry about.”
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In the parlor, Sally admits to Adam that she’s a little nervous now that they’re there. Adam has an idea how she can go about getting Victoria to see the dress. Sally’s all ears. He sighs, “Come on, let’s go,” and leads her out of the room.
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By the piano, Tessa chats with Elena and Nate about the beauty of the palazzo and explains that Mariah’s not with her; she decided not to come.

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In Genoa City at the coffee house, Mariah tells Kevin about how great everyone has been since she returned to work at Jabot. He says it’s unfortunate she couldn’t take a few more days off to go to Italy with Tessa. Mariah explains she stayed behind because the baby got sick. Kevin learns it’s just a cold and questions her not traveling with her partner. Mariah confides that Abby was talking about weaning Dominic while she was gone, but she thought it was too soon. Kevin understands her feeling protective of him — they went through a lot together. He knows what it’s like to be locked in a small space and offers to listen if she needs to talk about it. Mariah admits she’s a little jumpy and doesn’t like too much quiet, but she’s doing okay. She asks about his kids and he pulls out some photos.
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In Tuscany on the terrace, Noah asks his dad about the tension with Victoria. Nick decided to stick around, but give her some space. Phyllis figures whatever’s going on has little to do with him; it’s the stress of the wedding, but is just landing on him. Nick reminds her about being on their best behavior. She guesses he means her and asks, “Why wouldn’t I be on my best behavior?” Nick nods, “Right.”
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In Billy’s suite, he insists to Lily that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda; it’s Victoria pushing that narrative because she’s in denial about how serious Ashland’s crimes are — it may be because of the merger. Lily sighs. It doesn’t matter why she’s standing by Locke; she is, and his plot to expose him backfired. “The wedding is happening tomorrow whether you like it or not and that is Victoria’s choice to make.” She doesn’t even think they should be there.
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Billy won’t apologize for trying to find the truth, but he won’t intervene and will find Gaines and send him on his way. He thinks they should go to the wedding so the kids see their parents supporting each other. Also, Victoria will need help when Ashland’s health deteriorates and she’ll need to know she can count on him. Lily sees he wants to make amends in his own antagonist way. Billy assures Lily he loves her and is not hung up on his ex. Lily knows he goes to extremes to take care of those he loves, and even though it’s exhausting, it’s also endearing. They kiss.

In the parlor, Nikki and Victor introduce Tessa to Leslie and the women go off to talk about songs. Adam joins Victor just as Nick and Noah come in from outside. Adam shakes Noah’s hand and compliments his work on the Newman Media launch party. Victor is chuffed to have them all together and getting along. Leslie starts playing and Noah turns to watch his ex, Tessa, singing.
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Upstairs, Victoria fixes her make-up and sighs, “Damn you, Billy. I am not going to let you ruin this night for me.” She gets up and walks out. In the corridor, Sally comes out from a hiding spot, sneaks into Victoria’s room, and replaces the wedding dress in the wardrobe with the dress she designed. She ducks out of sight when Victoria returns. Victoria notices the wardrobe door is open and muses, “That’s odd.” She closes it and leaves again. Sally tiptoes out and breathes a sigh of relief.
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On the terrace, Adam chats with Nate and Elena and they ask if he ever connected with Billy. Adam tracked him down but the conversation didn’t go as he hoped so he’ll steer clear. Nearby, Phyllis complains to Jack about Adam being there and Victoria accepting him while treating Nick like a gate-crasher.

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In the parlor, Victoria tells Leslie and Tessa their music sounds beautiful. They start up another tune and Victoria joins her dad on the sofa. He asks if she’s alright. She nods. Nick and Noah appear and Victor notes the tension between sister and brother.
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On the terrace, Phyllis assures Nick that Victoria will come around and owe him a huge apology. Nick knows she doesn’t like his sister, but it doesn’t help when she exploits the situation. He walks away. Jack, who overheard, advises her to let it roll off.

In Crimson Lights, Mariah takes a call from Tessa and asks how everything is going. Tessa tells her the place is out of a magazine and everyone is asking about her. She raves about meeting Leslie Brooks and Mariah cuts her off saying she’s tired and had insomnia last night. “We’ll catch up later, okay?”

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In Italy, Tessa looks at her phone after Mariah disconnects. Noah appears and tells her that until he saw her, he didn’t realize how much he missed her.

Back at Crimson Lights, Kevin questions Mariah about her going off on Tessa, but Mariah changes the subject back to the kids. Kevin tells a hilarious story about a play and gets her laughing.
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On the terrace in Italy, Sally tells Adam her mission was accomplished. Adam warns Sally to manage her expectations where the dress is concerned. Sally has to believe Victoria’s going to love it, at which point she’ll move in and make her final sales pitch. He hopes it works out for her. Just then, Summer and Kyle appear. Adam congratulates them on their wedding. Summer gawps, “What is she doing here?!” Adam says Sally’s his date. Sally smiles smugly.
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Later, Summer and Kyle tell Phyllis and an incredulous Jack that Adam brought Sally as his date. Summer doesn’t want to even let her know she’s getting under their skin. Jack suggests Phyllis stay away from Sally, but the riled up redhead snaps that Sally should stay away from her. Nearby, Sally bids Adam goodnight and heads to her room.

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Adam strolls into the parlor in time to see Ashland whisper in Victor’s ear and the two of them walk off. Victoria watches as well.
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On the terrace, Noah and Tessa catch up and he admits the art world is a little discouraging as it’s become all about business as opposed to creativity. Tessa teases he could become a stand-up comic but he’s painfully serious all the time. They share a significant look.
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Nearby, Ashland updates Victor on Gaines. Victor will look after it. Ashland warns even if they can keep him away from the wedding he can still do damage to Newman-Locke. Victor replies, “It’s not going to happen.” In the shadows, a concerned Adam lurks and listens.

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In a quiet spot outside, Elena knows Nate will be busy tomorrow, but says tonight he’s all hers. He likes the sound of that. Leslie starts playing piano and they begin to dance. When Nate leads her away to their room, Phyllis sees and says, “Goodnight, you guys!” She spots Nick and joins him. He apologizes for snapping at her; none of this is her fault. Phyllis says it’s hard for her to hang out with his family, who doesn’t like her, but she does this for him. Nick was out of line and it won’t happen again. They flirt as Jack wanders out and watches them. Nikki grabs him and asks, “You haven’t seen Victor, have you?”

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Upstairs, Lily and Billy are in bed naked — they never made it to the party. She admires his ability to admit he got off track and course-correct. They start kissing.
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In her suite, Victoria is in her robe when Ashland comes in and tells her that he and Victor briefed the security team — they will find Gaines and get rid of him. She hopes everything is okay for their wedding. Ashland assures her there will be no more interruptions and by this time tomorrow they’ll be husband and wife. They share a kiss.

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