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At Billy’s place, Adam informs him he’s not going to Italy. “You’re not getting anywhere near Victoria’s wedding.” Billy wonders who is going to stop him. “You?” Adam warns if he’s smart it won’t come to that… it would be a move Billy would regret. He urges Billy to let Victoria live her life. “Why are you so hell bent on sabotaging her happiness?” Billy’s trying to preserve her happiness by keeping her from marrying a duplicitous man like Locke. Adam points out neither of them are in a position to throw shade at Ashland. Billy pretends he doesn’t know who Jessie Gaines is, but Adam doesn’t buy it. Billy wonders if the guy poses some kind of threat. Adam replies, “You are the threat Billy.” Billy figures Adam has nothing — his father called and told him to jump and he asked, “How high?” Billy mocks Adam for his father not trusting him with the details and asks, “Whose pathetic now?”
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Adam tells Billy to stop trying to change the subject. They bicker about whether Adam’s changed and Billy goads Adam about getting the consolation prize — Newman Media. Adam’s not trying to destroy anyone’s life like Billy; he’s the destructive one. This isn’t even about Victoria, it’s about Billy and his jealousy, insecurity and thinking he knows what’s best. Adam doesn’t think Billy can stand the fact that she’s marrying a man far superior to him. Billy fumes when Adam says he thinks Locke is a good influence on his kids. He orders the Newman to get the hell out of there. Adam needles that Billy is going to fail and he can’t wait to have a front row seat to his humiliation. After Adam goes, Billy looks a little shaken.
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In Tuscany, Ashland was happy to hear that Victoria still wants to marry him, but he’s not sure she should. “Perhaps I should call off the wedding.” Victoria learns that he spoke to her mother, who’s worried that she’s moving forward with the nuptials for all the wrong reasons. Victoria knows her mother meant well, but she’s wrong. A year ago, Ashland would have been right there with her protecting the company, but her love has profoundly changed him. He betrayed that love by keeping secrets… he can see how wounded she is, and he doesn’t want her to go through with the marriage if her heart’s no longer in it.
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In their room at the villa, Victor is upset to hear that Nikki told Ashland he should call off the wedding — they’re sending mixed messages — he just told Victoria how happy he is that she’s marrying Ashland! Nikki’s miffed that he’s still alright with this wedding and then quickly realizes he already knew the details of Ashland’s past. Talk turn to Billy. Nikki could say a lot about him and Victor, but she’s mostly concerned about Victoria, whose heart is actually broken. Victor insists they love each other and that’s the most important thing. He knows Ashland wants to spend what’s left of his life with her! Nikki decides if the marriage will make her happy she’ll support it.
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In their hotel suite, Tessa wishes Mariah was coming with her to Tuscany and wonders what she’ll even do if something comes up with Dominic. Mariah knows he’s not her responsibility, but her heart hasn’t caught up. She realizes it doesn’t make sense to Tessa, but it’s what she needs. Tessa just wants her to get back to her old self. All she cares about is helping her find her way to being happy again. Mariah reminds her that having a baby of their own would make her happy, but she took that completely off the table. “Where do I go from here?”
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Tessa wants them to take their time and plan for their future as parents. She tries again to get Mariah to come to the wedding, but she’s not comfortable going. Tessa asks her to picture them in Rome at the coliseum. Mariah’s still not up for it. Tessa suggests seeing an Italian metal band, which would be fun and cathartic. After they’re rejuvenated, they can start talking about a family. Mariah thinks it sounds suspiciously like a bribe. Tessa asks, “Is it working?”

