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At Society, Elena and Nate enthuse about traveling to Italy. Billy walks in and says he thinks they’ll have a blast. He wants to set up a double-date while they’re over there. Nate relays that Ashland’s sending his jet for them later today. Billy is meeting Lily there and doubts Ashland would want him on his plane. He admits he still thinks there’s time for Victoria to change her mind and he’s hoping she does. Elena assures Billy that Ashland adores his ex. Billy replies, “Of course he does, what’s not to love?” He vows that he’s moved on and wants Victoria to be happy, but he doesn’t agree with choices that Locke has made. Billy understands they see Ashland in a different light. Nate admires him tremendously for how he’s handling his health crisis — it says a lot about his character. Elena suggests Billy drop the idea of holding Ashland accountable for things in his past.
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Nate reminds Billy that Lily accepts him for who he is today. Billy concedes that Lily knows about his past. He’s been open and honest with her about everything — but he can’t say the same about Ashland. Billy won’t turn a blind eye and ignore the red flags. Elena asks if he intends to interfere with the wedding. Billy will just make sure Victoria has all the facts. He gets a text and leaves. “I’ll see you in Italy.” Once alone, Nate tells Elena he doesn’t like the sound of that.
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In the park, Sally asks Adam if he’s ready for the trip and warns she’ll have a lot of luggage due to the wedding dress and its accessories. Adam wonders how she’ll actually get it in front of Victoria. Sally is sure she’ll come up with a strategy once she has a chance to scope out the villa. Adam corrects her, “Palazzo.” Sally guesses it’s gorgeous, old, elegant and luxurious. Adam admits he’s never been there. Sally feels they can explore it together. He reminds her they’re just flying over in the same jet. “Just so we’re clear, we’re not going to Italy as a couple. You’re not my date for the wedding.” Sally gets it, and teases he may not be as irresistible as he thinks he is. She’s appreciative and promises not to read more into it, as well as making sure no one gets the wrong idea.
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Adam gets a text and has to go. Chloe happens along as she asks about meeting at the airport, and learns he’s taking her to Italy. Once Adam’s gone, Chloe tells Sally she really needs to rethink this. Sally explains that he has to at least try to get Victoria to consider her dress. Chloe asks, “With Adam?” Sally needs a way to get there and help getting past the security. She assures her it’s not about romance. Chloe scoffs; who could even think about romance in such a setting? Sally tells her she worries too much and flounces off.
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In Tuscany, Victoria hopes Ashland is finally ready to be completely honest with her. Ashland warns that once she learns what she’s done, she’ll be complicit. She asks, “Does this have to do with an actual crime?” Ashland confirms, “It does,” and questions if she still wants to know. Victoria urges him to tell her everything. They sit down and Ashland talks about going for the interview with Camila Rhodes. He thought he could bluff his way through it, but he was a mess. He was a kid, all alone in the world, and still in shock from the car wreck and his friend dying. Victoria learns that Camila had better candidates for the job but no one wanted it more and she sensed that. “She took me under her wing.” Victoria feels that must have meant a lot to her. Ashland says it did, and he thought it did to her as well; she was all alone in the world. He recounts that Camila treated him like a son and mapped out a future for him in the media world, but then it all went to hell.
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Ashland recaps how grateful he was for Camila looking out for him and how hard it hit him when she passed away. Ashland assumed there would be some provision for him in her will. Victoria asks, “There wasn’t?” He explains that her lawyer, Jessie Gaines Sr., told him that she left her estate to charities — a cat sanctuary for God’s sake. He knows it sounds spoiled that he felt entitled to her estate. Camila left a letter explaining that she knew he could make it on his own, but he was angry, and Gaines was angry on his behalf as well. They came to realize that they could… fix it.
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Outside Society, Adam looks in at Elena and Nate and texts his contact to let him know he missed Billy. He asks if he met with anyone. The contact replies, “Hastings, Dawson.” Inside, Elena and Nate are discussing the clinic when Adam interrupts to ask if they’ve seen Billy. They tell him he just left a minute ago after receiving a text message; as though there was breaking news. Adam doesn’t see any blockbusters on the Chance Comm site. Nate asks why he was meeting him. Adam wanted to negotiate a truce before the wedding. He was hoping he and Billy could agree to be happy for Ashland and Victoria. Nate and Elena hint that Billy doesn’t feel that way, and explain they’ll be in Tuscany as well since Nate is Ashland’s best man. Adam looks forward to seeing them there. After Adam goes, Nate figures Adam’s trying to score points with Victor and is glad he’s not causing trouble — Victoria and Ashland have enough to deal with.
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In Tuscany, Ashland tells Victoria that Jessie wrote another letter purportedly from Camila, which became a codicil to the original and overrode it. It left him her entire estate. Victoria gathers that he used her funds to buy her news stations. Ashland laments that Camila deserved better, and he regretted his actions when he grew older. Victoria learns that Gaines Sr. had come to like Ashland and wanted his loyalty to be rewarded. Victoria asks about Gaines Jr. threatening him, so Ashland explains that he found out about the original note stipulating that he was to receive no inheritance and began blackmailing him. When he learned he was dying he realized it was the end of the gravy train so he demand a last lump sum payment. Victoria guesses there was no surprise for her, instead the money he was asking his banker for was to pay him off. Ashland didn’t want to lie to her; he wanted to shield her from the ugliness. He explains that Gaines is gone, but he’s not the one who paid him off. “Your father beat me to it.” Victoria can’t understand why her father would intervene. Ashland says he made it clear it wasn’t for his sake. “He loves you so much and said to consider it a wedding gift.” They figure he was also concerned about the public image and Ashland supposes he doesn’t mind having leverage over him. He also could relate to his difficult past. Ashland warns that despite what Victor has done, the threat hasn’t been eliminated — far from it.
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Billy meets his investigator at his apartment and asks where Gaines is at. The woman says, “Mr. Gaines, would you join us please?” Gaines emerges. Billy grins and tells him it’s good to see him again.
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Billy grills the man about his abrupt departure from Genoa City and guesses Victor Newman was behind it. Gaines confirms that Victor paid him more than Billy was offering and more than he’ll offer now. He won’t negotiate unless Billy guarantees him protection from Newman. Billy’s confident he can protect him, but Gaines needs more than his word. He’ll want to sign off on whatever his security team comes up with for him. Billy wonders if he’s worried about Victor, why is he there in the first place? He guesses he wants the truth to come out… but why? “What is your beef with him?” Gaines confirms it’s personal — Billy will find out why after they’ve made their deal.
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At Society, Elena worries about what to pack for their trip and Nate teases her. She thinks the adventure will be a great step forward for them, and says again how happy she is that he gave them another chance to get things right. Nate jokes they could be going to Fresno for all he cares.

