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At Society, Billy sees Nick wander in and starts questioning him about his trip to Jersey. Nick won’t discuss it, but Billy needles that they want the same thing. Nick explains they actually don’t — Billy wants to ruin his sister’s relationship. Billy demands the truth about what he found out and Nick tells him to leave it alone. Billy figures whatever he learned must have been pretty bad. They bicker about Billy’s motives and Abbott accuses Nick of sounding like his dad. He tells him he’ll see him in Tuscany… unless there’s not going to be a wedding. Nick sighs and walks out saying he’s going to see his daughter get married.
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In a hotel suite, Ashland tells Victoria he’s glad she came and is ready to hear whatever she has to say. He asks her not to put the blame on her brother, who was only showing the family loyalty he never had growing up — it’s worth holding onto. Victoria didn’t come to discuss Nicholas; this is about who they are… or who she thought they were. She also didn’t come to judge him; she can see how what happened still haunts him. Victoria doesn’t understand the choices he’s made since they’ve been together. Being lied to is just unsettlingly familiar to her. She recounts living with Billy when he was gambling — one of the reasons she fell for Ashland is because she thought he was nothing like that. She can’t live through that again. “I won’t.”
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In the penthouse, Devon and Amanda drink beer and play poker. She calls it the perfect way to wind down after being at the ER with Naya. The doctor warned to expect these bouts of illness. She teases that Devon’s eyes smoulder when he’s bluffing and she lays down her cards. Devon loses the hand, but she says, “Unlucky in cards, lucky in love.” He’s feeling pretty lucky.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby can’t calm the fussing baby. She wishes Grandma Nina was there and muses, “Your dad, well…” She picks up the phone, looks at Mariah’s contact info, and then places a call.

At the penthouse, Devon takes a call from Abby, who claims she’s calling to check on Amanda’s mom. He hears the baby wailing and she reminds him the last time Dominic was like this he was the only one who could calm him. Amanda, overhearing, urges him to go. Devon says he’s coming right away.

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Adam walks into Crimson Lights and overhears Sally making alterations on the wedding dress by phone. He challenges her after she disconnects and she reminds him of the benefits to Newman Media. Adam notes she’s taking quite a gamble paying for it… with his money. He’s sure Victoria already has a dress, but Sally maintains that this one is better and once she sees it she won’t want to walk down the aisle in anything else. Adam warns she won’t wear it if she knows it’s designed by her. Sally hopes she’ll respect her chutzpah. Adam retorts, “You clearly don’t know my sister.” Undeterred, Sally thinks Victoria might admire her going to such great lengths and points out they also have their dislike of Phyllis in common. Adam reminds her that Nick is Victoria’s brother and she won’t like what she did to her niece. Sally counters that Summer got her dream job and is marrying her dream guy tomorrow — she hurt exactly no one — and besides, her work speaks for itself. She shows Adam the dress design.
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Amanda visits Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix and teases her about moving out to live with her boyfriend before she could throw her a party. “I’m so thrilled you moved in with Devon!” She noticed their chemistry but she loves that they respect each other and are good to each other. Amanda feels blessed to be with a genuinely good man — he’s her rock. Phyllis learns that Devon’s gone to help Abby with the baby and casts some side-eye. They decide to have a cocktail and Phyllis asks how Devon’s handling the whole baby thing.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon is unable to settle Dominic either. He and Abby realize he might be sick and decide to call the doctor. They’re advised to try saline drops so Abby leaves the baby with Devon to go get them. Devon cuddles the baby and assures him they’ll take care of him. “We love you.” He lets the kid know he’ll always be there for him.
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At the hotel, Amanda tells Phyllis that Devon has a deep connection with Dominic. She takes a call from him updating her on the situation. They express their love and hang up. Phyllis has something to say about his connection with the child and tells Amanda about Jack’s bond with Summer. Amanda feels like she’s trying to warn her this whole thing could cause problems for her and Devon, and makes it clear she supports him being a part of Dominic’s life. She doesn’t view it as a threat. Talk turns back to Jack and Amanda asks what happened in their marriage. Phyllis doesn’t want to get into it in the hotel lobby.