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Mariah isn’t ready to go away from Dominic. Moving out of the mansion was the correct step, but she still has a lot of issues to take care of to disconnect in a healthy way. She knows Abby will take care of him, but what if she’s gone and he needs breast milk. Tessa points out there are other options. Mariah admits Abby talked about switching to formula but she has to prove she’s there for him. “Do you understand?” Tessa understands that she’s making a lot of excuses.
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In Tuscany, Ashland asks Victoria what she’s thinking when she looks at him now that she knows the entire story. Victoria shares that she tried to figure out what she would have done in his position. Ashland is certain she would have done the right thing. He’s been a self-serving man, who wants to do better because of her. Victoria tells him that despite everything she still loves him and still wants to be his wife. Ashland pulls her into a passionate kiss.
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In Billy’s apartment, Gaines is uptight that Billy received a visit from Victor Newman’s son and declares he’s not going to Italy with him — that wasn’t part of their deal. Billy insists he’s accompanying him and says he’ll make it worth his while. Gaines argues that he would basically be delivering him into the hands of the two men he betrayed — how does he know that Billy won’t throw him to the wolves. Billy assures him they’ll get in and out. All he has to do is tell Victoria everything he told him about Ashland’s past. He reminds him that there is something in it for him far sweeter than any amount of money.
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At the palazzo, Victoria and Ashland’s kiss is interrupted by the arrival of Elena and Nate. Victoria urges them to have a great time; everything is under control. Ashland takes them to their room and Victoria perches on the sofa touching her lips and thinking.

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Outside the villa, Ashland admits to Nate that he’s not feeling that great but he won’t let anything get in the way of him marrying Victoria. Elena joins them as Ashland reports that he took their advice and followed his heart and it worked out pretty well. They warn Locke that they saw Billy before they left who alluded to getting some information and made it pretty clear that he didn’t want the wedding to go ahead. Ashland assures them he can’t do anything to stop it.

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Once alone, Elena tells Nate she’s glad Ashland wasn’t worried. Talk turns to them being in paradise and Nate is happy to see her so relaxed. He makes a suggestion about places they can go, including a waterfall. Elena would love to see that with him and warns that the idea of being there with him makes her heart race.
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Elsewhere outside, Victor and Nikki take in the breathtaking surroundings and share a kiss. Victor gets a text and has to take care of something.

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In their hotel room, Tessa apologizes for her last remark coming out the wrong way. She’s there to help Mariah any way she can. Mariah asks, “Then stay with me, please? Don’t go to the wedding.” She urges her to say she’s sick, but Tessa can’t do that; it would be really unprofessional and they’re counting on her. Mariah says she’s right and urges her to go before walking into the washroom and closing the door. Tessa sits on the bed looking distressed.

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In Tuscany, Nikki greets Elena and Nate and tells them they gave Ashland and Victoria the palazzo as a wedding gift. She explains that Victor had to step out for a minute.

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Elsewhere, Victor is on the phone with Adam, who is in Society, and updates him that Gaines was seen going into Billy’s place. He confronted Billy, who seems even more determined to stop the wedding. Adam needs more information so Victor says he’ll tell him everything. After he fills him in off screen, the two Newmans agree that Victoria belongs with Ashland. Adam says she will be as long as Billy doesn’t show up shooting his mouth off. He figures Abbott will fail, but isn’t convinced they can even count on him to do that properly. Victor fumes he paid that Gaines SOB a lot of money to go away. Adam asks, “How far do you want me to go to stop them?”
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At Billy’s place, he reminds Gaines that revenge is sweeter than money. Gaines admits it would be a magnificent moment. Billy urges him to think about how satisfying it would be to see the look on Locke’s face when he realizes that Jessie was the one with the power to take him down all along. Gaines asks, “When do we leave?” Billy tells him they’ll take the last flight out. He’ll get his revenge and Billy will stop someone he cares about from making one of the biggest mistakes of their life.

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Billy calls Lily to see how things are in California and updates her that if all goes well, she may not even need to board a flight to Italy because there won’t be a wedding.

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In Italy, Victoria and Ashland have drinks with Nikki, Elena and Nate, who want relationship advice. Victoria glances at Ashland and says communication is key. Victor joins them and whispers to Nikki, “See, everything is going well and will continue to go well.”

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