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In Italy, Ashland tells Victoria that Victor paid Gaines but he didn’t know about the first letter. He can still hold that over his head; he hates him, always has. His father had no respect for his son and compared him unfavorably to Ashland. Victoria fumes that if he tries to come after Ashland in any way it’s going to come back on her company. “This is going to be a huge scandal.” If she doesn’t come forward right away, she’ll be complicit. Ashland assures they’re free from legal repercussions as the statute of limitations has long expired, but his reputation and that of Locke Communications would be tarnished… and since they’ve merged, Newman would also be affected. He asks her to put that aside for a moment and wonders, “What’s in your heart? Do you think you can still going through with marrying me even knowing what I did?”
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At Crimson Lights, Sally catches up with Adam and tells him she found earrings that would go perfectly with Victoria’s dress if he needs a wedding gift idea. He’s already hired a personal chef for them. Sally thinks his efforts are quite touching and Victoria will appreciate it. Once alone, Adam calls Victor to update him that Billy got a tip of some kind today and he suspects it has to do with Ashland. Victor reveals that Jessie Gaines Jr gave his security team the slip and he thinks Billy Boy Abbott had something to do with it. He urges Adam to stay on top of it.

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At Billy’s place, he offers Gaines a drink. He’s already guessed that his father helped Ashland make a shady deal to acquire the news outlets. Gaines tells him he’s on the right track. As long as he protects him from Victor, and they settle on the money, he’ll tell him everything he wants to know.

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In Tuscany, Victoria feels it’s her responsibility to focus on the business end of this situation first. She’s furious about having to deal with this ticking time bomb. Ashland thinks there’s still a chance to keep it under wraps, but he’s most concerned about the two of them. Victoria angrily tells him she never should have been put in this position in the first place! Ashland never intended to put her in this position — he’s kept this secret for forty years and intended to go to his grave with it. He can’t express how sorry he is that she’s going through this, especially now, but he wants her to understand why he did what he did. “Is there any chance that we can work through this?”

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