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In their suite, Victoria reminds Ashland he looked her in the eye and told her there was no more secrets. He was letting her go into the marriage blind, so she has to ask herself is there something else he’s keeping from her until he’s backed into a corner again and is forced to be honest. Ashland can see why she feels that way and hates the comparison to her living with an addict. Victoria asks for the real reason Jessie Gaines was in Genoa City. Ashland nods. “It’s time I told you all about him.” Victoria guesses, “I’m not going to like it am I?” Ashland doesn’t know how Victoria will react, but he’ll tell her the whole unvarnished truth. He only asks that they don’t do it there, but fly to Tuscany tonight. Ashland wants to believe she hasn’t stopped loving him. Victoria reassures him and decides the flight is a good idea. They can get away from her family for a while and figure things out. Ashland’s relieved.

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Amanda and Phyllis arrive in Society, where Billy pops up to tell the redhead she just missed Nick, who was pretty fired up about wedding issues. Phyllis figures he must have to go meet Lily, but Billy relays that she’s in California with Mattie — he’s alone. They invite him to join them. Phyllis steps away to take a call and Amanda and Billy catch up. She tells him she’s opening her own legal practice with her sister. Billy’s happy for her. Things are going well for him too except for one story about a twenty year-old who came into money, possibly from someone he barely knew. He’d love to get her take on it. Amanda thinks it’s rare to form a bond with someone and inherit their fortune. Billy wonders how hard it would be to change a will after someone’s passed away — she worked on something like that when she first came to town. Amanda explains the person in the best position to do something like that is the attorney who worked on the will in the first place, but they’d risk disbarment and possible jail time. Another way to do it is if someone came forward with a document claiming that someone changed their mind.
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Phyllis reappears and asks what they’re discussing so intently. Billy takes off and Amanda grins. She’s sure Phyllis and Billy were really intense when they were together. Phyllis will always regret the part where they destroyed Jack. She opens up that a lot happened with her and Jack over the years and there were a lot of outside influences. He’s a person she’ll always hold in her heart.

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Nick spots Victoria in the hotel lobby and asks if she was by chance looking for him. Victoria informs him he’s the last person she’d want to see and goes over how he betrayed her trust. Nick argues he had concerned about Ashland and they were legitimate — the only reason he told her the truth was because he was caught. Victoria seethes that he tried to dig up something before the wedding to make her doubt Ashland and her love for him. Nick denies that was his intention. Ashland comes off the elevator in time to hear Nick say, “I have to ask. Now that you know, do you have even more doubts about him?” Ashland intervenes and says Victoria has agreed to fly to Tuscany with him tonight. Victoria will finish up some things at the office and then run home and pack. Ashland will meet her back at the house. Victoria looks at Nick as she tells Ashland that her decision about her brother attending the wedding still stands. “He’s not welcome.”
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Victoria walks off and Nick smirks at Locke, “How the hell did you pull this off?” Ashland feels that Victoria’s more open-minded about the events in his past than Nick is; she’s much more like her father — the world is not black and white; mistakes were made and can be forgiven. Nick doesn’t regret opening his sister’s eyes to the kind of man she plans to marry. Ashland stops him from leaving. “We’re not quite finished.”

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Abby returns to the Chancellor Estate to find Devon tucking Dominic into the bassinet. They use the saline drops on him and Abby thanks Devon… for everything. Once the baby is asleep, she promises to perfect this parenting thing and stop calling him. Devon assures her she can always call him, and she tells him he’s welcome there any time. Talk turns to Mariah. Devon relays she’s given him signs not to push too hard. Abby supposes they have to accept that for now. Devon asks if there’s been any word from Chance. Abby says there hasn’t, but she started the video journal again. She feels bad he’s missing the first weeks of Dominic’s life. The baby sputters and Devon rushes to get him as Abby smiles.

Later, Abby finds Devon asleep in a chair beside the bassinet and grins.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam admits that Sally’s dress design is magnificent. He asks if Chloe worked on this with her. Sally says it’s completely hers, it’s what she does. Adam asks if she’ll fly to Italy and show up at a wedding she’s not invited to. Sally replies, “Whatever it takes.” She feels it’s a risk that could change her career. Adam admits he admires that when she sets her mind to something, she commits. Sally smiles, “You have no idea.”

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In her office, Victoria sits down, looks at her portrait with teary eyes and seems concerned and conflicted.
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In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Ashland tells Nick that what happened to the night of the car wreck was the most painful event in his life — it was tragic and overwhelming. Nick counters, “It was character-defining.” Ashland feels he’ll never understand what he’s carried inside of him since then and what it took to relive it with Victoria earlier. All he can do now is move forward. If Nick has any decency or compassion in him, he will keep what he knows to himself.
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At Chance Comm, Billy tells someone on the phone they need to find out everything they can about the will of Camila Rhodes. He needs to know if Ashland Locke could have done anything shady to get his hands on her money.

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