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In Ashland’s groom suite, he’s about to tell Victoria about his encounter with Billy, but Victor interrupts to say he has everything under control. When her father leaves, Victoria asks her husband-to-be, “What is this really about?” Locke tells her he had a little trouble breathing and ironically, Billy came to his rescue. Victoria relays that he’s been flooding her phone with messages; she’s surprised he wasn’t banging down her door as soon as he arrived. She can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes he flew all this way for nothing. Ashland doesn’t want to give him another thought.
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On the terrace, Jack and Nikki spot Billy passing by and call out a welcome. Nikki asks about Lily and the kids. Billy explains they’ll be joining him and rushes off again. Jack asks the blonde, “What do you suppose that was about?” Nikki figures it’s nothing good.

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In Phyllis and Nick’s room, she tells him she’ll leave or go home; whatever he wants. Nick doesn’t want to be a dark cloud hanging over Victoria’s wedding. Nick says, “Then let’s just leave.” A voice cautions, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just got here, Dad.” Nick turns to see Noah grinning in the doorway. He could tell his father was preoccupied at Summer and Kyle’s ceremony and now he’s thinking of leaving Victoria’s wedding? Phyllis leaves them to talk and Nick tells Noah that he dug around in Ashland’s past and made his sister feel betrayed. Noah wonders if he’s going to leave because his feelings are hurt and urges him to stick around and fight for his relationship with Victoria. He’ll be really disappointed if his dad doesn’t follow through on his own advice.
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On the terrace, Victor promises Nikki that nothing will disrupt the event. Nearby, Jack dishes with Elena and Nate, “There seems to be some intrigue afoot.” Nate says they picked up on that too. Jack hopes it has nothing to do with his brother. Across the way, Leslie Brooks arrives and greets Nikki and Victor. Jack joins the gathering and charms her as well. “We have a lot of catching up to do.” He calls Elena and Nate over and makes introductions. Nikki gushes over Leslie’s piano playing; they’re thrilled she agreed to play at Victoria’s ceremony.
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Jack spots Billy searching around again and confronts him. He claims he’s looking for Lily and chastises his brother for being suspicious of him. Jack doesn’t think it’s a stretch he might be up to something. Phyllis appears as Billy takes off.
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In the parlor, Ashland assures Victoria he’s ready to greet their guests for the happiest event of his life. They step out onto the terrace, where Nikki announces, “Here they are everybody! The bride and the groom!” Ashland and Victoria embrace and smile.
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Ashland and Victoria chat with Leslie Brooks and Ashland kisses her hand before letting her know he’s a fan and requesting one of his favorite songs. Leslie agrees and can’t wait to accompany Tessa Porter. She takes to the piano and begins playing just inside the doors. Everyone stops to listen. Elena teases Nate that the pressure is on for his speech.

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Billy rolls into his suite and blurts, “Dammit, where are you?!” Lily appears. “I’m right here!” She tells him the kids are napping and she’s about to change for the party. Billy is distracted, which disappoints her. He kisses her and asks about Mattie, who is having a hard time finding people on her wavelength. She realizes she wasn’t the person Billy was expecting to find in the room and asks, “What have you done now?” He reveals he found evidence that Ashland committed fraud and explains that the evidence is a person — Jessie Gaines. Lily learns he paid the guy off with a bag of cash and asks what Victoria said when he told her. Billy hasn’t told her yet because he lost Gaines.

Nick and Noah join the party. Noah urges his dad to have a drink and get his head in the game before heading out to greet Victoria. She hugs her nephew and Ashland joins them. Noah tells Locke he made a fine choice in best man. They touch on Ashland’s illness before Noah asks his aunt not to get mad, but he convinced his dad to stick around.
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Nearby, everyone applauds and Phyllis gawps as Summer and Kyle arrive. Phyllis and Nick greet Summer before Ashland and Victoria move in. They compare notes on wedding planning, and Summer says she’s looking forward to being a guest. Kyle ruminates about Summer getting recognized on the streets of Milan and Nick muses that his supergirl’s a star. Just then, Harrison appears. He runs across the terrace to Ashland cheering, “Father!” Ashland scoops him up into his arms.
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As the party continues, Victoria shoots looks at Nick and eventually gives a small smile. He returns it. Jack notices and Phyllis confides that Nick was ready to leave earlier; maybe Noah got through to him. Jack hopes so — he’d hate for her to leave already. Nearby, Elena and Nate compare career notes with Leslie. She’s surprised to hear Nate doesn’t know the groom very well, but understands Ashland and Victoria are ready to start a new chapter. Nate agrees that what really matters is where they go from here. Across the way, Nikki and Nick marvel at how much Noah has grown. She’s alarmed to hear that her son is still considering leaving and urges him to be patient.

