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In Italy, Phyllis is looking out the window of her room when Jack knocks and pops in. They marvel over the gorgeous palazzo and Jack gives her a bag she left in the jet. Phyllis tells him it’s a Marchetti and talk turn to Nick’s whereabouts. She relays that they had explicit instructions not to come… so he’s taking the bull by the horns right now. Jack feels that Victoria knows down deep that her wedding wouldn’t be the same without her brother there. He cautions Phyllis against getting involved and says he won’t either. She tries to convince herself this will work out. Jack muses that at least he’s accepted the marriage unlike Billy, who he’s told numerous times to let Victoria live her life. Phyllis worries that sometimes talking nice isn’t the way to go and that’s probably what he’s doing right now.
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On the terrace, Nick greets his parents and asks them if they think there’s any chance he can repair things with Victoria before she says, “I do.” Nikki warns she’s dealing with pre-nuptial stress, but Nick wanted to talk to her in person. Victor chastises him for going to New Jersey to dig up old skeletons. Nick thinks he and Victoria can iron it out. Victor doesn’t want any problems on her happy day. Nick’s stunned to hear they’re both on board with this wedding.

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In the villa’s living room, Elena finds Nate staring at his tablet. He’s having trouble coming up with a best man toast. Elena understands; he hasn’t known Ashland very long. She muses, “Come with me… To find some romantic inspiration.”
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In their suite, Victoria tells Ashland that everything is set. He’s still concerned about her heart and whether she’s really, truly all in. Ashland doesn’t want her to go through with it if her main motivation is to save the company. Victoria says Newman-Locke will be safe either way. Ashland senses she has a plan to save the company and takes her in his arms. She assures him she wants to marry him and can’t help but thinking of his childhood. Victoria recaps him running from an abusive home, losing the one friend he had in his life, and then being disappointed by Camila. She’s come to terms with why he didn’t tell her and vows that they’re okay. “This time tomorrow you and I will be husband and wife, and nothing is going to stop that now.” They begin kissing.
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In the corridor, Billy sneaks Gaines into his room. Gaines savors the opportunity to bring about the downfall of Ashland Locke and envisions something dramatic, like humiliating him at the altar when he’s waiting for his bride. Billy cautions that they’re not looking for pyrotechnics. Gaines argues the point, but Billy is only there to protect Victoria and give her the truth. He hopes he can convince Victoria to come back to his suite and speak to them alone. Billy tells Gaines to stay there while he goes to find her.

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Elena and Nate return from the winery down the road, but Nate reports it didn’t clear his writer’s block. They brainstorm about Victoria and Ashland and realize that sharing professional interests can bring two people together because they share the same passion and values. They are about to drink some wine when Billy appears. Elena hopes he’s come to terms with the fact the wedding is going to happen. Nate agrees; there’s no way Victoria’s going to back out now. Billy replies, “Yeah, well, we’ll see.” He leaves to find Victoria and Nate and Elena realize he’s not letting this go.
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In their suite, Ashland’s stricken with a cough and assures Victoria he’s taken his medication. Talk turns to their personal vows. Ashland says his are written in his heart and they have been for a while now. Victoria’s are on paper and he can’t get a sneak peek. He zips her dress and she urges him to meet her downstairs. Once alone, Ashland sits down, exhales, and coughs.
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In Phyllis’ suite, she worries to Jack about security throwing them out on their butts. Their phones ding and they each get the wedding photos from Summer and Kyle’s ceremony. Jack takes off leaving Phyllis smiling at her phone.

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On the terrace, Victor tells Nick that he’s okay with the wedding because Ashland came clean. Nick’s irked they are making excuses for him. Victor asks him to let this go and accept his sister’s decision. Just then, Victoria appears and stops short at the sight of Nick.
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Nikki tells Victoria that Nick wants to make peace and urges her to hear him out. Victoria muses that nothing he can say will upset her more than she already is. Victor and Nikki leave them to talk and Victoria informs Nick that she’s not calling off the wedding.

