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At Society, Ashland pulls out his phone to call Victoria, but thinks the better of it and decides to leave. Nate appears and senses his new pal is a little off. Ashland alludes to some unresolved issues. Nate’s there for him if he needs a friend. Ashland muses that it’s been a while since he’s had one of those and he could definitely use one right now. Locke relays that some details of his past he wanted to keep private have come to light.

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Ashland reflects on working tirelessly to escape his past and reveals that Victoria now knows about the unfortunate chapter in his life. Nate asks if the wedding is still happening. Ashland sighs. Nate thinks Ashland is a decent guy. Locke thanks him — that means a lot. He appreciates Nate giving him the benefit of the doubt and hopes Victoria will see it that way. Locke goes on about falling in love with Victoria — planning a future with her is everything to him. Nate asks what’s next. Ashland wishes he knew. His head is telling him to wait this out, but his heart is telling him something different. Nate urges him to follow his heart.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki arrives to find Victoria deep in thought. She’s alarmed when Victoria refers to going to ‘Tuscany’ rather than ‘the wedding’. Nikki wants to know what happened and promises not to judge or criticize. Victoria says she finally knows who Ashland really is. She explains that he took the name of a friend who died when they were in a terrible car accident to prevent his father from ever finding him again. Nikki can understand why he wanted to keep this hidden. Victoria relays that he regretted not telling her but it was a painful part of his life and he didn’t want to speak of it. “I saw the look in his eyes and heard it in his voice. It was heart-breaking seeing him relive that story.”

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Victoria is disappointed that he only revealed it because he was backed into a corner. Nikki curses Billy, but Victoria tells her it was Nicholas. She’s tired of people running around behind her back, but Nikki figures her brother was looking out for her and just wants her to be happy. Victoria recaps that she asked him not to interfere. “It wasn’t his place. He blatantly disregarded my wishes.” She complains that even worse, when he got the information he went to Ashland and not her. Nikki’s horrified to hear that Victoria disinvited her brother from the wedding and strongly urges her to reconsider — that is, if there is still going to be a wedding to Ashland. “What does this mean for the two of you?” Victoria still loves Ashland and that’s all she cares to say at the moment.
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Jack lets Nick into the Abbott house and Phyllis jumps up — they were wondering what kept him. She asks how his trip was and Jack leaves them to talk. Nick tells Phyllis he knows for sure that Victoria is making a terrible mistake. Offscreen, Nick fells Phyllis in on the Ashland being Bobby DeFranco. She’s gobsmacked. Nick tells her that Victoria went off on him and made it clear she’s done with him. Phyllis gawps, “With you? Nick!” Nick mutters that’s what he gets for doing the right thing.
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Phyllis learns Nick’s off the guest list and thinks Victoria is just in shock. They go over Ashland’s split second decision to leave his friend and Phyllis understands why he’d want to erase his past. Nick wonders what other secrets he has — the only reason he coughed up this one is because he forced the issue. They debate whether Nick should go to the wedding. Phyllis insists he has to work this out with his sister and make it right now, before it’s too late. Nick cannot reach out to her; they need to calm down. Phyllis reminds him the clock is ticking. Nick will figure it out after Summer’s wedding — he doesn’t want any part of it to overshadow her special day. Jack rejoins them and Phyllis tells him they’re excited to get on the Jabot jet. Jack declares, “Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.” He explains the flight has been delayed tonight by a storm. He’s spoken with Kyle, who assures them that he and Summer will adapt. They agree to meet up in the morning.

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After Nick and Phyllis leave, Traci appears and notices Jack looking wistful. She says she can fly with them in the morning and then asks about his feelings for Phyllis. Jack admits he’s been thinking a lot lately about his romantic history with Phyllis. Traci asks, “How worried should I be?” She thinks friendship is fine, but it’s Phyllis. Jack isn’t going to do anything; Phyllis is happy with Nick. He figures the debacle with Sally has him thinking about what he’s lost. Jack tells Traci about his dream in which Dina gave him advice. Dad used to do the same thing. Traci admits she sees Colleen and talks to her as well. “I think it’s perfectly normal.” Jack marvels that he’s so invested in parental advice. Traci says love never really leaves them and it’s their responsibility to recognize it when it comes back into their lives. Jack tells her she’s right and that’s why she shouldn’t worry about him. Everyone who touches their hearts stays there, and he thinks they’re all the better for it.
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In their hotel suite, Mariah confronts Tessa about going behind her back to talk to her mother about her wanting a baby. Tessa needed someone to talk to — she tried to do that with Mariah, but she didn’t want to listen to what she was saying. Mariah insists there’s nothing that Tessa can’t talk to her about. Tessa didn’t want to disappoint her or upset her anymore, but she does feel she’s not listening to her. “You want me to have a baby so we can have a child of our own.” Tessa wants that, one day, but from her point of view, she doesn’t think it’s the right time. Mariah frantically asks her to explain the reasons. Tessa names her career, where they’re living, and Mariah protests.
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Tessa grimaces so Mariah backs off. Tessa is hesitant for some bigger reasons as well. She’s not sure she’s ready to be pregnant or a mom, and it would be a lie to say she is. She’s also concerned this decision is coming from a place of desperation. Mariah asks, “What are you trying to say?” Tessa thinks the idea of having a baby might be a distraction from things she needs to work through. Mariah hears her, but she completely disagrees. The redhead says she’s not escaping, she’s saving herself. Bringing Bowie into the world changed her; she realized how much love she had to give to a child. Tessa’s not ready for that. Mariah questions, “How do you know?!” Tessa sighs. She needs to be in the right mindset, and more than anything, she needs Mariah to find her balance again — it’s not right to saddle the child with healing her heart or push her into doing something she’s not ready for. Mariah asks, “So that’s it? End of discussion?”
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Tessa wants to hear how she’s feeling and help any way she can. “Let’s keep the lines of communication open?” Mariah nods. Tessa knows that together, they can handle anything. They express their love and Tessa assures her they’ll both get to where they want to be. “In the meantime, we should take a step back from having conversations about having a baby.” She suggests they table the conversation until after Tuscany. Mariah agrees; she doesn’t want to push Tessa away. They embrace.
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Ashland arrives at Newman Enterprises looking for Victoria, but Nikki’s there. She says Victoria told her everything. He presumes this has changed the way she sees him. Nikki can tell him she hates what this is doing to her daughter. Ashland hates it too. Nikki doesn’t know what Victoria’s considering but suggests he give her space to work through it. She’ll reach out to him. Ashland decides he’ll get a room at the Grand Phoenix until… if, Victoria lets him come home.
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In their hotel suite, Phyllis and Nick finish a call with Summer. Nick’s glad their flight delay isn’t putting a crimp in their wedding plans. Phyllis knows his conversation with Victoria is still weighing on him. “Do you regret going to New Jersey and finding out the truth about Ashland? Are you sorry you pursued it?” She worries she encouraged him. Nick reassures her it was his idea and says he has no regrets. Victoria knows what he told her was accurate and despite everything she still loves him. Phyllis thinks maybe Victoria has figured out that love is profound. Maybe Nick helped her to go into this marriage with her eyes wide open. Nick doesn’t think she’ll see it like that any time soon.
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In their suite, Mariah’s wiped and Tessa can’t think of a better way to end it than falling asleep together. She talks about visiting the new sushi place, going to the spa, or getting matching tattoos, but Mariah’s already asleep. Tessa whispers, “I love you.” She turns out the light and Mariah opens her eyes and looks upset.

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In the hotel lobby, Ashland gets his room key and turns toward the elevators when Victoria appears. “Ashland?”

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