In their corner, Phyllis admits to Jack that she wants to stay to spend time with her daughter, but still feels like an outsider with this family. Jack reassures her she’s not, especially with Nick. Phyllis tells him, “You don’t have to do that. You know that, right?” She knows he’s trying to be supportive of her and Nick as a couple to compensate for what he confessed to her, but he doesn’t have to. “Let’s just go back to normal.”
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Inside, Summer asks Noah what’s going on with their dad’s mood. Noah explains that he and Victoria aren’t in the best place right now. Summer can’t understand them putting all the energy into fighting when they’ll make up eventually. Noah misses the family, but not the drama. Summer agrees; Italy is a nice change of pace. Noah teases her about being a married old lady. Summer counters that the family will expect him to be next. Noah opens up about not trusting anything to last. Summer explains how she and Kyle realized they wanted to be together forever and suggests Noah move to Milan. Noah admits he is thinking about a change of scenery.
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In Billy’s suite, Lily can’t believe he actually brought Gaines to Italy. Billy just wants Victoria to know she’s marrying a liar and a fraud. He complains that he’s searched the villa and property and can’t find him anywhere. Billy wonders if Victor found him, but Lily argues if that were the case he’d have thrown Billy out too. Billy’s concern right now is that Gaines has his own plan.
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On the terrace, Kyle thanks his dad for making the move to Italy work for them. Jack’s proud of everything Kyle’s doing with Harrison, including honoring the bond with the man who raised him. Kyle relays that he misses Tara and Ashland, but he wakes up every day just joyful. To be able to give him time with Ashland makes him happy. Jack notes he puts his son’s happiness first. Kyle says, “I learned that from you, dad.” They embrace.
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Victor calls for everyone’s attention and makes a toast. He honors Ashland as a man he’s come to know and respect and teases that he’s almost as ruthless as he is, but he’s not worried about Victoria. It was wheeling and dealing with Ashland that led her to see he was a good match for her. They’ve created an empire, not only merging in the boardroom, but also being very loving with each other. Victor muses that a father never thinks a man is good enough for his daughter, but he approves of Ashland. He raises a toast to the couple and their family. “A la familia.” Ashand and Victoria kiss.
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Inside, Ashland shakes Victor’s hand and tells him the speech meant a lot. Victor meant every word and says, “Now, let’s make sure Billy Boy Abbott doesn’t ruin things.” Ashland is going to look for him. He walks out of the room and turns the corner… where Gaines is lying in wait. “Ashland. Many happy returns of the day.”

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Outside, Elena laughs to Nate that Victor covered everything she can imagine him saying in his best man speech. Nate counters that something Leslie said earlier inspired him. He’ll talk about Ashland being a new friend, someone he’s come to know under extraordinary circumstances, which speaks to his character. He’s marrying Victoria, someone he does know and wants the best for. Elena loves it. They kiss.

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In the hallway, Ashland asks Gaines what the hell he and Billy are up to. Gaines doesn’t want to spoil the surprise and would rather see him sweating for a bit. He wonders if he should walk into the party and announce how he built his empire, or maybe he’ll wait until tomorrow at the ceremony… or maybe he’ll make him so nervous he’ll call off the wedding. Suddenly, Victoria appears. Gaines says, “Enjoy the rest of your evening, lovebirds.” Victoria says to Ashland, “That was Jessie Gaines, wasn’t it?” Ashland declares he’ll call security and let them handle this, but Victoria stops him. “Don’t. I know exactly how to handle this.”
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In Billy’s suite, Lily asks him what he thinks Gaines will do if he’s working his own angle. He figures he might plan on interrupting the ceremony. Lily says, “You can’t let him do that.” Billy knows; Victoria would never forgive him. Just then, Victoria busts in with Ashland and demands, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

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