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Inside, Victor tells Nikki he fears that Nicholas won’t let this go and will ruin this special day for their daughter. Nikki thinks he’ll put his sister’s happiness first. Though she’s concerned that Nick doesn’t know about the latest surprise regarding Camila Rhodes. Victor feels the only thing that matters is that Victoria’s okay with it — he’ll see that the secret stays buried.

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On the terrace, Nick tells Victoria it was never his intention to betray her. Victoria retorts that he did, and then he couldn’t let it go. Nick understand why Ashland worked so hard to keep such a painful secret. He may not ever be able to trust him, however. Victoria thinks that’s funny since he totally destroyed her trust in him. “How am I ever supposed to confide in you again?” Nick would never hurt her on purpose and asks her to allow him to be there for on her wedding day. Victoria appreciate the effort he’s making, but she can tell he’s still not sold on her fiancé. She won’t forgive him, but she won’t tell him to go. Their parents want him there. Nick frowns. “It’s your wedding, do you want me to be there or not.” Victoria doubts she’d even notice him in the crowd. “You hurt me Nicholas, it’s not my job to absolve you or make you feel better.” She plans to focus on Ashland and her wedding. Nick sighs as she walks off.
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In the corridor, Billy hears coughing and opens a suite door to see Ashland mid-coughing fit. Billy says it looks like he could use some help and asks what he can do. Locke asks for a glass of water and Billy gets one. Ashland’s surprised he showed his face given Nikki asked him to bow out. Billy wouldn’t miss the event of the year. Ashland warns if he has plans to disrupt the wedding, there’s something he should know. Billy asks, “What’s that?” Just then, Victor appears, spots Billy, and levels, “What the hell are you doing here?”
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On the terrace, Victoria is updating Nikki on her chat with Nick when Jack appears and gushes about the palazzo. They discuss Summer and Kyle’s wedding and Victoria’s sorry she couldn’t make it. She’s glad that they’re coming and that Ashland will get to see Harrison. Victoria goes to check on some things and Jack asks Nikki if everything is alright. He heard there was tension between Nick and Victoria. Nikki downplays it. Jack thinks everything will work out and it will be a stunning wedding. Elena and Nate join them and Jack’s surprised to hear that Nate’s the best man. “Ashland is a man of many surprises.” Nikki smiles widely, “Yes he is!” They go over the beauty of Tuscany and how it’s perfect for a wedding.
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In Ashland’s suite, Victor says he’s there to talk to Ashland, the man who is worthy of his daughter. Billy smirks, “Come on, you really believe that?” Victor reminds Billy this is his property. He can have him thrown off or he can leave on his own. Billy turns to Ashland, who agrees that Billy should vacate the premises. Billy asks where he can find Victoria. Victor warns him to stay away from her and orders him out. Once alone, Ashland tells Victor that he was just about to tell Billy that Victoria already knows his secret. Victor reveals that he just found out that the charter Billy flew in on had another passenger on board — Jessie Gaines.
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Nick joins Phyllis in the suite and confirms that his conversation with Victoria didn’t go as hoped. She said he could go to the wedding, but her heart wasn’t in it. Phyllis recaps that he was just trying to help her. “I don’t get this. Maybe it’s a Bridezilla thing.” She feels she’s being petty and treating him like dirt. Nick asks Phyllis not to trash his sister; this is his battle and he’ll deal with it. Phyllis assures him she was only pointing out that he’s not the one that’s wrong. Nick doesn’t want to cast a shadow over her wedding by staying there. Phyllis gawps, “Seriously? You’re leaving?”
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In the parlor, Victoria speaks to Reed on the phone. She’s sorry he can’t make it and misses him.

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In Ashland’s suite, he can’t understand how Billy found Gaines and got him there without Victor knowing. Just then, Victoria walks in and asks what’s wrong.

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Billy returns to his room to find Gaines has disappeared.

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